Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 27, 2018

Going Beyond the Veil!!


Hi honies, I’m bacckkkk!!  What an amazing adventure into the spirit world this weekend was!!  It is funny to think you (I) have collected all these various tools and most of them are shelved and completely forget the power… the full on empowerment that can come thru them, when used!!

I want to thank Charlotte Phillips for being the first one to knock the rust this particular tool was collecting, off.  She not only knocked the rust off, but made it so much more shiny, needed really, more powerfully understood than the times I was certified and used the Life Between Life hypnosis with others, way back in 2001.  I stopped offering it somewhere in 2004, to me, it was just too long and tedious to continue offering.  I mean really, 3-5 hours in one hypnosis session.  I can be humorously arrogant!!  But, I was a baby then too.

Not only did I see a brand new value in offering this Life Between Life experience, but Charlotte’s counsel of elders pretty much said, this is to be my focus.  After her experience, I will. I understand it’s value so much more now.  Perhaps because I have now been in this awakening game for 18 years instead of 1 and I understand so much more and it allows the person to understand so much more and really get beyond the bullshit of the mind and of others!!!

If you are not familiar with what Life Between Life is, I would highly suggest reading or listening to “Destiny of Souls,”by Michael Newton PhD.  This is his second book on the subject and corrects some of the information that was in his first book.  It takes the hypnosis event beyond where QHHT can take you.

During Charlotte’s 4 hour journey, one of the places we went to was what is refereed to (by Michael Newton in his books) is the counsel of wise elders.  We all have our own counsel, they are beyond our guides and our guides guides and assist in our soul evolution.  We were asking about what is happening on earth, and yes, there is a massive energy already underway, it will continue to roll in and fluctuate, but it was when her counsel, with such deep emotion, an emotion that would be equated to human sadness, said this is not the way (earth) was supposed to go.  It became too lost in the density.  Their sadness, for our pain, hidden in the wall of forgetfulness, or as they say it, the density, was palpable.  I felt it as she released the tears down her cheeks.

When she was out of the experience and talking about the many things she experienced and felt, it was so nice to have the validation of something I have been saying for decades… there is no “how its supposed to be,” it is how the incarnating soul allows it to be!!!  This is what I mean as weeding thru the bullshit.  We come up with concepts and ideas that are just… inaccurate and detracts from our life/soul evolution instead of enhancing it.

It was fascinating to me, to hear her explain what she and her intimate soul group (I think there were 5 or 6 of them) did when she was not incarnated…  she helped souls change their energy matrix and pushed them into the density.  She talked about this membrane that separates the spirit world from the physical world, which I see a lot in readings and now understand even more what it is that I see, and what it means to you.

OMG, she experienced time with what she called the Blue Beings and how they are on the upper part of this membrane helping to bring in the higher energies while those of us on the ground are working to bring them up, all of it causing this membrane… the veil to thin!!

Before we went into the Life Between Life session, we did 3 past life sessions.  My personal reason for doing so many past life regressions in a short period of time, was to acclimate the brain in the hypnotic state and also understanding what suggestions take her deeper into the trance state.  Well, the three (4 if we include the one that happens with the LBL session) helped her understand so much of her current life relationships and their (dysfunctional) entanglement in her life.  The gift!!!  It also allowed to to see, feel and KNOW that after many lifetimes of setting up similar scenarios, she finally accomplished what was needed in this lifetime and has completely moved past all the karmic energies she started with.

On my drive back home from the airport yesterday, holy heavens, her team wrapped me in such waves of gratitude and love.  I knew what this meant to her, I now fully know what it meant to her spiritual team too!!  Thank you!!!! ❤

She and I will talk about her experiences and what it means to humanity as well, this Friday 3/2 at 6 pm EST, in our Conversations with Lisa and Charlotte.  Please join us, be a part of the conversation and ask questions!!!

And now, I must transition my energy field and get ready for the mighty world of readings.  Thank you for blessing my soul growth every single day as you seek your own soul growth thru my skills.  We are a beautiful team and I remain humbled by your magnificence!!

Big big (((HUGZ))) of loving adventures to and thru ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas


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  1. I’m confused Lisa, if those higher beings are so sad that earth isn’t the way it’s supposed to be, but then you say there IS no “how it’s supposed to be”, well which is it? Wouldn’t they know? Thanks for the clarification.


    • We were never meant to be as dense and separated and lost of our true selves as we are now and have been. I know words can be and are confusing. I hope that clears it up some, so sorry for the confusion.


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