Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 25, 2018

The ET Coalition of Energy Forces, Equipped with a Force Field!

influx of ET energies

The first connection yesterday was an ET mind blower!!  Hell, my mind gets blown almost every day now, but this took it over the top.

My lady had 4 ships that aligned themselves from left to right at the back end of the yard.  I could not see the ships thru the energies they were releasing, but could feel their presence behind or within the energies.

The first energy was intense yellow/gold and it was stated they were from Sirius.  The second energy was intense white and from Andromeda.  The third reminded me a soap bubble in full sunlight, translucent with all these moving striations of color thru it all, I cannot remember the full name of their star system, but they were definitely non physical Beings from a group of stars.  The first two were masculine energy in nature and the third feminine.  The fourth one that was there for her was so odd, it was a force field.  The strength of this force field was intimidating, I could feel its intense pressure.  If there was anything viewable with it, it was out of my range of vision, the its presence was unmistakable.

Of course, they all work as a team.  Each energy set blends together (the first three) for the advancement/enhancement of the human race.  They are currently targeting this energy into the densest minds/DNA of this planet primarily at this moment.  But also assisting those in the awakening and awakened State of Being as well.  What really shocked me was this force field group.  It sets a force field around the planet so this energy cannot escape out of our unstable magnetic field/magnetosphere.  Equally tho, there is a force field that surrounds each human impregnated with this purposeful energy so that it cannot escape or be removed/released.

I am just seeing this yesterday, but it has been underway with upticks thru various energy systems since the last quarter of 2012.  How in sync it is that a precious soul on my facebook talked about some interesting things that are happening on the earth, that started in 2012 and seriously accelerated this year.  The earth is cracking up! Literally.  This is a picture and artical about what is happening in peru right now, but she said it was in other places as well, such as the desert of Saudi Arabia.  Which really caught my attention because thru the last ET connection, I know there is a base harvesting energy under Saudia Arabia as well as the dead sea.  Click here to read the article, see other pictures and videos too.


Now think about this… we can now vividly see how all these energy upgrades are impacting and changing the layout of the earth, imagine what it is doing to us.  The earth is changing, we are changing and at times, both present unpleasantly (from an in body, physical perspective.)

Partnering with this energy, inside the body and within and around the earth, is key.

Now let me put that on pause and go to my last reading of the day.  Every persons team in the last couple weeks have been affirming once we get into April, its a brand new beginning for everyone, all of earth, energy wise and story line wise.  Everything that was in the rear view mirror will not longer be valid, at least, to the degree it was.  What we know, how we approach any given thing. even the most reliable things of the past, changed.  But it is even more than that.  The body template is and will be changed too.

I did inquire from her team, the affirmation that all will be in new story lines, even what we think of as the young.  She is in her 20’s, so it was a perfect time to ask.  Absolutely a yes.  But with an interesting twist too.

Her team explained, especially in her age group, the biology is changing so radically that she could very well be here for many many decades to come.  Much longer than the current life span right now.  Then there are some of us, to include myself, that is using their body vehicle to accelerate the DNA changes, which takes a toll on the biology.  We are not here for the long haul, but only as long as needed (or the body can hold up lol) and will come back in with a brand new body system in the next incarnation.

But, while in this body now, it is important to know the energies and move with them, or sit still, whichever the case may be with the influx.

April we move into a sort of bootcamp, as we all, including the earth, gets familiar with all the new story lines and adventures we put into play.  We have three months to work out our biggest kinks before we hit the sub-energy zone (spirits description, not mine) of the June solstice, then three eclipses, then the fall equinox.  At my very basic level of understanding this far out, this next sub-energy zone is going to crystallize what we have perfected, release what we haven’t to another with interest/focus there.  I cannot even imagine what comes after the fall equinox, my mind is swimming with all this and that is more than enough for us to pay attention to and participate with.

Couple all this natural energy from the earth and the sun with the ETs that are packing in their own celestial energies, man oh man, just keep hanging onto your hats!!

Spirit mentioned last month or earlier this month (time is blurring) about an earth event that will take place.  I am always thinking a singular event, but I am understanding this morning, it is a series of ongoing events at the personal level, as well as the air level and earth level.  My team stated many times in these last few weeks that the day my voice oddly turned off as I went to the doorway to go outside to do a reading, was a major event for me.  To show, once and for all, what is happening and why and who is at the helm… that would be my soul protecting the biology that is me!!

We just had several major storms hit the northeast, this too is included in the earth events.  I have no idea what is happening beyond the USA, hell, I barely know what is happening within the USA, but it is all interrelated to the earth events moving and opening energies.  Same with the cracking earth and the energies (storms and mudslides in Peru) all earth based events of change, radical, purposeful change at the spirit level (and ETs too.)

 I am sure there is more, but my brain just crashed lol.  Thank god its a day off!!

Have an amazing weekend my beloveds!!  ((((HUGZ)))) filled with super power to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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