Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 22, 2018

13 Step DNA Magnetic Reformatting Meditation ~ From Chaos to Clarity!!


I was not going to write today since there is really nothing new to report.  But as I am sitting here drinking my coffee, getting excited for the lady coming in tomorrow for the hypnosis weekend, my team taps me on the shoulder and says, we have something you need to share.  I got excited when I realized it is a meditation for everyone to utilize!!

AS we all know and feel, we are in the midst of a massive fizzy drink on earth.  Energies bouncing all around and thru us.  We are finally coming to the end of this two month system of energy super-flux.  March becomes the stabilizing field for what we have taken in as well as released.  The good ole magnetics of the equinox!!

This will set the pace for our march forward into the June solstice.  Don’t take that to mean there won’t be energetic events between March and June, surely there will be, but the next big dance party of energy starts at the June solstice and rocks on thru the September equinox, pack THREE eclipses in-between the two magnetic poles.


I even found artwork to get your co-creative adventure started.  My team kept showing me a simple bridge with 12 planks on it.  Each plank is going to hold a color and vibration specifically to you.  When the image I found had 13 planks, my team grinned and said of course, the 13th is the outcome, the crossing over into your new reorganized landscape.


Setting it up:  See yourself standing in the void (absolutely nothing around you, only this non colored (bare wood) bridge in front of you.  There will be the same on the other side of the bridge, no-thing at all.  Place both feet on the first plank, stand there as the magnetic energy from that plank connects with the like magnetic field within your body.  You may feel a little tub or spark or nothing at all.  When it is linked up, you will start to see particles of color (more than likely, just one color at a time, but nothing is absolute with meditation) forming on the plank, in the core of your body and thru the airspace around you.

It may look a lot like this image, only add your body to the center of the plank/magnet:




When the particles are no longer visible and the plank is now a stable color frequency (and this has nothing to do with chakras, you may experience colors never before seen) put your hands on the banister as a stabilization cue for your body.  This is your cue to the energies that you are now ready to be locked and loaded with this organized frequency within you.  Do pay attention where you felt the magnetic link up within your body, this will serve as you conscious (since you now know about it) power center.  (And trust me, it can be anywhere in the body, not just within the core.  I am seeing them all over the place in readings.)

Do this same thing with the 12 planks.  Do not think you should do this all in one sitting.  This really should be a 13 meditation event.  One system at a time tuned into and locked and loaded.  Give your body and consciousness assimilation time.  Allow your body to signal you when it is ready for the next magnetic plank.

I am now understanding that each plank is going to activate a new energy in each one of the 12 strands of DNA.  I lean into Kryons understanding of the 12 stands of DNA and what each represent.  I have his understanding laid out in the information portal, Internal body System area (<—or just click the link)

I would highly suggest not even looking at that page until you have finished all 12 planks.  This keeps bias out of the experience.

When you step on the final, 13th plank, you will be a new you.  Enhanced, changed, re-magnetized into a whole new vibrational frequency/harmonic.  Step back and really see the energy of you, the new skin tones, the song come thru the cells of your body.  The new interconnected network of these new, high speed magnetic’s.

Once you are fully connected with this final plank, the new you, the bridge will collapse and you will suddenly be in a field, a dwelling, on the water, where you are is going to be as unique as you are, but it will have everything to do with your next great adventure.

Allow yourself to now sit and talk with this new you, understanding what all has just happened, how you are going to be able to use the new additions in your day to day life.

Please keep assumptions out of the game.  Assume nothing and ask questions.  A lot of questions!!  Go pack frequently!!

I love you all soul much.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new songs of light to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas



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