Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 27, 2018

The Winds of Change Are Blowing…. Thru You!!

winds of change

Holy wind streams batman!!  I decided to take a little peak at spaceweather today just to see what is up.  Well, seems we have been in a state of energetic unrest for many days now:

SOLAR WIND UPDATE: The sun is leaking solar wind. Our planet has been inside a disorganized gaseous stream blowing 400-500 km/s for more than 5 days. This has kept Earth’s magnetic field in an unsettled state with frequent outbreaks ofArctic and Antarctic auroras–not to mention STEVE. More of the same is expected today, March 27th, as the solar wind continues to blow.

On the other hand, it makes total sense really.  A good many of the people I reading for have completely solidified their doorways of emotional choice ingredients.  I am not seeing the doors near as much as I had been the last few weeks.  But we aren’t seeing April either.  Instead, it is more like cherry picking the higher fields of energy and pulling them into our (blind) new equation, readying ourselves to enter April and beyond.

I do want to mention something that happened to me, almost all day long, on Sunday.  I kept filling up and eventually releasing wave after wave of deep mourning.  Not just sadness, but deep, penetrating sorrow.  It reminded me a lot of how I felt after my mother passed (I had none of these emotions when my father passed, of course, I really didn’t have any bond with him my whole life, either.)  So I had to do inventory check… I have no reason to feel like this, so I did a child check, everything was happy and ok in their lives.  Nothing anywhere else I could say, yeah, its coming from this.  I realized yesterday, it is coming in from our perceived future.  As events and catalysts set themselves up, we are already getting the effects from the souls who will be at the front-lines taking whatever these hits are.   These souls are already preparing themselves and their human hosts for the impact(s.) working thru the emotions before hand so they do not widely interfere with the action plan that must be employed at those times.

So, with all that in mind, I was really intrigued with Kryon’s marshmallow email message that hit my inbox first thing in the morning:

Nothing Remains the Same

From Kryon Live Channelling: The State of the Earth

June 2017 in Big Sky, MT

Did you notice? Nothing is going to remain the same. When these changes begin, the reaction will often be fear. When you see the economy starting to shift and change and a new paradigm begins, there will be fear. The new paradigms are here to actually save old systems that are systemically broken. But when it begins, many are not going to like it. Humans want everything to be the same…

~ KRYON    through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

I look at the children starting to already activate into the new roles on earth.  The teenagers, the 20 and 30 somethings are already starting to be heard, to be seen and some, taking seats of power in our governments.

When I read kryon’s message yesterday, I was immediately reminded of the lady I read for a few weeks ago, where I seen her 401k leaking gold coins.  Change is infiltrating the financial sector, it must if it is going to change.  When was not revealed.  Several others in readings had a similar message, financial unrest/disruption, but only for a time.

In one of my readings yesterday, a virgin upon the field no less, we got a little bit of a heads up about things April and beyond, not in details, but in energetic forewarnings.

First, pay attention where this energy is hitting you the hardest, it is foretelling where in your life you are going to be activated.  Just to give an example from my ladys reading yesterday, she was dressed as a cow girl.  Her vest was this soft, white leather like material and her pants matched her vest.  Both were transmuting the direct hits coming in from the new energies into her chest wall, primary her lungs, as well as her path of life, hips down to ankles.  What I see as her outfit is really shielding that takes pure source energy and tones it down to the usable, biological impregnation.  Her soul expression is going to be so important as we move into April and beyond, to the degree, there is no buffer between energy out and energy back.  We are still in a realm of unbiased creation, so put out the highest good with the highest intent possible, even when making a joke.  Be mindful of the emotional output in all that is said!!

When we were talking about her pants, and her team really emphasizing the many sudden changes she is getting ready for in her life, housed primarily from June thru September, with the solstice, triple eclipses, and then the Sept equinox, things will change fast.  Do not think, simply do!!  Trust the innate direction and just do it!!

The belt holding up her pants was very interesting.  Made out of a twine, similar to that used to keep hay bails together.  Connected deep into the earth and was in a square like macrame visual.  Then she got instructions to call on the four directions in meditation, creating the same macrame pattern of her belt, then, when it is complete, to put this long length of macrame twine like material down thru her crown thru her core root chakra until she feels the tug from the earth and even the sky/the heavens.  It was explained she will use the power of the 4 directions as things heat up in the change department for her.

I had to smile when she asked the question… why?  Why does she need to do this?  The reply is going to apply for every single person on this planet.  We cannot understand the why since everything being asked of us is so radically new, but when it is applied, the why will be understood.

With that in mind, trust your inner promptings, even if they make no sense.  My lady did just that this year.  She suddenly purchased a 2nd home in Puerto Rico (she lives in the states) and the information that came thru about Puerto Rico was stunning.  This hurricane that leveled the island was so incredibly important.  It swept away all that old energy and is building and basking in the new.  It will increase in it energetic value as we move forward thru the perception of time.  This is one of the main reasons the appearance of being left behind with any assistance from the USA is twofold important.  No old energies are allowed to arrive and settle in again on that island.  The USA at this current moment (speaking of government and affiliates) are antiquated old energies.

Think about yourself, as you raise your vibration, your frequency, it gets to a point others may not even see you because you are so far out of their field of perception.  This is as true for landscapes as it is for humans incarnate.

Just remember, things are a changing and it is YOU, US, at the forefront of change!!

Until tomorrow…. I love you all soul very much and thank you for Being!!!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with the winds of change to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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