Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | June 10, 2018

Heading to the Solstice Energy. Wowzers!!!


We are all now in that hallway heading towards the solstice.  There are one of three phases we are in, entering change, in the midst of massive change or just coming out of change.  The centerpiece, change, is that place that is unviewable (to me.)  That said, there is not one reading, not one person that shares the same imagery or energy as any other.  Each has entered an aspect of their own personal evolution that is so unique to them, it kind of makes me crazy (smile.)   Crazy only because the energy is new, the visual freakin bizarre at times (which is also means, so new I have never seen such things before) that understanding the visual gets challenging, a lot!!  Even my “assimilation” no longer works the way it had for 18 years.  I could go to sleep and wake up and (close to) fully understand how each of the puzzle pieces fit together as a whole.  Not even close since this year started, which is why I rarely write two days in a row.

The way I am getting the understanding of this uniqueness at this very moment, is (gotta use my old familiar analogy) baking a cake.  Only, we have never heard of cake before.  Its never been here before.  Each person is now becoming that one special ingredient that will one day, come together to become cake batter.  But ONLY if each ingredient gets to understand itSelf in use and nurturing.  You do not nurture eggs the same way you do wheat.  Altho, the chicken would be so happy to consume the wheat and the wheat would be happy with chicken poop.

Keeping this in mind, you mostly likely will bring familiar attributes to the next evolution (and for some, de-evolution) phase, but they will not work like they had before due to the new ingredient structures.  This is where the journey of going deep into your multidimensional Self is crucial every step of the way.  Not with knowing what transpired yesterday, but constantly looking for the new today and every today thereafter.

I had one reading yesterday, that just thinking about it makes me giggle with surprise.  She was a virgin on my field and got the full brunt of my… what the hell is that-ness!!

Just as I started her reading, tons of eyeballs started to fall to the ground from only 2 feet above the ground.They just kept pouring in and freaking me out!!  Like this, only more:




Every single eyeball, blue and going every which way like in this picture.  If that wasn’t freaky enough, I was desperately trying to understand what the hell they could mean, I got they fell from an inter-dimensional field, her team said that quite clearly, but these eyeballs filling her field… WTH?????  If that wasn’t enough, holy shit they started to create a spiral around her physical body!!  Shocking to my viewing eyes!! lol

Her instruction was to put one foot on them to feel and take in the energy.  When you get instruction of any sort, my Being is like a segregate and I experience what is being asked of you.  Ugh… it was like stepping on pealed hard boiled eggs.  A bit to real for me!!

I am also going to shoot out a warning from one of my beautiful ladies I have read for and have been reading for, for years now.

First, there is another common theme, every one of us is entering either a 3 or 5 year cycle.  Meaning, as we cross the threshold of either the solstice or equinox (I am not 100% sure which event solidifies the cycle entered.  I want to say the solstice, but I have a feeling some may enter it as they pass thru the Sept equinox.  Either way… having your shit together, your fears, doubts, insecurities released will make the next 3-5 years much more pleasant, IMHO.  Otherwise, they will become giant boulders of experience to once and for all, get beyond!!

My ladies path of light, all set up in her right field heading towards the solstice, was so beautiful.  A large mound of faceted (what looked like) blue and red crystals awaited her.  I about shit when I found her to the left of the banister of my porch in gray scale!!  WTH?  Well, I already knew she is and has been in a job she does not love or even, enjoy, but the pay is good and the fear of leaving into the unknown, strong!!!  So strong that the mere mention of getting over there to that path of light had her instantly gripping my porch railing.  Trying to push her body over there, she turned around and wrapped her hands and legs into the posts on the railing.    Her fear is deep and strong!!!  But, there is still time to change her path.  Not by instantly quiting her job, that would do her no higher good and creates more anxiety than would benefit her life field.  But truly by entering and absorbing the energy of her crystal pile (formed like a Hershey kiss) but they are not crystals.  They will enhance her Self expression (the blue) to match the new earth (red) and more I am sure.  That is enough to get her into a position of change she will eventually, be glad she did.

With that said, co-creative meditation/journeying (whatever you want to call it) is more important now than before in this last year.  Not the getting still and waiting version, that will beget more waiting.  Co-creative.  Enter-active!!

Well, my day is about to begin.  Since I am leaving out on Wednesday for Virginia and will not be back until the following Wednesday, I am putting out my solstice special early.  The special is my 15 and 30 minute reading package.  If you decide to take it, book the appointments after each significant event.  We have the solstice, three eclipses (electric, emotional, electric) and then the equinox.  You can choose to simply book the first one and then wait until that reading before booking the other two.  Either way, we are entering a constantly shifting zone on earth and within ourselves.  In this package I am also including the 4 one on one meditation homework sessions as an option too.

I love you all.  Hang onto your hats, the ride is getting wilder!

((((HUGZ)))) of adventures inside and out!!

Lisa Gawlas


Choose from the 15 or 30 minute 3-4-2 package or the 4 one on one meditation/homework package to receive 22.22% off.   Use coupon code: MASTERBUILDER  expires 6/17/18

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