Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 13, 2018

After the Solar Eclipse, Next Stop, Equinox. Holy Wild Energies Batman!!

intense energies

I think we can definitively dub 2018 the year of turbulence.  Inside out, upside down, turbulence.  Every reading yesterday still showed, focused on the intense energies streaming in from the upcoming solar eclipse, the still effective lunar exclipse and might as well spice it up with the solar events (taken from spaceweather,com:)

SOLAR WIND, INCOMING: A stream of high-speed solar wind is expected to reach Earth on Feb. 15th or 16th, possibly causing G1-class geomagnetic storms. The gaseous material is flowing from a hole in the sun’s atmosphere now turning toward our planet.

ACTIVE SUNSPOT AR2699: Sunspot AR2699 is a shape-shifter. Over the weekend it morphed into a quadruple ‘spot, with two new magnetic islands as large as Earth. Rapid changes in the appearance of a sunspot mean one thing: Its magnetic field is changing rapidly as well. Tangled magnetic fields can criss, cross, and explode–a process known as “magnetic reconnection.” Solar flares in the magnetic canopy of AR2699 are likely on Feb. 12th.

I want to spotlight two of the readings from yesterday.  One lady showed up her back to me, and it was as if she was having back surgery from the base of her head to the tailbone.  Right down her spine was open, clamps holding back her skin and streams of golden sun energy moving into her spine between the vertebrates.

From my peering eyes, it looked quite, literal, visually speaking.  I could see her as if she was in surgery, but she was standing up.  Her team explained that the major it this energy is effecting her spinal fluids, which then rise up and merge with the cranial fluids.  I had also seen, post solar eclipse, her team surgically stitching her back/skin back together.  Instead of a continuous stitch, they used single loops, 32 of them to be exact, starting at the neck all the way down to her butt.  It was explained that each one of these loops represented new “cycles” in her life.

The close she got to the equinox in March, all this energy and the loops start to become active/activated.  I could see these loops releasing themselves from her back and started to float, spread out and intermingle with each other.

What really surprised me is she told me (she was a virgin to my field) that she had back surgery a year prior.  And with that information stated: “I wonder what Louise Hay would say about that.”  Instantly my lips stated, it wouldn’t matter because it would not be accurate.  Louise wrote for those in the original body template, where duality played havoc with the mind and body and the emotional field was upside down, vibrationally speaking.  The only way this energy would embed in her is if she was evolving with the new body template and her surgery prepped her for this very time!!

The other lady I want to talk about was an emotional reading, so we dove into her physical body.  She was standing, arms stretched out from the shoulders, and her biceps and triceps were bulging with solar energy and oozing this energy big murky yellowish drips to the ground.  This energy is targeting her reach for life, strengthening her.  Her left knee was open, similar to back surgery lady, part of the skin completely gone (like a brush burn) the other skin pinned back to expose the guts of her knee.  There were these things that looked like cooked white rice, individual, inside her knee matter.  Pure energy restoring and enhancing her flexibility of movement.

Then!!!  Ohhhh my dear good god!!  All I could see is her naked butt twerking like crazy!!  I was going to put a twerking video here for those that do not know what twerking is, ummm… youtube it yourself lol.

Her butt was wiggling and jiggling in my view for the rest of the reading.  Her team explained it is the vibration, and even tho she may not be physically doing this action, it is happening energetically, in rhythm with the intense, enhanced incoming energies thru her body.  Primarily affecting her root and sacral energy centers, her connection to her life and her sense of self within her life.

Once again, actually I think, thru every reading, the March equinox was mentioned, the solidifying event of all this intense energy.  Her team sneaking in a phrase that took me by surprise.  They told her this is all in preparation for her pole shift.  WHAT???  I did not see what that looked like and I sure as hell do not know what the even means to her, to us.  But it became clear many (not all) will be experiencing their personal pole shift.  (All that damm twerking can create earth quakes… so why not a personal pole shift!! lol)

Well, I am going to have to leave you hanging there, my day is about to start!!  Thank you so much for showing up on the field to help us all understand that we are not breaking down, but evolving!!  What a wild wild ride we are on!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of sun dancing energy to and thru ALL!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas

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    • I actually posted that reply to the conversation on facebook. Thank you so much for being YOU!! I love you ❤


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