Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 9, 2018

After the Equinox, Doorways of Emotional Choice that Builds April and Beyond.

doorways of emotional choice

For so many years I used to bitch about not being schooled prior to readings when new energy and imagery hit the field.  That has changed tremendously the last day or two in the field.  There is this uncanny knowing, focus, detail that is so clear I am shocked and in such tremendous awe.  I could feel the energy/power shift when seeing the details.  It is so a matter of fact inside of word soup like I am used to doing (rambling to hit the correct set of words for understanding.  Words are like a combination lock, only opens understanding when the correct set of words are strung together.)  But I do understand, and it is happening to a great many of us thru this month.

I think the only way to describe it is more of the soul mind and soul experience is coming into and melding into the mental mind, individually which of course, affects everyone collectively.

In one of the readings yesterday, she was told more of her soul mind is coming in, it is infused with experience for the times coming up, April and moving forward.  Which really took me by surprise.  Funny how we can assume things, like once we connect with our soul energy, we know everything it knows.  Not really.  There is still a sort of energy haze that only clears up as we clear up our own inner trust and knowing from the soul mind and use it.  And even that, is so minuscule in true understanding.

We also live this fallacy that the soul itself is all knowing, it is not.  It is in a state of evolution, hence being here on earth.  It is not to evolve the ego, but the soul itself.  So it will upgrade the human (so to speak) as the human puts forth whatever changes in mind and life, that are necessary for the next upgrade of soul mind and experience.  I think the best way to create an analogy is… no need for someone still learning their 1, 2, 3’s to be downloaded with advance algebra concepts, it would take up space and waste valuable energy (in the mental planes for the individual.)

  There is another thing I want to focus on today, it was the focus of every single reading yesterday and half the day prior.  The dividing line between March and April’s energies.  It’s a line so much but a combination of doorways.  I have not two of the same combinations yet when we look at those who are ready (energetically) to have set up their doorways.  I am not saying that correctly, but its as close as I can come, verbally, with what I mean.

These doors are emotional choice points.  We do not get to see what the details of any door is, but we do get to feel the emotional output of it.  A few examples from the readings, one lady had 11 doors and must choose 5 to open.  Another had 5 doors and must choose 3, I have 6 doors and must choose 2.

If we can look at these doors sort of like baking a cake.  You/we are putting together very particular emotional frequencies which will set a very particular domino alignment out into our fields future.  The doors we do not choose evaporate and become assisting energies thru what we have chosen.

There are some unique ones I seen too.  One lady had just one door with a combination lock on it, the type of lock you press.  The set of numbers lines down, each under the next.  There were only 4, the value was 5011 and she must press each one and ingest the energies for it to open.  Another lady, instead of having the doors side by side like all the others, there were two on the ground, one on top of the two, all three had this white energy surrounding it.  Of course, she is also the one who’s team stated she will be getting a download of soul experience that will assist her moving forward thru the events already lined up for her.  She must absorb, consciously, all the doors for them to be as effective as they can be.

The number combinations all have meaning of course.  I will use mine, which actually was given to me thru a reading yesterday (thank you again!!!)  6 (number of emotional doors to choose from) is always soul partnership in my world.  2 (doors I must choose) is duality.  The 4 (cycle of completion at the earth level) will dissipate to enhance the energies of the two emotional doors I have chosen.

The only thing I am sure of, my soul is stepping up its game in duality, and I am the one choosing the focus… which I have not even started yet.

We cannot even open these doors before the equinox concludes it energy stance.  We can, however, go into meditation and start to feel for the doors and the combo presented to you.  And focus in on feel the emotional energy of each door.

Not a single soul has a detail shown for April, because no one is at the choice point of pushing on the doors yet.  Not even spirit knows what will line up.  Free will and all that.

I have a deep feeling, this is taking us to the next level of life.  We are so conditioned to choose from the mental planes and now, we are being forced to chose from the emotional planes.  This leaves out any details of what is, and focuses souly on the emotional combination of frequency creation.

All that said, I have not connected to any doors that are filled with base emotions, no anger, dread, fear and all that crap (smile.)  However, free will being what it is, you create what you focus upon.  If it is any of the lesser base emotions, this field cannot and will not support you there and you will fall back to the lower fields to tidy yourself up emotionally.

Also, more than half (but not all) of the readings have a part of their soul aspect set up between what we can just call our present moment and the equinox.  Set out ahead in time to serve as a buffer and channel the energies coming off the equinox pole into usable content for the present moment.  Those without this aspect in the in-between spot are simply getting hit full force.  There is a reason, not a good or bad one, just… in-explainable with words.  Lets just call it purposeful.

On that note, use your meditation prowess to understand your doors.  Everyone will have a “door keeper” to help you understand them more fully.  Ask, ask, ask!!!

I am having a hypnosis weekend (hear me squeal with excitement) so I won’t share again until Monday.

I love you all soul much and so much more than that too!!  Big big (((HUGZ)))) of unrelinquished joy to and thru the ALL

Lisa Gawlas


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