Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | April 6, 2018

April’s Blast of (ongoing) Energies.

aprils energies

Now I know something very different is underfoot.  I have been complaining to spirit for a month now that the readings need to return to my back yard.  All of March the your fields were in my landlords field to the right of my back yard, then when April showed up, you were in my neighbors yard to the immediate right of me.  That’s kind of annoying to me (not that spirit cares if I get annoyed lol.)  Yesterday thru my very first reading, the energy started in my neighbors yard and it immediately was packed up and placed in my backyard.  The fact that spirit waited until that moment of connection to shift the field back to my backyard felt so purposeful, like their way of saying, we hear you and now will fulfill your wishes!!  (Bout damn time!!! lol)

What I find interesting, still don’t fully understand yet, but want to share it…  One of my readings the other day had my lady out in what I can only call the future field of April swinging on something that reminded me of the Epcot ball from Disney (photo of it in construction phase:)

epcot ball.jpg

I had no idea until this morning that the Epcot ball was actually literally made of triangles, no wonder I kept feeling the relationship!!  My first lady’s ball was stretched outwards in her field, yet, there was a curved energy to the whole thing that felt, round but elongated or expanded.

So yesterday when the field shifted to its rightful place (smile) my back yard, my lady was inside this Epcot looking ball.  Only her ball was half above ground and half below ground.  Each one of the centers that make a triangle had this light infused film over it, emitting various different colors each, thru the whole ball.  As I got a closer look, there were these tiny little gold or yellow seeds, like chia seeds, embedded in the film. It was eventually explained that these are seeds from the original earth, when she was fresh and new.

It has now come thru several of the readings over the last few weeks, that earth in newness had only two desires.  One was how her beginnings of life would unfold and the second how her end game would unfold.  Everything in between would be at the needs of the souls incarnating in all the universes.  We have now fully entered her end game.

My lady was inside the sphere laying on a cot and I could see the energies from the grouping of seeds embedded in each triangle, open and infuse into her body just below the rib cage on both sides of her body, fully engaging with the community center or sacral plexus area.

If that wasn’t energy enough for me to take in, suddenly this ball started to rotate clockwise, then it started to circulate around and around.  Never moving out of place, just moving in all directions in the same place.  (Can we say dizzy and nauseating! lol) This allowed us to understand that the seeds from all around these triangles are infusing into her.

For the second time this month, the dateline of the 21st was presented.  She would be undergoing this infusion until the 21st.  I had a lady a few days ago, shielded by 5 umbrellas so the pure energy that is coming into each of us as we entered April, isn’t so direct.  It will ease into her biology thru the 21st.

So now I actually have a complete contrast here.  One is going to be fully and directly infused straight on while another purposely has filters to be gentle.  Both will conclude this particular process on the 21st.  More than that, I do not know or understand… yet.

I also want to mention there is a heavy ET influence coming in thru the readings as well, whether you signed up for that or not.  Not all of them, but more than usual!!

My lady in the Epcot looking ball had an ET connection about a year ago.  She asked about her friend from the stars, since she has not put a lot of effort into connecting with him since that time.  I do want to share his reply back to her, paraphrased of course.

Everything that has come thru the readings the last several years, are all dynamically interrelated for the greatest benefit of the person being read/spoken to.  Large spans of time was allowed for the greatest integration of the usable energy.  That said, if you left one of some of the aspects fall to the weigh-side, it is akin to leaving puzzle pieces in the box without their part fitting into the larger landscape.  Go ahead, bake a cake leaving one or a few ingredients out, you will not have what was planned as the finished product.  And the cake you serve, will not be of its full potential.  So if anyone has an alliance from the stars that fell to the weigh-side, reunite as soon as possible!!

There is so much more for me to share, but I have a Life Between Life client coming in in a few hours and I need to tidy up before I leave out to get her from the airport.

I do want to mention this tho.  On the 2nd and 3rd my body and mind felt like sludge.  I had a few rescheduled readings set for the 3rd and as I was heading to my first one I was shown my face looked like I was at the optometrist office:




After I got done giggling, I had a feeling I was not going to be able to see.  Sure enough!!  But how odd I was able to see on the 1st and some of the 2nd before my vision was completely shut off until yesterday.  I will never understand the fields of energy!!!

So when I woke up yesterday, fluidly, nothing hurt, I could move faster than usual and I actually had vital energy, i knew something big shifted thru the planet, thru me, thru us!!

Until the next time…  I love you all soul very much!!  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with the radiance of April energies to and thru All!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. Hi Lisa!

    You said the earth is on her end phase now. I just wanted to point out that the earth is energy and energy never dies; only transforms to something else. So the energy of earth will always be around, but just in a different form with possibly a different name.

    I woke up singing th song to the never ending story. There is a word in there that I questioned….”her”. I thought about spirit or the spirit of earth. So maybe “her” story is a never ending story?

    Also The park’s name, EPCOT, is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow, a utopian city of the future planned by Walt Disney, often interchanging “city” and “community.”

    My guess with your lady half above the ground and half below it, she’s not fully in the new earth energies yet. From my experience with thee new earth energies, they aren’t at all what I thought they would be. I won’t try to describe the feeling because I can’t, but it’s definitely a conundrum.


    • I never said the earth was ending…. it was the game that started when she cooled… we are at the end game now, Has nothing to do with her distruction, but eventually, the long pause until a new game begins many many melinia from now. Did not know that about the epcot center, thanx!! Also, I did not share everything I understood from my ladys reading (time constraints) but it is not what you said.


      • Thanks Lisa, I know you didn’t mean that, I just felt with how a lot of people are feeling right now (fear and being scared and depressed ) that it would be a good reminder.

        Something I’ve been sensing with both worlds is everything is pretty much the same except how we decide to perceive things. Some people like the old world and some like the new. Now that the two have come together…it’s almost like everything has been flipped but most wont even realize it. Ever watch Stranger things? Is as if the upside down world is now the real world and vise versa.

        The things we don’t like in both, we are having to accept and even love them. That acceptance is our own utopia. The only example I can think of is God’s plan for earths duality. God IS LOVE AND LIGHT. But in order to experience something “He’s” not, HE had to take away that light. We are our own God fraction, so we only try to stay within that love and light. But denying one side of this experience is the same as denying our true god self and ultimately the true source of God.

        The real utopian world is balancing the dark and light within ourselves and accepting the fact that we also have a dark side. We may never have the perfect heaven on earth like we would all like to have, but living in harmony with both is beautiful as well. 🙂

        I don’t know the meaning of the Epcot ball for your lady, but for me, it was a good reminder of my personal goals for “utopia”.


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