Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | May 14, 2018

The Depths of Change We Are IN!!

energy changes

I love when we see, first hand, the massive shift changes we are in in readings.  But man oh man, snapping the puzzle pieces together at first, challenging.

I am sure we will see so much more as we go along, but let me explain how the field was laid up, consistently, yesterday thru the four people I read for.  Keeping in mind as well, I always write about months, but the months themselves are actually very particular energy systems that happen to coincide with our months.  Keeps the story-line going, at least that is what my team says.

May is directly in the back yard, we are in the midst of that energy.  When spirit talked about June and July, the persons energy moved over to the right, crossing the fence line into my neighbors yard, a vastly different and much more intense field of energies.  When it came to August, I was blocked in the most unique way.  They put August up as this massive red energy field that is currently solid (to my view and feel.)  I could not get into the energies of August at all.

We all know we are coming into some serious energies with the solstice and with the 3 eclipses just after the solstice, and if yesterdays glimpse was anything to be expected (as much as we can expect anything any more lol) its going to be an intense summer of change.

One of my ladies, her team kept referring to “The Grand Union,” as her catalyst of change and opportunities.  With that, they showed us the energy of May merging into a heightened energy field as June starts to mix in with it.  I could see the fusion, but have no way, yet, to explain or even really, understand the enormity of it all.

This plays into what I have been seeing for myself the last few days.  I have been traveling around this block long enough to know change when I am in the midst of it.  My team kept showing me this body of water, frozen, the most beautiful pail blue with frost or light snow on top of it.  I am always standing in the middle of this pond or lake (not really sure and don’t think that matters) with fissures spreading out from where the pressure of my body stands and slowly grows.

We have all arrived at the surface of great change in our world, our lives and even, our bodies (bodies as a whole, not just physicality.)  If we allow, we are going to be taken so much deeper than we ever thought we could (or even, wanted to) go.  Deeper into what… dunno yet.

My Grand Union lady was told something that I feel, may apply to a good many of us.  As this grand union happens, she is going to be given an opportunity, one that she normally would decline, and yet, it is that very opportunity that will take her to her next level of evolution experience.

We have a tendency to play things safe, do what we feel is joyful and decline things we may not fully understand the why’s of, and it is those things we need to start grabbing now.

Now, that is the surface side.  I had a man yesterday really show us what Gaia is doing as well.  He had these basket ball sized boulders just shooting up from under the ground landing all around his field.  I watched as a new elemental, never before in this realm, come in to assist him with pick axing these boulders one at a time, releasing this amazing energy that I cannot describe. My vision was then taken down into the core of the earth, the magma of the earth and he had all these vein like structures coming from the core, moving upwards to his field of life.  This magma would enter a tube, start to cool and expel as the boulders I had seen.  It was explained that new minerals and proteins are being released from the core of the earth, he (his body) will be assimilating them into his cellular structure for use in his planting (gardening.)

He too, like so many of us, are going thru intense biological changes, appearing as funk!! lol  Think about it tho, if new proteins are coming in, new minerals mixing with us, the body has one one way to assimilate, out with the old and in with the new, in many different forms (of what we perceive as illness or sickness, can we just call it evolutionary change from here on out.)

Before I run out of morning, there is one more detail I want to share, that really took me by surprise.  And let me tell you, I feel like I hit the lottery yesterday, two men and two women on the field!!  That never happens!!  Times, they are a changing 😀  Anyway, this man had these energy lines like a starburst all moving into her center field.  As I looked closer, they were created by various planets and star systems.  His team only highlighted three while we were together, enough for him to start working with.  Jupiter was at his 7 o’clock position, mars at his 5 and these 5-6 stars at his 6 o’clock position.

It was explained that there are very important and radically new energies coming in from these systems, coming down to the ground level of usability and moving into the human host for application.  Jupiter and mars are his anchors and there is so much more about what these two planets are doing now than humanity realizes.  So of course he was given homework!!

Of course, as always, there is more, but, my day is about to start.  Vroom vroom, get your motors running we are officially entering uncharted waters of the deep abyss!!  Yay???

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe and eternal gratitude!

Lisa Gawlas


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