Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | March 2, 2018

Acceleration is an Understatement with March!! Hold onto Your Spines!!

intense energies

Hold onto your backs everyone, March is alive and energetic!!  Its energies are kicking up our core, which just happens to surround the spine!!  These energies, at least from my one day of march perspective, seem to be moving upwards from the root and as several teams explained, creating a new lattice of intertwined energies.  Three primary colors were involved, at least from my visual perspective, red, blue and violet.  In a very broad stroke, that takes in the higher frequencies of earth (the red,) the higher frequencies of soul expression thru you (the blue,) and the mastery to apply it all to your life.  Again, that is a very broad stroke of description and is much more detailed at the personal level of expansion.

One of my biggest concerns moving into March, was how the hell am I going to be able to tell if someone was still in the midst of the February energies or all the way into March.  Well!!  Right from the first connection, spirit made that clear!  My back yard is February and my landlords field is March.  Which further helped me to understand being all tangled up in that membrane thingie that filtered the energies of march into February.  Since my backyard, your field, is a combination of my energy and yours, one area had to remain buffered.  How long that will last I have no idea.

My first lady showed up in my landlords yard and I was so confused, that is usually depicting the future.  No wonder the cows and horses seemed so happy and playful yesterday and even came to visit a few people during their readings.  That really shows just how exciting the march energies are, even the animals are playing gleefully in it.

Ohhh and the golden rays of the sun.  Holy smokes batman!!  My first lady was being enhanced by the sun shining down on her, engaging at the core level of her energy.

Of course, I may sound like I am giving February’s energies a bad rap, and I surely do not mean to.  There is some insane, upgrading energies in that mix.  My second reading made that very very clear to me.  Her core energy was on the fence line where the membrane once was, her body was in March, which alone I found a bit strange, but hey… this is all strange (new) to me!!

Her core was slowly being enlarged upwards, slowly with each new intersection of the lattice energy I was seeing.  Eventually, from what I understand, her core will be from ground to magnetosphere with the membrane that was on that fence line shielding her, buffering those that remain in the inner astral planes (those still working thru deep inner issues, incarnate and discarnate) as she will now serve to assist only those seeking a hand up and out of the chaos to the outer astral planes of enlightenment.  (Our words are so inaccurate and deceiving in their explanations, but, it is as clear as we can get using words for information.)

She was also given new eyes, these eyes were so freakin kewl.  They looked like a cross between binoculars, goggles and a microscope lens, that were oddly (purposely) colored military green.  They will enhance her physical vision, her ability to see the fine details of anything that is currently happening around her, beyond what appears to be.  This, no doubt, super important to get familiar with as she has 5 new cycles intertwining with her, enhancing her growth, at least three of them will be intensely difficult, emotional situations.  All a catalyst for going beyond where she is now.  I am sure, there is some of this for all of us to some degree.  If I am remembering correctly, these situations will be played out over time, between now and June.  June brings us to the next level of the game, if we allow.

One of my ladies yesterday had this amazing blue and violet dragon (the Chinese kind) show up across the field from her.  Time is shown at the north and south directions of a field, what we are magnetically pulling to us, is west to east now.  She was in this interesting position with her body, kinda reminded me of the pose in the karate kid, more accurately tho (as I searched for a photo to use) it would be this yoga pose, except not holding the foot.  Her leg was outstretched behind her.

With her reach for life extended and her leg releasing the past, she was attackting to her center field, this dragon:


Well, it was actually much prettier than this picture and a blend of deep blues and purple with no feet.  It took me a while to figure out what it was when I finally felt connected to the Chinese dragon.  When I went in to look up the qualities, I was more pulled to the feathered serpent in Mexico.  Spirit does have a unique way of getting me to really connect accurately with what I was seeing.  The Chinese dragon and the feather serpent, are actually related, so says her team.  I had to smile (or was that yell with glee) when she said, she decided to book a trip to Mexico for the coming equinox, visiting the pyramids.  I really jumped for joy!!  I know it took a lot of self trust and releasing what she cannot do or afford, for her to do this.  This pose also showed her how in balance she is with the new energies as well.

One of my ladies really made me scratch my head and get out of my own way.  Even when we do not mean to, we can bring old biases into a reading.  My precious lady was not in the field like everyone else, instead, she was positioned behind the energy of the equinox instead of getting hit full blast with it.  On top of that, she had a crutch under her right shoulder.  This soul is a mad light-acholic like I am, and lives what she learns, not just talk about it.  So I was confused, assuming (silly me) something must be amiss.  The more I leaned in towards that understanding, the less I heard,  Amazing how spirit will simply be silent and let us get our of our own way.  This was actually her gift position to herself.  She was in a sort of sequestered area, not getting hit with the intense equinox energies because she took in all she needed to take in and now is a time for her to rest.  Not do anything as her body adjusts to all the new frequencies expanding thru her.  The crutch was emotional support as she changes into her new Self in body.  She was told straight up, rest until we pass the equinox energies.

Today is the full moon and it is packing some serious light in its arrival.  For me personally, it is coming with lack of sleep.  I only got 4 hours last night.  I woke up at 4 am as if someone gave me a sudden boost of caffeine, no going back to sleep for me, dammit.  I have an extra full day today, so I better not crash!!

Before I close, and as I was looking for art to use for todays sharing, I found an image I want to expand on.

Focusing on the yellow energy itself.  It is moving upwards thru the core, to the brain and most especially, across teh shoulders down thru the arms, enhancing, strengthening and even, changing your reach for life.  It is not enough to know something is happening, the best we can give ourselves is consciousness.  What is it expanding and what do I do with it.  Lets call this a shout out for meditation!!

On that note, have the most extraordinary day of full moon energies illuminating all the equinox inflow to and thru you!!  Have fun!!  Don’t forget to join Charlotte and myself this evening at 6pm EST for Conversations with Lisa and Charlotte on facebook.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of extreme joy and internal power to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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