Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 15, 2018

When the Energies Fester!!

energetics of body

Energy.  That’s a word we use, throw around, lean in and out of.  Energy is affecting us 24/7, just like the air.  Our energy fields, like the air we breathe every moment of our lives, we do not even think about.    Rarely do we do a daily check the air quality of our homes, of our environments, equally the same can be said of the energy environment.

I personally have an air purifier that runs 24/7.  When I used to do my massage energy work, in my therapy office when I knew we were going to digging in and release a persons deep issues, I always had an energy purifier running too.  I would set up industrial size vacuums in every window, (visually and intentionally speaking, obviously not literally lol) and every fleck of a persons energy that vibrated lower than the room setting, was pulled out thru these vacuums so earth can transmute it into new energy.

This past weekend was one of the greatest learning lessons around energy that I have had, I probably can say… ever.  I hope it can shed insight into your personal energy world in some way.

I had my first client come for a Life Between Life Hypnosis weekend.  We start with a couple Past Life Regressions so I can gauge the depth of trance a person allows themselves to surrender to, and enter the past life.  There are many visual cues the hypnotized person displays the deeper they go into hypnosis and once into trance, audio ques as well.  My previous lady had none of it at all.  To the point of crying because she could not let herself let go and relax.

We changed the venue from a hypnosis weekend to an energy work weekend.  She needed energy work to deal the pain body and strength of her mental plane.  My own mind was not expecting this, so I forgot to implement any and every energy measure I take in the space (in this case, my whole house) energy work is being done.  This is as much talking as it is hands on.  Energy comes thru both ways just as strong.

When I start any energy work on a person, it is always at the brain level.  The electrical system of the body.  I could not pick the network of light that keeps up engaged with the higher mind.  I could instantly see why she (her mind) resisted hypnosis.

I pulsed light into her brains until I could see and feel a stable network of light starting to engage the higher frequency synopsis and could feel a stable sensation of heat coming from her crown.

We then went and did some talk therapy for about and hour.  Then back to my bed to check on her brain again.  Right back to where it was before our first session.  WTH??

She really was a super gift in allowing me to witness something I knew, but did not realize the depth of speed the inserted light could leave.

I have always told my clients when I did massage, if you leave this room and do what you have always done, all this work will cease and all the issues restore themselves.  Back then, it was usually 1 to 2 weeks before I seen the person again, not an hour.

We did this three consecutive hours in a row, with the same result.  So, I had my lady flip around so I could have her feet.  I developed what I call, Lisa-exology, my personal version of reflexology.  I can access the entire body thru the feet, in the base tone frequency (what we would call 3D, earth frequency, pick a name lol and we are all earthlings.)

The most shocking thing I had seen thru her feet, that gave full understanding of why her head was not holding and distributing the light I was pulsing in.  In her stomach to chest area, was her head.  She had her mouth open wide at the solar plexus area, drinking in her soul energy.  The soul energy is what keeps our body and minds light, depression and illness free.  Since her head was severed from her neck, the energy coming in dissipated instead of running thru her core.

In this position, with her crown upside down aligning with the lower body instead of the upper body, it does not allow the energy in.  This would be like stringing a piano with guitar strings.  (I am assuming they are two very different types of strings.)

We did many hands on energy sessions. When there was enough energy flowing for the body to actually speak to me, her throat chakra shocked the hell out of me.  I heard so loud and clearly “Frozen Balls” and then, I could see severed testicles just above her throat with a thin layer of ice surrounding them.  I was caught between shocked and laugher… what the freakin hell??  We had to take a break so I could compose myself back to center.  When we got back to hands on energy work, I started at the feet so I could really understand what just happened and why.  A large knight in black armor appeared on the left side of the bed.  This was her in a previous life.  She was so not nice and became known as “the black knight.”  Down her core were 8 frozen testicles.  It was explained these 8 men she castrated in that lifetime are now the antagonists in her current lifetime.  The goal, always, is to return the karmic field to zero.  It is still an ongoing process.

Obviously this position of her head upside down in her belly, allowed for many blocks up and down the spine/core energy flow.  By the end of our time together on Sunday, I decided to do a hands on massage on her core (full back.)  We put a coating of light on the skin and worked a tremendous frequency deep into her muscles and vital energy within the body.

She went home with a lot of homework to do.

We can and really, should seek out others to assist our well Being.  That said, it is not enough just understand a block was released… what block? Where did it originate from, why, that will always reveal how to release once and forever.  That once and forever part, is always on you or the client, not the energy worker.

In my complete forgetfulness of doing energy work, especially at the massage level, I did not put in place my own inner filters.  I have been long out of that game, and I just wanted to help her body and her soul.  A massage therapist always takes the clients energy in thru their body’s, and transmutes the heavier energy’s thru the crown.   Again, knowing this and setting up the needed filters, crucial.  Once I was no longer doing massage, I no longer needed those filters.

At 11 pm Sunday night, my left hand (and only my left hand) was on fire.  When I woke up in the morning, the pain was so intense the air was hurting it.  Large blisters had formed at the wrist and lower palm area:

The one on the palm was a bloody mix, the others just clear ooze.  What the freakin hell happened?  I hurt to much to hear beyond the pain body.  Once I lanced the bloody one, the pain started to reduce itself.  Holy freakin hot pokers from hell batman!!  But, it didn’t stop me from doing my readings, thank god!!  Actually, during readings, even tho I hold my phone with my left hand, it did not hurt at all.  For those doing energy work, this is actually very common.  I remember especially from my massage days, I would have a serious bout of the energy flu in my sinuses, the moment I was with a client in my therapy room, not even a sniffle.  Once the session was over, snot overload!!

This crazy blistering on my wrist really gave me a very personal view of how energy really works as well.  There is one thing to have the visual as a concept, it is a whole other ballgame when it plays our in your physical body.

By the time all five readings were done, I realized I had a hot, inflamed streak moving from my wrist to my elbow.  This is the artwork the ER doc created on my arm, in case the infection spread beyond it and I had to come back:

I called my primary who was able to see me within the hour.  God bless him, he is a PA just out of school and would not even come close to me.  He was befuddled and truly, rose to fear so quickly.  He insisted it is more than likely the MRSA bacteria and I should go to the ER immediately so they can start IV antibiotics and get a CBC result stat.

Whats funny, my body was not feeling the fear he was releasing, but what the hell, whats another big bill in my life!!  I take my confused ass to the ER.  The doc and nurses there could not believe he sent me to the ER.  I explained he thinks its MRSA and I need intimidate IV.  I realized the club of docs will not verbally disagree, but I could tell my ER doc was not in alignment with that thought.  He pretty much put his face in my wrist to take biopsies from the blood blister area and swabs of the fluids.  He never put a mask on, only gloves.  And then drew what looks like a penis on my arm!! lol  It wasn’t until yesterday in my quiet ponderings did I get the correlation between penis and frozen balls!!  Completely on me, because I did not do what I needed to spend a full weekend doing energy work.

He gave me a script for an oral antibiotic and salve that does target the MRSA bacteria, just incase.  He said I wouldn’t have lab results back for three days.  (That should be today.)

Now lets take a look at the energy of bacteria, which develops from energy and again, energy has no bias as to good or bad, needed not needed.  You open it arrives, period.

Bacteria grow to a fixed size and then reproduce through binary fission, a form of asexual reproduction. Under optimal conditions, bacteria can grow and divide extremely rapidly, and bacterial populations can double as quickly as every 9.8 minutes. In cell division, two identical clone daughter cells are produced.

My hand hurt so much, I actually welcomed healing energy from the beautiful people who love and care for me on facebook.  Of course, you cannot show something like this without getting advice on alternative treatments.  If I only had that much money to spend!!

By the time I woke up in the morning, OMG it was like a miracle happened.  My hand did not hurt, the red penis was gone and all the inflammation was at my wrist and palm.  But man oh man, my energy system was off the charts zooming!!  It was close to intoxicating.

Five readings later, I am still energetically zooming and pumped, but now that red streak came back, but much fatter than it was.  Instantly I knew the correlation was with the energy coming into my hand from the amazing souls on the phone.

Energy spreads/moves energy!!  Unlike you and I, there is no bias to it all.  I would prefer it spread out than bundle up!!!

By the end of the day, all the red was gone again.  Fortunately yesterday was a day off.  I was so wide awake with all that energy sent to my arm, I didn’t get to sleep until close to 3 am and up at 6!!

I also realized too, when anyone is giving remedies online.  That energy is actually being sent to the person addressed.  I didn’t need to go buy anything, I had a system overload of, tons of treatment ideas already working on me.  Thanx for that!!

All of that aside, we have a series of powerful energies being released from the lunar and solar eclipses and we are already feeling the energies from the equinox coming up in March.  Designed to change and rearrange every-thing, inside out and outside in.  Let it flow, not build up and fester, physically and/or emotionally!!

Ohhh how I love being the poster girl of what not to do!! lol (yes, complete sarcasm there!)

On that note, I love you all soul much.  I cherish each and everyone of you for all you allow me to learn thru you!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of wonder and awe to and thru the ALL!!

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  2. Hi Lisa,

    Something that has been coming to mind with life’s experiences is the word “combustion”. I think for a long time we were in our safe place with our normal routine. My own experience and observing, I’ve noticed just a small change or two can cause a reaction….or combustion of sorts by new people entering our lives.

    Here is the definition of combustion:

    The process of burning something.
    “the combustion of fossil fuels”
    synonyms: burning; More
    rapid chemical combination of a substance with oxygen, involving the production of heat and light.

    Valentine’s Day just through observing, I felt was very strange. It was also Ash Wednesday, so most people I saw had ash on their foreheads and most restaurants were serving fish. When was the last time Ash Wednesday landed on Valentine’s Day? Also it was a day of “love” experienced through pain and heartbreak and loss due to yet another mass shooting at a Florida school.

    Guess when Easter is this year? On April fools day!! So just by making a small change on our path, a whole new “reaction” is created and sometimes it can be very strange. The people I am meeting for the first time, I can tell we are having some kind of energetic reaction with one another. It also reminds me of a kids game; beyblades. I’ll put a YouTube link below. But you pull these string like things to release your weapon. They both go bouncing around like crazy until they run into each other and hit until one finanlly breaks down so much it stops, or loses. I view this game like our own personal energy field when someone new comes into our lives. Our energies are battling themselves out without even realizing it. It keeps going until something happens and the energies transmute themselves until it creates a change.

    As we expand our own lives and allow more new things in, more reactions and energetic combustion’s are bound to occur just for the shear fact of a higher probability ratio.


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