Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 30, 2018

The Human in Change, Biologically and Light Field Too.

new light thru us

I think I just spent the last hour writing with invisible ink.  I had so much written, went to grab a link url, came back to the place I write my blog, and there was nothing there.  Not a single key stroke, nothing saved in the drafts, just… all gone.  Kind of like my energy and voice yesterday.  I laid down just for a moment and slept thru the day.  Woke up in the late afternoon cuz my daughter called me to find my voice stayed in the nether lands too.

I had already dubbed yesterday third eye blind,, I could not see anything on the field.  But I also kept feeling it is because are at the biggest change of energy, story-lines, our collective lives every knew and now all that is being finished up and laid out, is being done from the spirit side of everything.  A new and final era begins on earth.  A story of Light and it will be, MUST be an action story.

I wanted to make sure I put out a sharing today to share two things that came across my awareness/facebook page.  One was last evening from a precious soul.  She posted an article that just made me smile.  The title of the article (from the Daily Beast) is:  “The Largest Organ We Never Knew We Had.”  I will just excerpt one little paragraph from that article:

How could what’s being termed as the largest organ in our body escape notice for so long? A dogged trio of researchers stumbled upon it—despite the fact that they argue it’s a crucial part of our bodies and been there all along, right in front of us. 

We are becoming NEW!!  It was not always there, just like the glands they discovered not too long ago in our digestive tract, or the fact that they now see the lungs are making blood cells, this is all new.  WE are becoming new.  That is how we are evolving.  And yet, science wants to think they missed it all, all along.  What I am hearing at this moment, there are going to be a few new discoveries within the body that forces them to look in the evolution direction.   With that realization will come the assistance of helping the evolving body instead of trying to stop the process (thinking something is wrong instead of changing.)

Which brings me to a Kryon audio that was also posted on my facebook.  In a short 38 minutes he captures everything our teams have been sharing over the last several months.  I found it exciting and dare I even say, validating.  Not that I need the validation to know somethings truth, but sure it wonderful it happens!!

Who ever posted this video, did not do the title justice.  It has zero to do with aliens or their messages, I do not understand the why of the title, but it is the content I want to share:


We are all in the midst of so much wonderful and dare I say, radical change, I find it all incredibly exciting.  We are all stepping up our A game!!  I cannot wait to see what any of that looks like as we step into April.

This is a short but sweet sharing.  A sharing of sharings lol.  I love you all Soul much.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with new electricty and body parts to and thru the ALL (smile.)

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. “ our collective lives every knew and now all that is being finished up and laid out, is being done from the spirit side of everything. A new and final era begins on earth.”

    Thanks Lisa! Had a powerful dream relating to the above. I gave birth to not one but two babies and I didn’t know I was pregnant. The strange thing about the babies were, they were in baby form but I “saw” their 80 year old bodies they had just left behind from their previous life.

    It was the old emerging and transforming into the new. Someone in the hospital tried to end their life at the same time because they couldn’t handle all of the sudden changes of energy. My guess is, The collective is now ready to leave the old world/self behind….but there will be those that will not want to go through this and will exit the experience in some way.

    Have a good day!

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