Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 24, 2018

The Great…, the Explosions, and The Biology!!


I am going to start this sharing all about me (giggle.)  You ever have one of those days where the day feels like it belongs souly to you.  That was my day yesterday.  Granted I woke up late, but so rested, so full of a great nights sleep, I didn’t mind not having time to share before heading to the dentist to have my implants fixed.  When I got there (10 minutes late) and they told me that the snaps that hold the denture and implant in place was the beginner set, I have now moved to the intermediate see (all covered, not a penny out of pocket) and the final change will be expert level.  OMG the fit is better than ever before.  This is the fit I was expecting from the beginning, so tight my tongue cannot release the plate like before.

I went to walgreens to get my refill on my DuoAir, it was on sale and I saved $20!!  Went to walmart to get my food, every item I needed, all ridiculously on sale!!  Lower than I ever seen those prices.  My grandsons ear drops (he got swimmers ear) was not covered by his insurance, and was $46 until I applied the goodrx thingie, $11.88!!   Doncha love those numbers!!  Since everything was on sale, I had the money to get it for him!!

Spirit had said long ago, the 23rd of each month has a power node within it.  I never really figured what the power nodes did, sometimes they are obvious, most times so obscure there is not telling.  I’m keeping yesterday for my record books (smile.)

I awoke this morning to yet another great night of sleep!!  Two nights in the row, I hit the sleep lottery I think!!  I have not had a good/restful nights sleep since I returned from my sons house.  I opened my computer and a friend sent me a link a week ago for a free audio converter (still attempting to convert the LBL hypnosis so I can upload it to the members section of the Nation,) and all I managed to do was download a shit ton of pop ups and browser theft.  I gave up until I had more brain usage.  Well, I woke up this morning and it magically installed itself and was sitting there for me to see.  I should be able to get it converted from a wav to an MP3 later today and get it uploaded.  I will send out an email as well as post on the Nations facebook page when I have accomplished that feat!

I do feel tho, all of this magic and savings (smile,) started with the spirit guide party that took place during Tuesday’s class online.  My team is always present and speaking during class, I have never felt the presence of everyone elses guides before this past Tuesday.  So much energy in here, so many Beings, it was freakin awesome.  The questions that were asked got more replies, details, than I ever expected.  Way too much information for me to remember, so what I am going to do, is include the audio from Tuesdays class at the end of this sharing.

At the end of the class, one of our Beautiful lights asked a question, I’ll be damned if I can remember the question that triggered the visual… but holy heavens, I remember the visual vividly and want to talk about it here.

Suddenly I could see this massive explosion coming out from the ground, not fire, I have no idea if it was simply spirit showing the energy itself of the explosion (while hiding the details) or it if was water, or steam… I really do not know for sure.  I just know they showed a major explosion that happened at the ground level of earth.  This explosion is purposeful for bringing up more energy, new energy from the depths of earth.  It has nothing to do with fracking or all the things we tend to blame what we see as devastation, on.  Spirit even said, yes there will be loss of life, but that too, is prearranged, agreed upon and important for the light trail those souls will leave behind.

Spirit was also really good about not showing or telling where.  Even the ground itself was pure energy in my visual.  I am assuming (I know, never do that!!!) that this event is a 2018 event. I say that ONLY because we were talking about 2018 and that visual suddenly popped in-front of me, to the right of vision.  That said, with the way spirit keeps reinventing the field and my interpretations of the field/visuals, I could be totally wrong about the timeline.  I get nothing but silence when I try to affirm my 2018 dateline.  Pesky spirit!!

I am going to add in this tid-bit as well, the rest, I am sorry, you will just have to listen too (My day is about to start.)


We are changing biological form faster than we can blink these days.  Our bodies needs are equally changing as well.  If it is sending you out a signal for a nice greasy burger, honor it, don’t judge it!!  It has ingredients the body needs for assimilation of the energies.  Even what we consider modified foods, have compositions that are not available in our realm except thru the modification process.

The timing of these biological changes and our science worlds ability to create within their own combinations are timely.

That’s as much as I can do for today.  Until tomorrow…..

Big big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with so much love, grace and love support to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

Lisa Gawlas
Discussing the Current Energies and Events. May 22, 18


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  3. Yes, that’s Yellowstone (a supervolcano), set to go off on the *3d earth* (3rd density) — but not the new 4d earth. On 4d, all will be normal. This will occur after “the split” between 3d and 4d… whenever that happens.


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