Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 31, 2018

Full Consciousness Required!! Soul-er Plexus Amps Up!!

souler plexus

Well here we are, in the thick of this crazy Grand Union energy.  I took a little peak into spaceweather this morning to see if the sun is doing anything to chime in.  But of course it is:  CHANCE OF STORMS: NOAA forecasters say there is a 60% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms on June 1st when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth’s magnetic field. The gaseous material is flowing from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere:

Its equator and mine are being/have been ripped open.  My back and right ribs, ohhh my freakin good god!!  I don’t like it one bit.  But, I am learning things thru this intensification.  I switched from ibuprofen to Tylenol, that was a wise switch that helps a lot.  It is only then that realized, I have zero inflammation.  I can once again fully extend my legs from a sitting position, something I couldn’t do in months.  Now if I can only walk, bend or twist without my ribs revolting!!!!  This is also forcing my left hand to do things it has never done before!!  Movement, especially behind my back, of my right hand, brings tears to my eyes!!  Well, good ole left paw has been a slacker most of my life, except in massage where I had to force it to help the right paw, seems life is once again, forcing the left to do what it never has done before!!

Talk about the force of the soul!!  (Again, this is coming in directly at my solar plexus, hitting the spine itself and reaching to the right, which already is spiritual/emotional side.)  With that, I get a reminder of what I shared the other day in the blog, the soul itself is setting up a lot of energy, obstacles, opportunities as we move beyond this Grand Union.  The force of creation can be brutal!! lol (Souly thinking of my ribs here.)

Speaking of the force of creation….

One of our beloved Lights from the Nation broke her arm recently.  Hearing how it happened in class, OMG we all need this reminder.

We have a tendency to only look at things that have a face as being conscious, having wants, needs and desires of its own.  How often do we look at our plant life as having consciousness and desires?  We cut the grass, but do we ask if the grass wants cutting?  We harvest from our gardens, but do we ask the plants if this what they want?  Some things, really just want to grow, to Be, but it has no facial expression, it has no way of showing anyone what it desires.  We MUST tune in to their telepathic was of communicating… or not.

My precious lady was on a mission to take the one remaining thistle out of her sisters landscape.  It hid itself on the top of a steep hill, away from all the other thistles that was recently removed (her sister does not like thistle!!)  Seems the thistle wanted to live and had Gaia remove the earth that had my lady climbing towards that thistle, down she went and sadly broke her shoulder/arm.

Our reach for life MUST be fully conscious on all levels.  This crazy game we are all in is amping up to whole new levels of experience.  Divine Will is going to trump the base human will and that is not what we are accustomed too.  It has never been played this way, in the coming intensity that is emerging, ever before.

But how else do we allow soul to lead…?

Just look at the sun from todays spaceweather:


coronal hole.jpg


I look at the formation of that opening I am overlapped with two images, a dog and/or a horse.  Dog is all about obedience and loyalty (to the soul) and the horse is strength and freedom (of the soul.)

This was just added in as well, dogs run in packs, horses, herds and WE NEED each other as a group energy too.  What one cannot see/hear/understand, another WILL!!!  Do not mistake the word soul to mean solo!!

This actually gives greater understanding to the images I am seeing of those on the conveyor belt heading into June.  Yesterday, one lady had a massive rain storm (no lighting or thunder, just massive rain) around her to the point of obscuring her biology from my view.  Pure spirit rain not only on/in her body, but in her immediate energy field around her body too.

My other lady, still has me a bit puzzled.  She was laying on the conveyor belt as a mermaid.  Only her scales went all the way up to her shoulders.  The scales we sooooo freakin beautiful.  A reflective blue/green.  Her tail was in a constant, rhythmic motion, but not an ounce of water anywhere.  I have a feeling, her “water” will be the magnetic flows within the air.

Unfortunately, either spirit is being super tight lipped or my audio antennas are in the garage, zero communication in understanding.  I have a deep feeling its the former and not latter. Spirit is pesky like that!! lol

With that in mind, we are now in the thick of this grand union (today and tomorrow being the apex) I am praying for visibility, but not quite sure that is going to be available.  But we attempt it anywayz!!

On that note, the next phase of my day is about to begin.  Enjoy the slide into and thru the grand union of new energy!!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of Soul In POWER!!!

Lisa Gawlas




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  2. What a surprise to read that someone else is having mystery rib pains!! I’ve had no idea what it was and at one point convinced myself I was dying. Lol.
    It has subsided quite a bit but for about two months it was intense!!
    Thanks for your terrific blog, Lisa.


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