Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 24, 2018

The Tightly Wound Energy of Life Post Solstice!!

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Hi honey’s, I’m home!!!!  The things I have learned I never want to do again, number 1. spend 5 long days in a honda civic with a 2, 11, and 13 year old!!!  Of course my tire blowing out the morning of day 2, delaying our trip 5 hours (and adding an extra day on the road) and biting into $300 of the road trip money, we no longer had that extra day hotel money and had to push it home.  We were delirious by the time we got back.  That aside, my daughter had the most amazing, beautiful day.  The weather was just perfect, clear, sunny, not hot, nice ocean breezes and so much joy and celebration.  Ti witness her going from complete chaos, self destruction to this… to joy and empowered and appreciation for WHO she is, I truly am humbled by her and by her husband for constantly seeing beyond her chaos and seeing only the good, the beautiful and helping her see that within herself.

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For those not on facebook, she is having a boy due 11/13.  if that wasn’t enough exciting change, my son is now making plans to move back to VA by August 1st.  I am considering moving there too, we will see.

Change is the theme of 2018!!  Putting yourself out there, doing what you can, so the doors of opportunity can swing open for you.  Often times, our deepest desires are blocked from manifesting by all the luggage placed in front of the doorways.  Yesterdays field of readings showed exactly that!!

I was not super surprised when the first day back to readings, the day of the solstice, I could not see a thing.  It is a ginormous energy system and having done readings now for close to 2 decades (where the hell did that time go?) it has always been the way of it.  I was truly disappointed when the next day I could not see either.  There was, however, this very odd sensation of having a shield over my third eye.  I didn’t so much notice it when attempting to do readings (I was too busy bitching cuz I couldn’t) but felt it when the day was done.

I was doing theoretical back-flips when I could finally see yesterday!!  Ohhh my dear good god, the energy of everyone’s fields!!!  The closest I could describe it is like a tightly would spring.  Even everyone’s immediate energy field, super condensed!  What I call the immediate field, the external energy field connected to our body’s and usually encompassing home/work/relationships, ect was super condensed.  Even reading thru the energies was like nothing I have experienced before.  And the attitude of team spirit… OMG so as a matter of fact.  If you have not released those pesky worry’s or false beliefs, they will become giant manifestos in the emerging field to deal with, release, once and for all.

That said, most are still connected to the expanding solstice energy of reseeding your life field.  Somethings carry so much energy forward, it will grow without looking, nurturing it, especially the worry’s false perceptions.  Those things you may think you want but really have not emotionally invested in, within yourself, hop to it, or it will transmute the energy to zero and fade from arrival.

That said, invest emotionally and with full action in what you do want, keep any doubt away, keep others opposite influence away.

As we approach the first of three eclipses, it will strengthen was is truly in your heart and on your mind like never before.  Keeping in mind, this is a clear-ing season, so if there is any inkling of doubt/worries.false beliefs embedded, it MUST grow too, to clear once and for all.

Well, round two is about to start, so I will leave off here until tomorrow.  Meditation, fully and completely focusing on SELF right now will be key to keeping your field clear as it (eventually) expands.  Ohhh another thing too, the directions on the field were a focus, but with seasons as opposed to direction.  Spring, planting, winter stillness, summer growth and fall bounty.  Know which season you are in and heading towards.  No two were in the same position!!

Love and bounty to all wrapped in eternal (((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))

Lisa Gawlas


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