Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 24, 2018

The Biology in Change!!


These days sure are not unfolding as I would think they would in the field.  I swear we are all, in one way or another, being forced to look at and release our assumptive ways!!  Even when we do not fully understand the whys of what is presenting, it is still there to get us all out of assumptions as they related to any aspect of past.

One big example for me in readings yesterday, 3 out of 4 appointments yesterday were members of the Nation, each one has been put in a time out space physically.  This time out is as important for our walk forward as being active.  The biology is upgrading deep within its cellular structure and needs rest as it upgrades.  Most of us tho, are so active in our participation of Light growth that we don’t take the time to sit still.  Literally, sit still!!

My first lady developed an abscessed tooth.   We have a strong tendency too look at what is wrong instead of what is changing within.  The body is learning right along with our own consciousness, so does what it was originally designed to do, send out the army to keep things as they were.  The mouth always reflects the Self/self expression.  If the abscess wasn’t enough, her face swelled up which amplifies the change in Self identity.  Both together would be how we express ourselves in relationship to the way we see/identify ourselves.  The growth is always towards the Self, soul expression and Self identity.  Holding any part of our Self in, for fear of ….whatever, creates conflict.  Not only to the biology, but to the instruction we are sending to the biology.  If we are in conflict within our selves, guess what, so is the instruction set sent to the body.

This is where having a deeply personal relationship with your biology is imperative.  To hear its needs and desires and cooperate with it, in that state, it will always cooperate with your own personal desires.

Often times as well, in its new accelerated growth state and change of patterns within the body, it absolutely needs a little outside help.  Meaning there are drugs developed by other gods in body that are meant to assist.  In my lady’s case, antibiotics are her friend.  What I did not realize until her reading yesterday, how many different types of antibiotics there are!!  I did not see the pills, but the energy streams from each one.  If your personal vibration field is in need of a higher, more potent frequency assistance, the lesser ones will not have any affect, as my lady found out.  She was prescribed penicillin and it did nothing.  When her dentist wanted to switch it to the kissing cousin, amoxicillin she KNEW that was going to be as ineffective, yet her dentist strongly disagrees and refused to change it up.

Which really brought us to a whole new level of understanding too!!  Her dentist is so out of vibrational alignment with hers, he now does more harm than good.

The way her team showed us this example of what they meant by that, really popped open an eye for me.  I had no idea.  Using the image of piano keys, there are the keys all the way to the left that are in the base realm of emotions, the ones around middle C are balanced in both higher octaves and lower octaves and then the ones to the right, the higher keys will be the more progressive doctors and dentists, even to the degree of trusting their patients knowings over themselves.  That is a beautiful blend of soul mind and ego mind!!

Her team strongly suggested finding a new dentist and paying attention to the energy she feels when her primary doctor offers antibiotic suggestions to assist with the swollen abscessed face.

When I first connected with her (and all the way thru the reading) she was on my porch, which always represents the energy happening in the biological field.  As we got thru all the above information her team added a detail to how I seen her, sucking her thumb.  Self soothing.  This is not a time for her to be playing in the light, absorbing more than her body can process, instead it is time to allow it all to assimilate into the change underway.

So when my second lady from the Nations membership time came, I immediately seen a big red X and her team placed a box around the X, being boxed in.  This happened before our call, when I was looking at my calendar to see who was next.  She was third in line and the 2nd lady on my dance card had a full reading.  So, I ignore the X and thought it was just me assuming shit.  Nope lol.

The moment she said hello I could tell something was happening in her world.  As I sat down to connect to her field, I got that big red X again and the image of being put in a box, boxed in.  She laughed, she had a hellofa cold, AKA the energy flu.  Her team is boxing in her biology to create non-movement.  She is an avid exerciser and this is NOT the time to be stretching things that are trying to recallibrate.

Then my last lady, a member of the Nation too, but not able to join our live classes since she is across the pond, also being bestowed with the energy of the Nation, of the Creator imbueing.  She is having the hardest time staying awake thru the day.  Falling asleep sitting up, on the potty, in many unusual places and ways.  Again, all this on purpose for the expansion/acceleration at hand.

There is so much more to share, I woke up late and damn if the time didn’t just fly by!!  So until tomorrow….

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with beloved stillness and enlightened consciousness to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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