Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | February 2, 2018

The Emotional Body of Light and ReClaiming YOUR POWER!!!!

emotional body

Wow, what an amazing day in the field yesterday!  Things are finally moving, building towards the things we came here to do.  So many things in our personal life will be removed to make sure of that future and we will be pushed/prompted, like never before!  There are so many things I want to share today, I hope I not only remember it all, but have time to share it all before my day starts.

My first lady took me to a place I have never been before.  I must have created (since it was listed under my packages lol) a package focused on reading the emotional body.  I must have created this so long ago, I do not even remember creating it and no one bought until a couple weeks ago.  When I seen the package come thru, I had no idea what the hell she bought.  I had to go to my calendar to see what it was, and I still had no idea.  Even this morning, I am at a total loss of remembering creating it.  But hey, if it is what you sign up for, I’ll figure the way there when we are together!!  I started to go into like panic mode about 5 minutes before our connection.  I really had no idea what the intent of this package was.  Gotta trust, right??

I guess spirit felt my inner melt down and as I was on my way to go potty before our connection, I got the most surprising connection to her.  She was radiant, I mean, it will take the understanding of light body to a whole new level for me.

Once we were connected, I was in awe of what I was seeing.  When we look at each other with our physical eyes, we see skin, hair and well, everything matter.  Our bones, our muscles, our blood, all of it, is a vast array of light, many different colors/frequencies of light.  Depending on what you are doing with your life,  Equally, thru my massage years, I also knew that we store our issues in our tissues, but as I seen yesterday, it, at times goes way beyond that.

At first, the only thing I seen was her upper body, from the chest upwards.  Her biceps and triceps were made of this amazing light blue light instead, I could see the dull white light that made up the bone.  Spirit said they removed the other colors so I could understand what we were seeing.  The blood, fascia, skin, chemicals, nerves and so on, all have a light frequency of there own.  My focus as we started was on her arms, the reach for life and the light that strengthens that.  Light blue in my world is always creator energy, god light.  Her reach for life and the strength she puts into it, is god focused.

The next thing I seen was her diaphragm, a soft yellow light.  Her soul fully surrounds her heart and lungs and it is the very breath of life she uses.  It is all being feed, energetically, thru her crown.

This was so much more than seeing light, there was a feeling, a drawing into her energy with love, with desire to just melt into her.  This upper body was important to understand and connect to before they went down under (the solar plexus area.)  From her abdomen down, the light was not visable to me in her muscle structures.  I immediately understood why when I seen this snake about a foot and a half extended out of her body thru her belly button.  I knew instantly that was her kundalini energy.  That should not be outside the body!!  Yet, hers was suspended outwards, straight as an arrow.  I knew she was giving away her energy, not sharing show is with others, but giving herself away.

I also understood that her kundalini no longer rests at the base of the spine, but in the energy center we know as the sacral chakra.  This is a great thing, a powerful thing even, when it is inside and not outside!!  When we are constantly giving giving giving, it deletes our natural light energy within, especially at the base energy centers (root, sacral and sacral plexus areas.  That takes up all the organs in the abdomen.  This makes up our connection to life, our sense of self and our community centers.

Being in service does not mean being a doormat.  Equally, when the upper body is rocking the energy of god essence, people will want what you have, not having a clue what it is they are wanting, but it is a natural attraction.

We are all, or at least, have been in search of god in one way or another thru so many lifetimes.  Often times, we are seeking that which is outside of ourselves and when such a seeker connects with that very energy, that full spectrum energy that another may have developed in their physical light body, they become like unconscious leaches.  Not meaning to harm, but having no clue why they are so motivated to take and take and take.

This is a major reason why WE must be Self aware and embed the word NO into our vocabulary!!

So my lady got homework to bring her kundalini energy back into the body so it flows thru her core as needed.  This will create the emotional balance needed for the higher work being asked of us.

As I brought my vision down to the rest of her lower body, I was jolted with surprise when I seen a boulder sitting on her pelvic floor!!  Immediately I had to ask… did you have sexual trauma in your life.  Yes.

Our sexual energy and our kundalini are two parts of the same coin.  This has nothing to do with sex, but the very energy we know and recognize as sexual energy.  The power and power source.  Before she can work on removing the boulder, she must bring that snake into its rightful place in her core, and keep it there!!

Which all made me grateful this package comes with two homework sessions.  I still do not recall creating it, but I know there is a lot more to be understood thru it!!  So I created a special for this package alone that will run thru Feb 11th, with an 11.11% discount. Use coupon code: EMOTION  Click here to view/book the Emotional Reading Package.

When I have a fuller view of what the physical light body looks like, I am going to ask my daughter Valorie to create it for me.  Granted, the color frequencies will be as unique as each person is, but wowzers, its beyond beautiful to see.

I am also understanding as well, that what we know as the ball of kundalini energy, for those in the third (and final) body template, resides in a place of your focus.  It was just made known to me, mine is in my solar plexus.  One energy center over another does not make anyone better or less than, it is simply where our power resides to enhance what we are choosing to do in this lifetime.

That said, those in the original body and awakening body template still have their kundalini at the base of the spine/pelvic floor.  When I understand more, I promise, I will write more!!

Now I must dive into my last reading of the day.  I am going to quote my team, they said this to me many times in my first few years of my journey.  “Just because you believe something, does not make it truth.”

When we are in spirit, creating the adventures of this lifetime, it is done from pure love and desire of soul growth.  Nothing less.  There is no dark plots happening at the level of spirit, that is an impossibility.  The only contracts we have in this lifetime is done at the soul level, with love and purpose.  Yes, we invited some antagonists into our playing field of life.  An abusive spouse, a negligent parent, someone that murdered a loved one, or, even ourselves or what we deem financial hardships, or super abundance.  Every part has a reason, focused on soul growth.  The attributes that come from these hardships/challenges.  They are as vital to our growth as all the great and wonderful contracts.

My beautiful, precious lady is already in a physically challenged body and found information out there about canceling contracts and did a meditation series around that.  In one sitting, she removed 5 contracts, within hours, she fell and broke her arm.  Over the course of the next 2 days, she fell on her face, hard 4 or 5 more times.  She consciously and purposely removed the support systems in her life.  Nothing left to hold her up.

What we may not understand, is we may have a contract with one antagonist that holds three other contracts of support thru that antagonist.  Remove one, remove them all.  Remove 5, you may end up removing 100!

Free will can be a bitch!!  Equally, a massive learning curve!!

If we can as well, lets remove any focus on dark forces controlling anyone.  Unless you are giving your power away, no one on this earth or beyond it, can control you.  You are always, all-ways, in charge.  By simply believing, as your version of truth, that anyone can control you, you just handed them the keys to your house.  By changing your beliefs, your personal truths and taking your power back, you equally hold the keys to your kingdom once again.

Not even spirit can make you do something you do not desire to do, or reverse that, stop you from something you desire to do, even if it is seriously detrimental to your life or well Being.

 There is so much more to share about this moon and those mushroom shaped Beings that I seen spill out of the full moon, turquoise portal (indeed they showed up in one reading yesterday) but, I am getting the signal to close here.  Who am I to argue??  lol

Now that I have my voice back and rocking, I will be doing the video show “Conversations with Lisa and Charlotte tonight, 6 pm EST.  Alot of this information will play into what we thought of as the Dark Night of the Soul.  With the new body templates, it is the Golden Day of the Soul!!  Come join us live on the Nations facebook page or right here:

Convo w Lisa and Char pic promo

You don’t want to miss this one! Catch Lisa Gawlas and me ( Charolette Phillips ) tonight at 6pm Live on The Nation of Lights Facebook page or We are discussing the energies we have all experienced on some level over the past 2 weeks. Our experience of the dark night, it’s not what you think. See you there 

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of In-Powered Light to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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P.S.  I was sent an email, to get the word out that someone has recently become homeless.  She is part of my friends network on facebook and another compassionate soul put together a fund raising campaign for her.  Here is a snippet of the email and the funding link.

I’ve set up a YouCaring raise for her (thank you so much for showing me how with the events of a 2 years ago when we went through such distress with your mama)

Can you please help me spread the call?  I think you know the further this goes out and more people that see it, the more likely it will be to help.

Thank you in advance for any assistance for our dear Kathy’s well Being!!


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