Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 9, 2018

The Merging of Parallel Lives and the Eclipses.

merging dimenions and eclipses

This has been a crazy week in my body and mind!!  Equally in the multidimensional energy systems period.  Let’s first start with my mind.  Since Monday, I am either waking up clear as a bell and can see forever, or am stuck in a fog bank thick as molasses!!  I woke up the other day (Wed to be exact) and not only had to orient myself to where I was, but what time of day it was as well.  Later that same afternoon, my voice came back.  Granted, I sounded like a squeaky toy, but hey, I was audible beyond the whisper!!  So imagine my surprise when I went to do my first reading yesterday, starving for some soul food, and just like on Monday, the moment i connected to the visual, cough cough cough, threw my voice completely out again.

Let me tell ya, I had a melt down with spirit!!  For a change, that melt down was productive!!  The gave me a running understanding from the early part of January thru now.  The first few weeks were all about earth energies spewing into the atmosphere (via earthquakes, volcanoes, storms) entering every cell of ever DNA on this planet, in preparation for this lunar/solar eclipse cycle we are now in.  The way it was explained to me yesterday, the lunar eclipse is akin to being sandblasted with multidimensional quartz light energy, the solar eclipse, multidimensional diamond energy.  Life is being altered at the DNA level of its infusion.

Right now we are in the middle of both systems. We are doing some heavy lifting in the sleep space.  Going to parallel earths/lives and looking for the pockets of energy where not only we as an individual made a higher choice and turned some serious lights on, but also, where the vast collectives did too, then merging it back into this version of earth.

I like this analogy I am currently seeing to explain this further.  Imagine your life is a pizza pie, divided into 8 slices of pizza.  Each slice is in a different dimension having parallel experiences but making different choices with each experience.  The ingredients on each slice of pizza will be pretty much the same, only arranged completely different on each slice, where the outcome was changed and a new placement was created.

What is happening now, is one of those pizza slices is being plopped on top of the one you see/are living now, with this particular consciousness.  Now the ingredients laying on top of each slice, must merge together to create coherency in the mind upon waking and like everything in the human realm, this is a process over time.  Not a one night deal.

Now, lets say you have a pizza slice that just made every unintentional less than wise choice it could, that slice is not going to be tossed out, it can’t because it is still a part of you, your soul mind and shares information and experiences back and forth at the subconscious level. So now your fuller pizza slice will fold in on it, turning lights on where none had been before.

Let’s take this one major step further.  It was triggered by listening to a video of the Leo King talking about these eclipses and he mentioned something I never thought about “A collective dark night of the soul.”  If you want to listen to his video the link is here:

Now imagine, all these pizza pies (everyone has their own) and the wiser slices is melding into the denser ones in this reality, it would send a collective shock waves thru that particular collective and not the pleasing kind.

I will never forgot one of the first dreams I had entering this path of awakening.  It was as if I was in a house with so many walls and the walls just started melting.  I wrote my mentor at the time and his reply really hit home about what this dream meant… a dissolving reality construct.  Trust me, my dissolving reality construct was hard enough being an avid meditator and having communication not only with like minds, but my own spiritual team.  Imagine those that do not have such a blessing in their lives and their reality is starting to melt down on them!!

Lets take this to a cookey level lol.  Going back to my disorientation upon waking the other day. Let’s say one pizza slice has now become completely irrelevant to your ongoing story of evolution, meaning you harvested all that was needed from that slice.  Now you merge that energy into you, including any and all characters that were living on that slice of pizza with you.  So these folks, most who will never even know you exist, just got merged into your higher field of living.  Again, adding to the collective dark night.

This gives understanding to the people who seemed to have been hit with insomnia of late.  Purposely staying out of this pizza merger, for now.  Either because you have just come out of your wave or will be going into it.

So here we are, pizza mergers, sandblasted quartz and diamond energies into our cells and so many stories/details to tell, to sort out!  Information and understandings will start to blur together.  Example, yesterday you may have been absolutely sure something was true, today, not so sure.  And yet, for some in that questioning facet, the next version of your higher truth may not be fully revealed yet.  Don’t hang on just because there is nothing else or new to grab onto.

Equally, honor the body, the biology going thru all this as well.  Sunday, the day before my voice blew out, it felt like I had a cut (not a sore throat) at the back of my throat.  It was the oddest feeling ever.  If I ate, drank or smoked something, it was as if it was going over a cut, but not ever single time, just enough to have me pay attention.

When my voice blew out on Monday, it felt like glass in my throat.  It actually hurt like hell.  When my voice crept back Wednesday late afternoon, talking was slightly painful, like I had cuts on my vocal chords or throat or something.  Same thing happened yesterday when I attempted to do my first reading.  That is when I received the image of being sandblasted by interdimentional quartz/diamond light, completely altering Life on planet earth.  Not a good thing to gargle with I guess!! lol  Our hologram of Light expression is changing!!

This morning, I have some voice and it is still fragile, but this light aholic is going to try again!!  Today will be the last until Monday.  I have my first Life Between Life Hypnosis client coming for the weekend.  Ohhh do I have questions for her council!  lol

Have an amazing weekend, be gentle with your self while we all have a pizza party together!! lol

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of light mergers to and thru the ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.  Silly me gave you a link to the promo with the conversation about the dark night of the soul and the golden age of the soul, here is the actual full length conversation.  Sorry about that!!




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