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The Magnificence of March, the Filter and the Double Spotlight!!

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Welcome to March!!  The energies feel amazing already and I am only awake 15 minutes!!  It feels like there is this joy that is just stretching out wider and wider, in me, thru me, around me.  May this part be the feeling for everyone and may it last past the morning!! lol

I thought I would be a tricky little human yesterday and went into the bath to see if I could understand the use of the word “mechanics” inside the body and outside within the energy fields.  At first there was nothing but silence, as if the only thing I was going to get was pure relaxation.  Hey!!  That’s not what I am looking for, I want understanding.  So I set up my vision as if I was doing a reading on myself.  Shock me will ya!!  There was my body, all tangled up in this membrane that separates February and march energies.  I was kicking and my arms were flailing as if I was trying to get untangled, but this membrane had me completely engulfed in it.  On the few moments I would actually stop fighting whatever process was underway, I could feel and see this membrane start to ooze into my skin.

I could not stop the fighting I seemed to be undergoing in this meditation.  What the hell??  Since when am I so out of control with myself??  Of course, I called on my team to help me understand and help me figure out how to get out of this membrane.  I think they shut their antennas off in that regard.  Nothing.  No understanding, no comfort, nuttin.  Well bite my ass team!!

Instead, I guess they had another agenda that I did not see coming at all.  We took a little walk down memory lane, a far far walk down memory lane, no doubt, the hypnosis weekend I just came out of, being the catalyst to understand my own session more than I ever did way back in 2001.

During my very first year of meditating, which spanned from the end of 2000 thru the end of 2001, I eventually had 12 separate guides and teachers helping me in all kinds of different directions.  Some emotionally, some physically, some energetically.  All helping me to see how one is interdependent on the other, change one aspect, the other two aspects must change as well. Then of course, how to harmonize and live the changes.

One of these teachers was a massive Being who, every time I asked what his name was, would play the title clip from the song “Dream Weaver.”  So, that is what I called him, dream weaver.  His body signal to me (which I required of every guide and teacher, my way back then of being sure it was them I was connecting to) was creating my whole body like one massive heart beat.  It was amazingly kewl.  Except one time, the first time I realized my antennas were now fully on, of course, back then, I had no idea what antennas were, but… I walked into a book store looking for a particular book someone suggested I read.  My whole body was taken over by the energy of dream weaver.  I was able to hear every single author in every single book all at the same time.  Not the stories within the books, the energy of the authors who wrote the books.  It was maddening and I ran out of the book store while my whole body throbbed as the loudest living heartbeat you can imagine.  It was seriously unpleasant.  I didn’t go back into a book store for a long while.

This particular experience was somewhere I don’t know, maybe first quarter of 2001.  I went to the first ever Life Between Life hypnosis certification taught directly by Michael Newton PhD in Sept 22 – 26 2001.  In my regression, one of the areas I was taken to, was to meet with my counsel of elders.  The place my guide took me was to this pyramid looking place that we called “The Temple of the Presence.”  Just walking to it, was overwhelming.  The energy, the pure, astounding love that emanated from that place was like a massive heartbeat that filled every space, every molecule everywhere.  Going inside took some adjusting.  It was like moving into the living heartbeat of all there was.  I knew it was the Presence… God, because I asked.  What I never ever ever dreamed of in my wildest dreams back then, but was shown yesterday, that is who dreamweaver was/is to me.

Years later, I had assumed (which is not incorrect) it was the masculine energy of my soul that I really had to get adjusted too, integrate and learn to move according to the desires of that part of me.  Yesterday, I was shown it dreamweaver and the Presence, was one in the same.  I think the most surprising part of that reveal was that it is 17 years later and I am still understanding, with total surprise, the enormity of what it is we do, who and what we connect to and live within, thru our journey!

If that didn’t blow my mind enough in this unexpected, sudden change of venue in my meditation, another part of my LBL experience was seeing what it is I do when I am not incarnated.  In my LBL experience, I could see my soul creating energy for the human race and placing it into the earth realm.  My regressionist, also a student, did not expand on that experience at all and that is all I ever understood.  Of course, in 2001, I could never have imagined where my path would take me.  What I would eventually do with any of my travels in meditation or hypnosis as a way of life and income.  I was truly an infant mesmerized by what I was experiencing in meditation and how it was slowly but surely, changing my health and my physical life.

In my bath-time meditation yesterday, I was shown that classroom I was in, with the energy stuff in the LBL experience.  I had always assumed I was the student learning how to assist humanity, never could I have conceived I was the teacher in that setting.  At all, ever!!  I am sure, that thru the 17 years I have walked since then, it did not even matter at all.  I could honestly say, who cares, I am sure, understanding that, would have triggered the Leo pride I had been born with and could have easily approached the rest of my life as arrogant in sharing.

I left my meditation still watching my poor seemingly helpless body entangled in that damn membrane, fighting to get free.  I was left with the feeling of shock… why could I not even touch that energy, help myself.  And why the hell would my team leave me wreathing in turmoil over there???

Ahhhhhhhh!!  The light of a new day and a really good sleep session has me fully understanding it all.  At least enough to allow me to let go of trying to stop what appears to be dysfunctional and embrace what Is.  I MUST thank Charlotte for this understanding, thru her experience in the LBL session.  Because otherwise, I would not understand what I do right now.

I think this is a great time to plug our Conversations with Lisa and Charlotte live video this Friday (tomorrow) at 6pm EST.  We will be talking about her LBL experience and what it means to us!!  Look for the link on the Nations facebook pageas well as my personal facebook page to join the conversation.

Shortly after Charlotte arrived back Home, her group and her went to work.  They helped souls that are getting ready to incarnate on earth repattern their soul energy and then moved them thru a membrane into the earth field.  I was awe struck by her detail and the understanding of how the repatterning works to go from pure soul to a human soul!

This membrane also filters the pure energy of spirit and human and changes the matrix to support the way humans experience their 3D world of matter.  Well… so does that membrane I had been seeing for weeks on the field, but with major major enhancements.  Which makes sense as to why not everyone will go thru the membrane into what I am calling the march energies.  Vibrationally, they are not ready for a more fuller load of pure God energy to come in.  Those that are (and we are plentiful) will be going thru massive acceleration points within their body construct and energy fields.  There will be some (not all) that will be absorbing this membrane into their physical being, changing the DNA thru their body.  And that is when I understood what I was witnessing within my meditation.

When the chemical make up of the body changes, the physical body design seems to attack the changing chemicals, as if there is a foreign invader.  It is doing exactly what it is designed to do.  If we think about storms, they come in to change the energy, the layout of the land (if you will) so too, are these energies that will continue to increase in frequency as we move forward.  If we can think of it like the grunts in a war of change… they are taking the brunt of the battle energy so all the troops behind them can move forward more efficiently.  The development of my psoriasis arthritis is doing just that.  It moves position day by day, sometimes by the hour.  If it didn’t hurt so damn much I would be in full amazement with it instead of miss grumbly!! lol

That membrane thingie also serves to help filter the pure energies I experience thru readings, otherwise, I would truly blow up.

I wanted to share today about the June thru September energy fields as I mentioned in my closing yesterday, but my team is saying I do not understand enough to talk about that yet.  Lets focus on March, a double full moon month.  One is happening tomorrow on the 2nd and the other the 31st.  If you can use it as a double spotlight shining into you, a lot will be revealed for as long as you are NOT carrying your past forward.  You will not see and understand the enormity of the new if you still have the filters of misconceptions of the past with you.

A great meditation to do, now and every now moment thru this month, see yourself in the deepest, darkest space, suspended above earth, with two bright lights shining down onto your body from above at 90 degree angles.  In each meditation the light will shine on different parts of you, for as long as you integrated what was revealed the meditation prior.  If the position of the light means is the same as the day before, dive deeper into understanding.

On that note, enjoy the amazing revelations of March.  It will be like nothing you can imagine!! With that said, my team is asking me to please expand my March special, who am I to argue.  I will not extend it thru the end of the day on March 3rd.  We are brewing up something magical and you are a crucial puzzle piece of understanding!!

Big big (((((HUGZ)))) of illuminated Glory to ALL, thru the ALL!!  I love you!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I’m feeling a resistance regardless of how ready a lot of us are. Like you said; you tried to stop fighting the membrane but you just couldn’t stop.

    We should be moving this weekend, but everyone seems to off this week at the bank to process our loan. Then my reservation for the truck just disappeared in thin air and no matter who I talk to they give me the run around.

    I wonder what it is….evil forces not wanting the changes? Our own subconscious resisting and fearing the changes? Or like what you said, vibrationally they aren’t ready for that growth yet so their is a lot of hesitation.

    Very interesting how we are all entangled in this slimy membrane!


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