Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 6, 2018

New Mathematical Frequencies, Multidimensional Life and US!!


There is a flood of information coming into me at this moment, I hope I capture it all clearly as I share it with you.

In a few of the readings this last week or so, I keep seeing this series of what looks like an algebra form of math.  Spirit is saying we have new mathematical frequencies unfolding.  Just to be clear (some people are really clear on what the word new means,) never Here Before, in any of the forms of earth!!

The only thing that fully registered with me in seeing these equations, they all start with the capital letter A, followed by 3 or 4 other numbers/letters that just get lost in my vision.

Hold that thought a minute, lol, I  promise, I will get back to it.

We live in a world where one thing must be right and another thing must be wrong.  Weather we are looking at each other, the way anyone thinks life should be on this planet, our politics, hell, even the clothes we wear.  If I went outside during a massive snowstorm with a bikini on, people would be trying to change that, put extra clothes, because of their perception of cold and appropriate attire when its cold.

Now imagine, there is no right or wrong.  Just the information we took in and desire everyone to see things that way.  By took in, I am not talking about only our peers or news or anything, but even by our spiritual teams (the unseen ones.)  They know exactly where you are heading, more or less anyway, what understandings and experiences will serve you best and they make sure you dine in particular places.  Every iota, serves the All.  It is serving the massive change happening on and thru earth at this very moment.  And it all truly serves your personal role in life, at the physical plane level.

Where we get slightly confused (some, very confused) is when earth is trying to turn a page and we will not leave what we knew to be true today, to enter the next page we are writing together.  WE ARE the invisible ink writing the stories on each new page.

We live on a multidimensional non reality, bendable at every turn.  The moment the light we see bends, everything around us changes.  We change.  Conflicts often start at this very point, individually as well as collectively.

And there there are those that break free because of the bend in the light.  The perception they held (about anything) dissolves and they can see the next dimension of their life, more clearly.

WE, at our core, are ALL multidimensional Beings existing in a very holographic, multidimensional space we call, earth.  Even our physical bodys are multidimensional!!

If we can look at our personal reality bubble (smile) like a disco ball:

variances of light.png


Just to keep this analogy simple, at any given time, we may have 10 of these little squares lit up, illuminated if you will.  Seeing what ever it is we are seeing and experiencing.

Now, imagine suddenly, 5 more lights turned on but contrasted the view you were so comfortable looking at.  Something inside you triggered those lights, declared you were ready to see and experience more.  This is where our major choice points come from.  You are now at a choice point, move our of your way, or remain where you are.

Any new lights that turn on are ALL-WAYS at a higher frequency.  Often times, it will have incredible conflict in all you thought to be true about the world you are experiencing.

Let’s say you choose to explore these 5 new lights.  The 10 you were in did not turn off, but now blend to make a larger story, a more radiant understanding (often times, very confusing at first because of the contrast) of this multiverse we are all experiencing.

Let’s say again, you moved into the more full experience with now, 15 lights and 2 more come on, completely contrasting what you thought to be true.  And yet, when you move into the higher frequency of these two lights, it bends what you thought to be true into higher understandings of why you even thought that way to begin with and adds more potential to your multidimensional abilities.

This starts at birth.  Not during any energy times, but at your personal readiness.  There are times, which many of us have experienced, when we get so caught up in the light we have been seeing that we do not want to let go, move beyond that.  Nor do we have to, but your soul will devise events in your personal life… that… well… strips away what you held onto.  I have had more bricks, more life stripping events in my personal world than I care to mention.  Stubborn Leo was my name and I have the scars to prove it!!  lol  Of course, now those scars are lines of wisdom 😉

Now, this disco ball is what you were born with.  On Dec 21st, 2012 something started to happen thru out all the multiverses, a ripple if you will.  This ripple was so strong it started to create distortions in everyone’s disco ball of light.  It started to wiggle like jello as new, never before in the earth’s multidimensional realm, new waves of light came thru.  These waves of light started to accelerate the evolution of the biology, of the physical and spiritual mind, of every thought ever created.  For the next three years, thru the end of 2015, there was no ground floor safety for anyone.  We all wiggled thru the vastness of light, changing… evolving.

Our bodies, landscapes and minds started acting in ways they never had before.

We hit new land, a brand new frequency of potential and experience as we moved into the energy system I call, 2016.  Which, for many people, brought even more changes.  Chaos was the familiar (pretty much, still is lol.)

In all this time, we were reaching for, and finding, critical mass to open up the next stage of this multidimensional adventure.  To be clear, critical mass is reached when enough people on this planet have and use the lights turned on in their disco ball to continue to create outward distortion (change) in their personal field of life.

2018 has become like no other previous experience.  We are very much like the USS Enterprise in Star Trek, going places no man (or any other life form) has gone before.

In this crazy ship we simply call life, there are many masters working there (me and you, not anyone outside of a body.)  Some of us are changing DNA (yeah, that would be my crazy body) some working on new math, some on new science, some on assisting others to turn on and integrate new light windows, and on and on and on.

So, let me bring this back to my opening algebra statement.  I went looking for examples of the various dimensions that science understands and found this awesome explanation and visual aide thru wikipedia:

In five or more dimensions, only three regular polytopes exist. In five dimensions, they are:

  1. The 5-simplex of the simplex family, {3,3,3,3}, with 6 vertices, 15 edges, 20 faces (each an equilateral triangle), 15 cells (each a regular tetrahedron), and 6 hypercells (each a 5-cell).
  2. The 5-cube of the hypercube family, {4,3,3,3}, with 32 vertices, 80 edges, 80 faces (each a square), 40 cells (each a cube), and 10 hypercells (each a tesseract).
  3. The 5-orthoplex of the cross polytope family, {3,3,3,4}, with 10 vertices, 40 edges, 80 faces (each a triangle), 80 cells (each a tetrahedron), and 32 hypercells (each a 5-cell).

An important uniform 5-polytopes is the 5-demicube, h{4,3,3,3} has half the vertices of the 5-cube (16), bounded by alternating 5-cell and 16-cell hypercells. The expanded or stericated 5-simplex is the vertex figure of the A5 lattice, . It and has a doubled symmetry from its symmetric Coxeter diagram. The kissing number of the lattice, 30, is represented in its vertices.[7] The rectified 5-orthoplex is the vertex figure of the D5 lattice, . Its 40 vertices represent the kissing number of the lattice and the highest for dimension 5.[8]


I do not understand any of what I just copied and pasted, but I know it is important, along with the equation that this one picture (there are more if you click the wikipedia link) of the AUT(A5) in relationship to the “new mathmatical frequencies” I have been seeing in some readings.  Obviously this one is not new… but because it starts with an A, I am using it!!

If we are going into dimensions that we never have before, we MUST change at the cellular level of Life.  Not just you and me, ALL LIFE.

In the Nation’s class the other day, I could see our blood cells changing.  The electrical impulses intensifying.  Some will not survive this process, most will, at least for a time.  We ALL must let go of anything we think to be true to allow for more light.  To allow for the radical changes underway.  There is no absolute truth, only versions steering our course forward.

Yesterday, as I prepared to do my first reading of the day, of a like soul who is taking up the task of Being a DNA changer, I was still saying hello to her while getting her imagery in my view when all of a sudden my voice started to do funny things.  Snap, crackle, pop… there went my voice!!  Gone, just like that!!  I must say, that is a first for me.  To be audible one moment then truly feel the energy on my vocal chords as I was trying to explain what I had seen.  I will share it here since I now know this is what is happening now, to all of us.

In her field, all the way the right side, just before the energy I now see as the solar eclipse (coming on the 15th of Feb) was this large (about 7 feet tall) golden screw standing on the ground.  I could see her standing in front of it, and then she started melting like liquid energy and moving into the groves of this screw and rotating upwards.

It was explained that we are in a massive energy of the lunar and solar eclipses.  We are being hit with massive feminine and masculine energies, and entering into a whole new level of multidimensional experience.  It was also explained that I could not see where this screw like thing was poking into because it is out of my scope of vision for now.  It is out of everyone’s scope of vision as we flow higher in our experiences and creations.

I gave thought to her kids (she has 5) and her husband as I watched her melt and flow up the groves of the golden screw, wondering what would become of them.  Because of her, they all just became blobs like jelly and will flow there with her.

I still have no voice this morning, but man oh man, a huge new version of understanding with this morning.  I apologize to everyone this sound out affects.  But we are ALL changing channels, even if we are trying not to… too late!! lol

Ohhh the work and pain it takes to grow a new garden!!  But we ARE!!

My beautiful flowers of Shambhala, I love you and honor you so much.

Big ((((HUGZ))) to and thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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