Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 12, 2018

Life From the Soul Perspective!

soul perspective

Today I emerge from a Life Between Life weekend, again, forever changed, forever moved and deepened in what our teams have been sharing with us, but with more clarity as well.  I love more clarity!!

The first thing on my mind is something spirit started talking about thru the readings when I was back in Florida.  What they called tribes (and I changed into the factory building) and the clans within the tribes (specialty areas within the factory.)  My beautiful lady really laid this out in such vivid detail when she went back to her “soul pod.”  Its kind of funny, she had to remember what a soul was when I stated the word.  We use human language to label things (which is needed) but is not necessarily how we understand ourselves outside of a body.  Nor do we look human, as my beautiful lady described, it was more like blobs!!  Beautiful, radiant, intelligent “blobs” (of energy!!)

She described her pod as a vat of joy juice.  All the souls mingled together showering her with joy as she returned from Home from the Civil war, shot on the battle field as a 17 year old young man.  She met with her daughters souls, understood them and where they are in life, from their souls perspective.  It really helped her understand where she needs to step back, and where she might need to step up to assist… and when.

Her parents were still off in what I will just call the healing chambers, working out within themselves and each other, the places they went astray in life.  Example, her father turned to alcohol to get him thru, which caused harm to him and those around him.

This alone shows that not everything is as it is supposed to be or happens as it should.  We, once incarnate, take wrong turns, create hardships to ourselves and often times to others, that were not needed nor desired.  We are always fully responsible for the life we lead on earth, at the human and soul level.  Then set up lifetimes that repeat certain situations to give us a do-over to choose more wisely.

Hell, we can see how often we do this while still in body too.  All souls are in a state of their own personal evolution, as is the team/pod/clan they incarnate with.

I also loved so very much when she was at her soul pod, that she could see vividly who had incarnations happening.  She described it as seeing testicles hanging down from the soul itself,  She could also tell which tentacles were earth incarnations and which were incarnated in other realms.  She explained, that in contrast to the vibrancy of the soul blobs, these tentacles were kind of ugly.  All I could think of was my lady from 2 weeks ago, and how she toned down the soul energy, reformatted the pattern of light and energy to handle the earth incarnation.  This was a perfect bookend of visual understanding!!

When we looked for her husband, he was not part of her pod, so we went to his pod.  His pod or soul group was so radically different than her own.  He worked within the mental planes and even his soul energy looked so different, made more of geometric energy than what see experienced as her own.  Which gave her an amazing new understanding in their relationship.  He needed to be more emotionally fluid, she needed to be more focused, and together, they balanced and enhance each other.

We came here to be diverse, to be unlike each other to assist in the qualities we need to use (for lack of better way of saying it) thru each other.

To bring it back to the shoe factory analogy, the pattern cutter needs to the skills of the blueprint maker to be able to do their job well.

We are building a new earth, new ways of Being here, together.

Another thing I found fascinating is… in the questions she brought for me to ask while she was in her Life Between Life experience, was why she had two lifelines on her palm.  I was so excited about the reply, just given the many ET connections I have done and understood many of us have incarnations in other planes to assist what we are doing here.  Sure enough, she had an incarnation in Sirius, hence the 2nd lifeline.

When we were going over her life section for this lifetime, she started talking about the planets and the astrology and stuff,.  I was amazed with that, how precise we put ourselves onto earth with the energetic of the planets influences for our challenges!

Ok, enough about that for today!!  I want to share some super exciting news of my own.  I am going to be a grandma again, Valorie is pregnant!!  She has not made the public announcement on facebook yet, they are waiting for the due date, blood test, to come back today or tomorrow.  She did give me permission to announce it in my blog tho.

Valorie has been anti-child for the better part of her adult life, and seriously anti-girl.  The very moment the plus sign appeared on her home pregnancy test, she called me, terrified and looking for reassurance it was a false positive… ohhh no, I cannot confirm that, there is too much of a party happening in my body with this news.  The second home test and the doc appt the next day, utterly confirmed for her… yup she is pregnant.

The very next day after she tells me, I am driving home from walmart and I am overwhelmed with this amazing soul hug from my incoming granddaughter.  Rut roh, there is going to be a girl not a boy baby coming in.  I told this to Alex but not val, she is already working thru her nerves and anxiety.  The day after my soul hug, she had a dream experience with her cat that passed when she was in prison, Fenix.  Fenix told her that she is going to come into her as a baby and will be female and that everything is going to be ok.  So my granddaughter will be named Fenix Rose Timm.  (Alex picked the middle name.)

And talk about a soul with determination, they only had unprotected sex once and wham, hit the lottery!!  This should give her a due date of Nov,  I am now pulling for an 11/11 birth!!  She should have the blood test results back, which will tell her the due date, today or tomorrow and they will then go public.

So all of this is now speeding up a wedding too, which they have a target date of about June, to be finalized once he asks her, but they are already talking about it.  He is a massive romantic and wants to ask her officially.

So my year is already starting to get planned out, travel wise.  To VA in June for a wedding, Aug/Sept for a baby shower then the better part of the month in Nov for labor and after care duties.

Let me walk this back to I think, my last blog, when thru a reading, my precious lady’s team told me that my doorways were 6 (soul partnership) and I will have two to choose and open (duality.)  The reveal is on!!!  My choices are not choices at all… it Will be done!! ❤

Well, I must get ready for a day of readings.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) filled with Joy Juice to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas


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