Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 12, 2018

The Rise of Energy from Gaia Amplifies Your Emotional Creations!

New Moon and Summer Solstice time

My dear good gracious the energies are just building and building as we inch towards the Solstice!  There was no seeing for this gal yesterday.  It feels like we are hitting a huge crescendo in the energies, timelines and inter-dimensional fields and we are still about 10 days out from the solstice!!  I do believe that all the readings have been foretelling this energy field, I just had no clue!! Cuz seeing doesn’t mean knowing anything, dammit.  Nor does bitching about scheduling to spirit do squat!! lol

My last lady of the day yesterday has been keeping an eye on the movement of the Hawaiian volcano, which I completely forgot about.  She was telling me how it is spreading and doing really odd things.  So I did a google search on the images from there, one stopped me in my tracks:



A few weeks ago while we were in the Nations Tuesday night class, someone asked something and instantly an image appeared to the right of my field of vision. I cannot recall the question, but will never forget the image.  It was an explosion coming up from the ground, flat ground and looked more like steam or what I thought might be a natural gas explosion.  It was certainly not the energy I know as a volcano, lave spewing that is.

Spirit also explained that there will be loss of life, on purpose, by divine plan as is the event we are seeing.

Spirit is really good at giving us a heads up without much detail or expansion of what they are giving us a heads up about,  Kinda pisses me off, not that they care about that!!

When I see this image yesterday, I about peed my pants.  It was exactly the image i had seen, except not from the air view, but from the ground level view.  The size, shape, everything.

The fact that this happened a week or two ago, without loss of life, makes me Know that something bigger is brewing in that volcano.

For this whole month, spirit has been saying teh energies coming up now are all Gaia.  From deep within her mysteries, energy is being released that has never been released her before.  We are in a physical plane of existence, so of course it would have to come via a physical release.

This is all helping the energies we are taking in for our next grand stage of evolution post Solstice.  But don’t get to comfy in that knowing.  Because sandwiched between the solstice and equinox are 3 eclipses.  Solar, lunar, solar.  Electric, emotional, electric.

If we can think about the period we are in now and entering thru these very potent, important two equinoxes…

Today, we are one day out from the new moon.  The last chance we have to solidify our changing in our reality construct.  It is such a massive event for all of humanity, I cannot see thru it.  Which is already telling me, no vision again today.  Well spirit better figure out a way to stick an extra day in the week!! lol

Use these days wisely… EMOTIONALLY!!  If what you say, think, want, does not match your emotional frequency, it means squat.  If your saying you want a new job, but emotionally all you can feel is being stuck in the job your in… guess what you get next??????  It can actually have a twist, new job same shitty place.  Do a deep emotional check on all parts of yourself, then do it again, and again, and again.  Please do not fool yourself.  This seems to be the hardest thing for humans to really understand or maybe, come to terms with.  True emotional output vs mind/mouth.  We will dive deep into this subject in class this evening.  I will put it out as a recorded event in tomorrows blog before I take off for my baby’s wedding!!!

Back to what I was starting to say.  If we look at this very moment we are in, its that last moment before we once again, enter the birth canal of our new adventures.  Once we cross the Solstice, a 7 day event, 3 coming, 3 going and of course, the day of, we will be in our new energetic form of changing reality construct.  July 13th is the first solar eclipse, highly electric, intensifying all that got you to this new space your in.  Do not discount the fact that it is a partial eclipse, the after affects will be long lasting.  Then on July 27-28 the moon goes into a full eclipse, sealing the deal on all the energies put into play  as well as those ignored.  Then we get another bolt of energy on August 11 to amplify what the moon created.  It would be really nice to think we have a little breather before the Sept equinox, but I highly doubt that!! lol.

On that note, I have not even packed to leave out yet, so I am going to cut this short and at least get that done.  I leave tomorrow as soon as I publish my blog.  I will be gone for about a week but will stay in touch on facebook and of course, post Valories wedding pics there too!!!

I love you all so very much.  Thank you for dancing this crazy, wild and exciting dance of Light with me, with each other!!

((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of emotional illumination to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  2. Have a wonderful time at your daughter’s wedding Lisa! Can’t wait to hear about your adventures – Katy

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  3. Lisa, pretty sure you’re seeing Yellowstone blow its top on the 3d earth — not the 4d. We see this occurring AFTER The Event, but only on 3d.


  4. Thank YOU!  Bless YOU and all of your Family of Light ar your Daughters Wedding!  🙏💫🙏

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