Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 20, 2018

The Energies are Pouring In!! Happy Equinox!!!


It is not enough that we have the energies of the equinox rearranging our molecules, now the sun decided to get in on this dance.  From spaceweather:  SURPRISE GEOMAGNETIC STORM: On March 18th, a crack opened in Earth’s magnetic field. Solar wind poured in, fueling a moderately strong (G2-class) geomagnetic storm. 

Of course, I had to post it on facebook since I opened my mouth to do a reading and instantly my vocal chords blew out and I was voiceless until late afternoon.  A precious soul instantly provided more inforamtion, via a Russian link about this event being the strongest one of the year.  I was really caught by its first two paragraphs:

“The largest magnetic storm of the year was registered on the night of 18 to 19 March 2018. The peak of the storm was passed about 2 am Moscow time. At maximum, the amplitude of oscillations of the Earth’s magnetic field reached the second point on the maximum possible five-point scale. Prior to this in the current year, events of this level were not observed. In total for the past 2.5 months of 2018 on earth, there were 4 magnetic storms (one in January and three in February 2018), which all belonged to the minimum first class.

According to the standard NOAA scale, class 2 storms can significantly affect energy systems located at high latitudes (weaker events cause only minor fluctuations in them), and also affect space vehicles, leading to their perceptible orbital demolition, which differs from the predicted one. In the next 24 hours, the propagation of HF radio waves at high latitudes is also expected to worsen.”

Every one of us are space vehicles!!  My team started to unload understanding yesterday that really caught me by surprise.  When we are gathered, be it for a reading, a class, a group meditation, any event that goes beyond space/time, we are instantly loaded into our space vehicle (soul energy) and travel to higher latitudes of experience.  In these moments, we are the ones creating energy releases.  You and I are as potent in energy as the sun.  Add in the sun releasing energy… wowzers!!  It takes every last energy molecule and puts it on steroids.  Not advisable for direct ingestion lol.

So today on spaceweather there was a little more information too:

MAGNETIC CRACKS AND STORMS: For the past five days, Earth’s magnetic field has been in a state of unrest as an unusually-wide stream of solar wind blows around our planet. Literally, the geomagnetic field has been shaking back and forth. This plot from Stuart Green’s backyard magnetometer in Preston, UK, shows the unrest, highlighted by a G2-class geomagnetic storm on March 18th.

What I find incredibly interesting and parallel, for the last 5 days, I started getting electrical shocks at the corners of my mouth any time I bend my body (left, right or forwards.)  They don’t hurt, just feels really weird.

Spirit has been saying thru the readings, we are putting out a lot of energy, when we open our mouth to speak.  Consciousness of what is (emotionally) coming out of the mouth is more crucial now than ever.

Equally, understanding and recognizing the value of these higher energies, key as well.  I find it funny once again, how the topic of this evenings Nations class is not what I fully expected to talk about.  The title of the class is Understanding and Recognizing Energy Signatures, well, we will talk more in depth about these energy signature mixtures too.  Energies from the sun, energies from the equinox and energies from high velocity souls in and out of body, that mixture!!

While I am ingesting the information about all these energies yesterday morning, I got a Kryon marshmallow message in my in box that seemed to top off some understandings too:


From Kryon Live Channelling: The Great Escape   March 2017 in Boston, MA

Some day you’ll awaken with a new kind of Akash, and you’ll remember what you did before that worked. This means that you won’t make the same mistakes that you made this time. Instead, you’ll be a new Human. This planet has never seen anything like it before, never.

I am Kryon in love with humanity.

KRYON   through Lee Carroll, the Original Kryon Channel

I want to couple this beautiful message with the one received thru a reading the other day, “Assume nothing and you will know everything.”  Two keys to the same door.

We often look at the Akash as a library that stores every experience you have ever had thru all of your souls existence, on earth and everywhere else as well.  When we incarnate here on earth, a lot of the books that have stories to be continued, are at the front of the reachable library books.  As we pull the energies from those books to close up the stories/experiences left unfinished, rarely do we file them at the back of the pile.  Instead, we assume something new in relationship to someone already experienced.  Keeping us in a similar pattern of experience, good or less than good.

When we fully clear the karmic energies in these books (past lives) they automatically file themselves deep in the recesses of the library, having close to no effect on current moments.  This allows the powerful ones, the life and soul enhancing experiences to be at the forefront of the shelves, pulling from that wisdom.  Wisdom we may never have experienced here in this realm.  This allows for a higher vibration, a richer meaning and experience to Be You.  Unless of course, we are assuming we know something, in which case, the old books stay at the forefront.

These are such exciting times we are in.  Life is changing as we breathe BECAUSE we breathe, consciously!!

April is going to show all of us what our new agenda looks like and how to navigate it more smoothly.  When the game amps up, so does our obstacle course of learning and participation!!  Game on!!

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but Valorie is getting married on June 16th!!  She is doing a combo wedding/baby shower.  I have had a few people ask, so let me just toss out their baby registry here.

She is due in mid November, I am pulling for an 11/11 birthday!!!

New Beginnings abound for all of us!!!  Have fun and stay safe 😉

I love you all soul much!!  (((HUGZ))) of equinox energies and new beignnings thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. Lisa,

    It’s interesting that you mentioned Russia because there is a lot energy swirling around there now. Today we reach a tipping point with Russia and in due time things are going to shift the balance of things.

    Congrats on the baby! Last night I had a dream about a baby. I was “with” Putin and became pregnant. The baby (idea) was born but was in very poor health. I went home to get some rest and a nurse came knocking on my door to tell me the baby was dying.

    How I look at that dream is this; Trumps little love fest with Russia/Putin is now dying. The power and energies are going to start shifting back to Putin. We can look at this as either bad or good in the old sense….but the truth is, people will now be getting what they deserve. Whether that’s all of Trumps misdeeds catching up with him, or Putin’s.

    These two men are two opposite sides of the same coin. They both have done terrible things and they needed to go head to head to balance everything out. More power may shift to Putin, But The idea of Putin will be the key factor to taking Trumps power away. Which in essence is Trumps own illusion. He himself will be the only one to blame for his downfall.

    In the end, will he learn the lessons he needed to learn to evolve? Or will he stay in the old world and put the blame on everyone else? All of these firings are a self reflection. He doesn’t know how to handle the situation, so he gets rid of everyone and everything in his path. Blindsiding the other person is Trumps only trick. If he doesn’t learn to go within, quite the noise around him and focus, then the only one being blind sided in the end will be himself.

    Starting today, America is in for a ride! (Ps-you we’re right about NRA) notice another high school shooting in Maryland? It’s going to keep happening until it finally hits home to the NRA and they experience for themselves.

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