Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 12, 2018

New Holograms, New Energy, New Magnetics… Oh My!!

holographic changes

Hi honey’s, I am back.  Not that I really left lol.  On any hypnosis weekend, I step back and only focus on who is here.  My next weekend of bloglessness will be the 20th thru the 23rd, then on the 28th I fly out to see my son and grandson in MA and return the 5th.

I do believe April is the month of planting.  Not from the human side, but from our souls side.

What I have been noticing now that we are almost halfway into April, is an either or scenario.   Of course, this is the way life sustains balance, but for us it can leave us a bit disheartened depending on which side we are on.

The either or is… things are picking up and moving so fast with opportunities and adventures or we find ourselves in complete stillness, not even able to move our minds most days!!  I am in the later category myself.  Since I am quite familiar with this place, and it became amazing to understand thru one of the readings the other day, I want to talk about this first.

My lady’s body was planted beneath the ground itself.  Her head was touching just below the earths surface.  Her team explained that she has been planted like a seed in the new soil of her life.  Think about a seed in the earth, there is nothing but stillness.  Unaffected by the blowing winds top side, so that full germination and sprouting can take place.

I had also seen this substance reminding me of shaving cream flowing out of the ground thru the area she was planted in, filling her entire field of life with about a foot deep of this substance.  As it started to spread out I could see glints of sparkles reminiscent of snow when the sun beats down on it.  It was beautiful.

When I asked what the hell is all that, my vision was taken way down towards the core of gaia, and I could see a stream of molten lava starting to flow upwards towards the surface.  To the right of this stream was a tiny little being taking crystals that have never seen the light of day grinding them up and putting the crystal dust and fragments into the lava stream.  As this combined energy came towards the surface is when it turned from the orange/red glow of lava to pure white with sparkles.  It was explained it was the alchemy of these two things ready for release out of the earth as my lady’s new foundation of life.

As with quite a few of the other readings, each in their own way, my lady’s team explained this new foundational flow will continue thru the new moon (which is on the 16th.)

The next thing her team focused on was the crystal dust at the surface of her still forming foundation.  Some were actually the size of peas and suddenly these pea sized crystals became ore refractive with the suns energy and suddenly became like spikes, elongating down to and thru the ground .  As more and more of these crystal spikes came online, her entire magnetic field at the ground level kept changing, expanding, rearranging itself.  The effects of this would be reminiscent of those moments we get up to do something and the moment we get up we completely forgot what the hell we were going to do.  In those moments, our very magnetic energy shifted.  Imagine the whole field doing this as it builds and aligns the new story’s and adventures thru the universe!!  Can we call this confused stillness??  lol

What really lit up my mind was as they fast forwarded her field of life, after all the magnetic crystal spikes were laid and active, suddenly this new hologram rose up from her entire field.  Her team purposely kept this hologram in shades of deep blues (So I could not make out very much) and explained this hologram represents the rest of her incarnated life here.

I immediately noticed that there were chunks missing, presenting as black squares in her hologram.  It was explained that these are the areas where complete removal was done.  Spots where memories/events were pulled out of the access zone of the new hologram.  These memories could be events or experiences from this lifetime, people or places, just removed from the access in the akash that is available thru this life.  Equally, events and memories from previous incarnations that no longer support the growth and evolution here on earth.

Again, the main reason, human nature still bases its future off the past.  That will now mostly deter the direction we are heading in.

her team did state, for brain acceptance into this new holographic reality, many things will appear exactly the same.  Your bed, your home, some of the people and yet, if you shift to the energy being emitted, no one of it is the same.

What I could not see of course, is what is being infused into those black areas.  What new information and energy is coming in to replace it.  The only thing I am sure of it is will be so unfamiliar to you (us) that we could almost dismiss the prompting… DON’T!!!   This is the time to put your Nike’s on and JUST DO IT regardless if you think you may be crazy!! lol

Crazy is who we are Now!! lol  On that note, I have a crazy day today.  So I gotta get ready for crazy!! lol  I love you all so much!!!!

Big big ((((HUGZ))))) filled with scrambled brains heading into the newest of new, together!!

Lisa Gawlas


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