Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 30, 2018

The Flu, The Electrical Body, The Full Moon and the New YOU!!

new energy

Finally!!  5 days down and finally, my voice returned yesterday for readings.  I take in so much information on any given day, I forget 90% of it each day.  All last quarter, spirit kept telling us we are moving into a new energy field, new elements floating around the air, new forms of old elements, new everything.  Not to mention a higher electrical current on earth too.

I caught the tail end of the local nightly news the other day that put this understanding right smack dab in my face.  They were talking about this new flu and how deadly it is and how it is causing so many heart attacks.  Heart attacks!!  That is it, this flu is not your usual virus that we are familiar with.  It really is a virus of Light.  It is highly electrical, combined with all these new elements that MUST enter biology.  Change biology, start new (unrecognizable to the medical profession) energy running thru our body’s, which must affect the heart, since it runs purely off electrical impulses.

I received a text on Sunday from someone scheduled for a reading yesterday, she couldn’t come because she was in the hospital.  I sent here energy to assist whatever was happening to her.  I immediately seen her blood and new molecules traveling thru her blood, slowly integrating into her biology.  I read on facebook later that day, that she was in ICU because of her blood, she went sepsis and no test is revealing why.

The hazards of this biological change happening so fast, most of our medical professionals have no concept of what is really happening to humanity, the true evolution at hand, and no testing equipment designed to see it for what it is.

The one thing I was absolutely sure of yesterday, thru the readings, this full moon, super moon, blue moon total eclipse on the 31st, is no joke.  It’s energy release is like no other eclipsed moon I have ever experienced in readings.  It is penetrating into the biology itself like never before.

My first lady on the field, she was bathing in it.  I could barely see her body from all the thick, white energy of the full moon.  I had to squint hard (smile) to be able to see inside her body to understand what was happening.  I could see this shiny metallic cog (reminded me of the sheen and color variation from Peacocks Ore/Stone of Happiness.  It was located directly at her sacral plexus/community center and was referred to as a “hybrid cog” several times thru her reading.  When spirit wants us to really acknowledge and pay attention to something, they will repeat it over and over in a reading.

As her reading went on, suddenly we were connected to her ET team, her new partners and implanters of this cog.  They referred to themselves as “The Sirian Counsel of Light for Evolving Humanity.

They arrived into her reading via a smaller ship and remained in the ship thru it.  The beautiful of spirit vision, it has no limitations lol, so I was able to see thru their ship and see them, 3 of them, all wearing glass like bubbles on their head.  This was really unusual, rarely does any ET’s show up with these things on their head.  They explained that it was to keep the information limited from me, since I write and share a lot, there is information they do no want me/us to know, only their lady.  Hey!!!  Not fair!!!

We did get a little glimpse of her and their purpose together.  To put it in a nutshell (which is all I got from them) is she will be placed in areas (be it a store, a diner, a theater…) where frequency needs an upgrade.  Instead of targeting simply the space, she will target the human directly, indirectly.  I think we can look at it as being at ground zero doing the work.

Which brings me to my second lady!  I have been reading for her for many years, so I know her back story pretty well.  She was born with a body unlike ours, organs no in their correct place and her pain body engaged since birth.  I (eventually) understood that her DNA housed more of her Alien/ET DNA from birth.  What many of us see as birth defects are really more ET DNA being exposed in form that the traditional looking human.  This is trru of the more common so called defects such as down syndrome and autism.  so many want to blame these things on all things government, but really, it is a accelerating evolution thru humanity.  It must come thru the living vehicle!!

Back to my lady.  I started seeing her before our appointment and I kinda felt bad for her, knowing her already super sensitive pain body and recently experiencing my own.  The full moon thick white energy was in and thru her home, all moving into her.  As the energy was near her physical body, some of the white energy turned into strands of golden energy and were moving into her spine.  The first thing I did when we connected, was ask how her pain body has been lately.  Intense!!

I say again, this path is not for the weak of heart, as this flu is really showing us.

Going into an alignment with my first readings agenda, my precious lady will be doing “frequency acquisitions.”  The way her team let us see and understand it, is if she had wings and several lower based frequencies were around her, her wings would open up and absorb these lower frequencies into her higher frequency light.  She will not even have to go looking for anyone to help, she works manning the phones of a suicide hotline.  How amazingly perfect for her and those who need her Light.

Like with anyone we assist consciously or unconsciously, remember, you have no responsibility with what anyone does with the assistance, that is always up to them.  All-Ways!!  We can use the old adage here, you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

My third and final lady on the field, again, someone I have been connecting to for a while, has these major power rocks in her basement.  They are large (so large they cannot be picked up) and have been there for a decade or better.  I have felt there energy before, but nothing like yesterday.  Holy freakin heaven batman!!  I started previewing her too, well, her rocks!!  They were breaking this golden like energy, in and out, in and out.  At the top of the rocks, I suppose we can even liken it to the crown energy, energy was being emitted upwards thru her house.

When I connected with her in the reading, her body was parallel to the ground, with a wedge of energy about a foot or two beneath her, so she was not laying on the ground, but appeared to be floating just above it due to this energy from the rocks.  Couple that with the full moon energy coming down into her from above, she couldn’t get up if she tried.  She was in an energy pin down!! lol  But, the was movement with her body, going from one point of the field to another, semi rotating and nothing I could pin point with clarity, except that there are new magnetic spots in her field of life, she is being powered up with these new magnetics and that is all her team would allow us to see/understand about that.

Her team did say that the brunt of this full moon energy should ease up by the end of the first week in February.

Is it any co-winky-dink that I started binge watching The 4400 on Netflix 2 days ago??  For those of you unfamiliar (Like I was before watching) here is a little promo I found:  What appears to be a comet slows, hovers and stops, then bursts forth to reveal 4,400 people who were presumed dead or missing over the past 50 years. They look exactly the same as the moment they disappeared, but some of the returnees now have special powers. After one of the 4,400 commits a murder, a special division of the Homeland Security Department is formed to monitor them.

They talk about the ripple effect, and the vast variety of super powers many have now developed within themselves (in our actual life right now.)  The Nation of Lights is equal to the Center for the 4400, there is power in like energies, for increased developed at a faster speed.  I’ve known this to be true for close to 2 decades.  What we can look at in 2018, is the release back into this multifaceted timeline… of the 4400 (figuratively speaking, there is no set number, except those willing to do the inner and outer work to enhance their abilities, increases the value and speed too.

Now with all this let me take you inside my crazy personal world.  A few days ago, my daughter lost the keys to her car.  Excuse me, her 2 year old made them disappear.  She searched frantically for 4 days looking for them.  I gave her my car to get to work.  She accidentally left my trunk open all night and it killed the battery to my car.  Considering I was on my 8th going into my 9th year of a 5 year battery, I wasn’t too surprised when her friend came to jump my car and it just would not jump.  He gave her a battery charger to use, and I decided to one up that charger and do an experiment.  I asked for energy charge via the wonderful friends on facebook to be sent to my battery.  I am not in a position to afford a new battery., especially when February’s income just got wiped out by my voiceless rescheduling.

A long time ago, back on the mountain side in Vermont, starting to really come into understanding of the power of true energy that we can harness when focused, I took regular AA batteries, that at that time (2002) had yellow stripes on the side, and when you put your finger and thumb top and bottom, it would show you how much battery juice was left.  I made sure my experiment was with completely dead batteries, and focused all my energy into the battery and that yellow stripe would go from dead to fully charged, but only for as long as I held my focus there.  Once I released my focused energy, so did the battery.

I kept seeing this experiment while my car battery was being charged.  I should have realized the meaning, but didn’t.  My car battery can no longer hold a charge.  It completely died while idling in my driveway.

The greater news is, while everyone was sending their electrical charge to my car, which was parked right behind my daughters, she suddenly found the car keys out in the back yard where Rune threw them.  So not only did the focus charge my battery, it charged and cleared the pathway of my daughters mind and the lost car keys!! Thank you!!  Today my roadside assistance is coming to tow my car to Walmart for a new battery.

I sat down at my computer yesterday, don’t ya know the batteries in my mouse were completely dead too.  I just changed them about 2 months ago.  This energy is draining the old so we are forced into new currents of life and thought!!

On that note, I gotta get ready for another day of reading…. YAY!!

Ohh we have added a new section to the Nation of Lights website.  We just started building this today.  Anyone who has a paid membership in the Nation is now entitled to a free listing on the Service Directory.!directory

Contact my webmaster Chris at for inclusion.  We are also starting a referral program, it should be done by tomorrow.  Details TBA!!

I love you all soul much!!  Have an amazing entrance and exit into and thru the FULL MOON POWER of YOU!!

((((HUGZ)))) of wonder and bliss and as much gentleness as our bodies allow!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Thanks Lisa, you were talking about the lady being pinned down and stuck. That energy (time) is what I have been working with the past few weeks and it hasn’t really been fun.

    The reason we are in a holding pattern…or being pinned down is because not everything is ready for that kind of energy yet. Once an object is in motion then it stays in motion. Not only that but it then starts to accelerate and speed up. If things or even our energy speeds up too quickly when it’s not the right time then we could have a chaos affect.

    So what I have been working with energetically is space time continuum. In the physical world, things are 3 dimensional. Time has one dimension. So if you try and combine the two then you have 4 dimensions. The only way I can try to explain this is my own mind/body experience. So my mind is working at the speed of light. It’s rapidly thinking and doing and manifesting and creating. BUT!! The 3d world around me (including people) aren’t thinking or moving as fast as I am so it automatically stops and becomes suspended in time.

    Once that holding pattern is released and more of us are moving more fluidly in between space; then the possibilities are endless. The earth is actually a very primitive place. Our true place of origin doesn’t require the density that we have here so things and thought move instantaneously.

    Slowing down so much is actually part of the reason for humanities “diseases”. Obesity, illnesses etc. think about a body of water in Florida. Most of the time you will see fountains near residential places. Why? Because if you leave the water just sitting there, the get and the humidity will cause everything in that water to fester and grow and spread. It creates dangerous bacteria and bugs as well as a nasty smell. But if you put a fountain in the water and keep it moving constantly; then it won’t have that chance to sit around and fester.

    Have a good day! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I guess I should have explained my point a little better. What I was getting at is things are going to start speeding up and moving faster. That’s a good thing and it needs to happen. But most of us aren’t ready for that yet because we are all still stuck in the mud with everything else we have been dealing with. So we need to start thinking and mentally preparing for this energetic shift of SPEED!

      Liked by 2 people

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  8. re: autism…check this story out!

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