Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 16, 2018

The Love of the New Moon!!

new potent moon

One day, I may actually get dates right lol.  I thought today was the new moon, didn’t realize the time on the site I was looking at was mean time, not my time.  So yesterday was the new moon and today.  Time itself is becoming so hard to orient to.  It was somewhere around the noon hour yesterday when my whole field got flooded with this intense feeling of love,  Incoming and my own outgoing.  I just wanted to hug and kiss and give gratitude for every Being I came across.  It was wonderful, until I felt the after affects.  Then man oh man the gurgling heart burn set in, my whole body swelled up like a balloon to the point of even the joints of my toes hurt.  Nothing like body discomfort to take my focus away from wanting to kiss everything to being grateful for tums and ibuprofen!!  lol

I should have realized just how powerful a new moon energy this was, not only because of every single reading this month, but when I attempted to do the two rescheduled readings yesterday… nadda.  Well, that’s not a whole truth.  My first one I started seeing about an hour before our time.  She was building a huge birds nest, going deep into her right field (emotional spiritual field) grabbing what looked like long twigs to me, and weaving it into her close to done birds nest.  The image was repeated over and over for an hour.  So imagine my surprise when we actually got connected, nothing at all.  Not one antenna working.  Not even to say why I could see her in what I call my peripheral vision (pre-appointment time) and not straight on!  It is only this morning do I understand a little bit more of her nest… its not a birds best she is building, but a love nest!!  Each twig an inter-related strand of energy that will launch her forward and give her a resting place from here on out!

My second attempt was an ET connection.  All I was able to see, was a long arm and really big finger come thru one of the many portals at the back tree line with a finger wag.  Spirit has used that finger wag many times in the past, I do get it… too much energy bouncing around the planet for clear communication.  I love when our friends from the stars go rolla-dexing thru my mind for signals they can send and I immediately know the meaning.

Everyone’s teams have been saying for weeks, this new moon energy brings in new frequencies of love we have never had here before.  Love is the only true building material in all life and now, we are receiving new materials so we can do NEW things.  No copying the past.  It is gone and no need to return.

I am going to make today’s sharing short but sweet, I woke up late and my day is about to begin.  I love and appreciate you each so very very very much!!

Enjoy Being and receiving the LoveFest underway!!  Even with its side affects 😉

(((HUGZ)))) of new love expanding to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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