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I swear I landing in the world of living zombies with myself yesterday.  I had such broken sleep (again) and less than 4 hours of it.  When I just gave in and got out of bed, my mental capacity did not come with me.  To-do did not happen, including all the emails I needed to get done.  I guess I am going to give deep gratitude that it was my day off, there was no way I had enough mental power to do a reading, so that’s great!!

Half of Saturdays readings were ET Connections, with yesterdays mental and energetic black out, I may end up blurring the details of the readings of who it came thru, please forgive me for that.

One of the precious souls I have the immense privilege of reading for is a young Light being about 16 years old, I have been reading for her since she was 14!  I was so excited when she booked an ET reading, I already knew she was not of this origin, but her team really showed how much they have been by her side since birth.

Before I even connected with her, I could see her sleeping as a tiny infant in her crib with 3 ET’s just looking at her, stroking her head.  I could so feel the love and the gratitude they were infusing her with.

Thru that moment (and by the time we started our reading) they explained that they have been helping her mother and father to make sure she goes in the direction of her intended incarnation.  But then again, it also came out that her mother is part of her team on the Pleiades.

I found it interesting that the 3 ET’s were each from different realms, the Pleiades, Sirius and Andramada.

Thru years of connecting with her, I already knew she is a living elemental, what I once considered the fairy realm (that is all changing, our elemental lineup and descriptions that is) and now we get further information.

Her Andramada guy talked about this crystal.  It was nothing like I have ever seen or felt before and excited the hell out of me.  The visual was a cylinder type shape that looked like a cross between selenite and quartz (but is not.)  He then took my vision to his realm, his planet and showed how they extracted this crystal from his realm and buried way down deep in the earth long before even the dinosaur age.  With time and earth movements, these rare crystals are making their way topside and should be exposed in, if I am remembering correctly, about a decade?

He then explained this is an “engine” crystal.  Very much like the engine of a car.  Its qualities and abilities are potent if one knows how to use them without any bias of what they think they are.  Again, because visually they have the look of crystal and selenite, it will be misunderstood by most, THAT is a protection factor.

The other two ETs in her reading, have similar things to show her and help her understand the working matrix of, after she downloads what she can about this Andramada crystal.  I did not get to see any of the crystals from the other two realms, yet!!

In a completely separate reading, these three realms were once again in play.  This time I was first connected to the three ships hovering above the landscape of the back yard.  As per my ladies ET team, each one of these ships were like floating/flying labs.  The first one that released information was the Pleiadian beamship.  It kept flashing this soft blue light, that was later explained that she WILL see this light in the night sky, their way of saying hello.  The Sirius ship was interesting, when I was only seeing it out of my peripheral vision, it looked like a round silver ship.  When I looked at it straight on, it sort of looked like a sun ball.  Not so much flames but energy that replicated the energy of the sun visually, part of their cloaking device and more.

The Pleiadian ship showed us, I don’t know, what looked like lights at the bottom of their ship and they would direct these lights into the ground and pull up… bugs, I guess smaller animals, plant life and such.  Never disturbing the earth in anyway.  Then I could see what looked like a worm at its beginning being infused with these light beams that made up the walls and ceilings in this room, changing its DNA matrix and then putting this new creature back into the earth, to extract it again after it evolved, did the same thing with these lights, put it back into the earth to evolve and now has this shell like make up, reminding me a conch shell, but was an animal in its wholeness.  (As opposed to a shell home to protect the creature like snails and stuff.

The Sirius ship I did not get to see much of yet, (my lady needs to fully understand the first part, her Pleiadian ship/lab) but it was made known that that ship pulls up bigger living species like humans and larger animals and stuff.

So much changing, so much assistance from other realms!!  Equally, so much more for us to understand and participate with!!!

Well, my day is about to begin.  I love you all soul very very much!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with enhancements to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas



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  2. I swear if you take your visuals and match them up with the sabian symbols where the earth and the sun are – for example – they match up. You could create your own renaissance art around new visuals for the sabian symbols.
    The sabian symbol for the earth today for example is Gemini 1 degree – a glass bottom boat reveals undersea wonders.
    I often see your representation of the energies matching the degree of the earth or sun in sabian symbol.
    Consider the void moon in relation to your void reading times.
    Hugs from Aquarius friend Anna.

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