Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 20, 2018

Lean Into Trust, Release Empty Words and Look at Your Heart Harmonics.

There is so much information and for me, new understandings to share, from all the readings, I do not know where to begin!!

Let’s start with the new layout of the field.  For years now, spirit has taken our “reading field” and redesigns it according to whatever shift happened.  This year, with the turn into 2018, its a big one.  There is no longer the left side or right side of the field, there is only the main field.  The understanding is our spiritual life and our physical life is now all the same field, no longer split in two for understanding and adjustment.  I have been reading professionally since 2003 and there has always been the right side and left side of anyone’s field… not any longer!!

This really is huge.  The buffer that once allow lag to take place from our energy to our physicality, gone.  There is so much more significance to this, but I am having a really difficult time bringing it into words.  Equally, there is no “past” association on the field any longer.  Hopefully, thru these two readings I am going to share, this will become more clearly understandable too.

I think two of the readings these last two days can really show what I cannot describe.  The first example is at the forefront of my mind to talk about.  What is interesting is that both my ladies were positioned in the far right corner of their field.  Keeping in mind as well, there are no true corners on anyone’s field, but my backyard is square and becomes your field, so in my readings, there are 4 corners.  So the understanding is that these ladies are positioned in their future aspect, looking over towards their present moment, and creating from that space.  Which can really sound counter-intuitive.

The lady at the forefront of my mind to share had this huge, baseball sized glowing white ball lodged in her mouth.  Around her mouth was a gag.  It took me a while to really understand what we were seeing, but once we hit on it… OMG I was even shocked at the understanding.

We are taught in this new age cycle of things, to say what we want instead of what is.  My lady is looking for new housing, and what she set her sites on is out of her current price range of affordability.  (Forgive me if I am not remembering the details 100% correctly, but I am remembering the point 100%!!)  She was looking at a condo, and it swept thru me so intensely that no… she does not need to have shared walls with any other people, unless she is moving into a condo of evolved people.  The energies intermingle and we cannot take someone out of their current life experience to clear our personal space.  There is little different than living with them.  One will always need to be diligent with their own energy space and emotional field.  Too much work that is not needed!!

We talked about cost.  I cannot remember how it came up, just that it did.  Maybe when her team showed her a house that is either currently on the market or soon will be (it was never made clear,) and her words were contradicting her current situation.  She could not afford the condo, but said something (that we are all taught to do) changed her sentence to I will be able to afford it (or something close to that.)  I could feel the contradiction in her sentence.  There was no truth to it, no emotional connection to it.  It was words.

It was a lie and it was felt as such.  This was the big white ball wedged in her mouth.  We are taught to say things the way we want them to be instead of the way they are.  The field knows your energies, your emotions, your voided words of talk.  Talk is cheap.  It will never build anything, its too poor emotionally.  Her team explained to her that she needs to acknowledge her current situation with truth and honesty.  But lean into trust if you are being pulled emotionally to a place that appears to be outside of current affordability, that something will present itself to create complete affordability.

Her team brought back my very real example of when I moved from Bernilillo New Mexico to the Jemez.  I couldn’t afford the close to $1000 overhead of my then, current situation, forget the $1700 it would cost to live in the Jemez.  My knees shook because I was entering something I knew I could not afford and yet my heart knew change was at hand and that spirit would not let me fall.  The energy of trust is real and magnetic.  It is very different than saying I can, while everything around you shouts otherwise.

We gag our selves, inflate a spiritual energy that will never take flight out of our mouths, when we discount what is.  We also, inadvertently take that into the future.  So the future and the current moment become inseparable and we bind the truth of possibility away from what could be.

 Trust is so much more important than false words and sentences.  It is an unmistakable emotion that everyone’s fields builds from or dehydrates from.  Always our choice.

My other lady, she too was in the far right corner of her field. hands grasped tightly to five silver chains (like dog chains.)  Two at the ground level, three just above them, all spread out into the center of her life.  On two of the chain hoovering just above the ground, there was a red ant on the first and second one.  The first read ant was large, really large and about 5 feet away from her center, the other ant, on the second one, was smaller and about 10 feet away.  The really large ant on the first chain was ready to bite.  Fire ants bite in defense of themselves.  Her team explained that fire ants are not natural to this world, but evolved into the fierce species they currently are.  An example of the dualistic nature at its best.

These fire ants were biting her, ONLY because she held onto her connection to them so tightly in her right (emotional) hand they do not have the opportunity to go elsewhere.  Altho her team never identified who or what the fire ants represented, she knew deep inside her.

Her team also explained that this was not their nature, truly they are sugar ants, filled with sweetness, something in their evolution turned them into biters… fire ants.  What can change, can unchange, but not my our hand., but their own.

What I find interesting is that the two chains on the ground was what was growing currently, represented by clusters of buttercups (yellow for soul connections) but wilting because of the chains just above them.

She brought the fire and the pain of the fire ant bites into her future, is holding so tightly to them that even her current situation wilts and will decay, because of it.

I am going to circle right back to the lady above with the ball in her mouth… we cannot just say “I’m letting that go” yet your whole emotional field is still hanging on tightly.  It will smoother or crush what is emerging.  It must be a true emotional release, not words wishing for it.  Otherwise you/we have already planted that in our future and water our current reality with it.

Her first homework exercise was to kiss her fingers that gripped these chains so tightly, to love herself that much, to let go of the grip.

I read a blog yesterday, a precious friends maiden blog entitled “A Word From the Mammoths” By Barbara Jacksha that really took this message to a heightened clarity level!!  Click on the title link, it is worth a read!!  (Thank you Barbara and your Friend Aelif.

We have got to keep our garden weeded at all times.  What was once flowers may have now gone to weed, and that is their choice, not yours.  Your only choice, your only responsibility should be on the growth and enrichment of your personal life’s garden.  And not by slinging shit about anyone (this statement has nothing to do with my lady, just a point spirit wants to include now.)

I want to conclude todays sharing with something from another reading yesterday.  One of those things that just made me say WOW!!

My lady was standing in the right side of her center field doing jumping jacks.  She has spent 2017 strengthening her ability to jump and reach and grasp, even tho, to her, she did nothing but quit her job and bring out her spiritual abilities like learning to channel.  Let me tell you, what looks like nothing to us, is super important to spirit and moves everything!!

Before I knew it, she had two ET’s station themselves in her reading, a Pleiadian and a Sirian to help her with the movement and new connections coming to her.  Her entire life field was filled with fissures in the ground, moving and branching off into smaller fissures as they spread out.  Thru one of the branched fissures this tree stump popped up that looked like it had a deep green suction cup on top of it, it was a satellite from the heart (hence the deep green) releasing energy signals to her new tribe, to her new clansmen.

This satellite system is already sending out signals of harmonic frequency, to those that have a similar heart frequency.  What was explained, and this is where I really got my wow from, was the signal may not attract those of like minds.  Meaning, they may have different beliefs and understandings, different agendas and desires, but the heart frequency is the same.

Ohhh, I can tie this in with another reading I had the other day… holy spins batman!!  She ended up doing her reading at an airport waiting for her boyfriend to get off a plane.  When he got off and she hugged him (which I had no idea she did) my head got so dizzy I thought I would fall off my chair.  When I told her what happened is when she said she just hugged her boyfriend.  POWERFUL!!  That instantly brought both of their energies directly in front of me, their heart field reminded me of on continuous taffy.  Stretchable, pliable… inseparable.  A true heart frequency resonance.

Lets take this even deep (god I love mornings like this, no wonder I didn’t touch on any of the readings yesterday, I needed two days full to really understand!!)

If we are deluding our current reality, we are attracting those heart frequencies to our world.  If we are allowing past relationships to continue to bite us, we can only attract more ants and others with ants, to our party.  Because that is in our heart frequency.

What is a real kicker, we may not even realize it because they are so harmonious with what we are doing/feeling/experiencing!!

Equally, we may see people pull away from us because they are no longer “resonating” with us.  We might have changed and they just are not ready too.  Let that be OK!!  This is truly a game of change, play it joyfully and diligently!!  And continue to keep your garden weeded with love and grace!!

I love you all and I thank you so much for enriching my life’s journey by enriching your own!!

((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of sweetness and amplifications to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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I am being prompted to include a channel I took a long time ago by my dear Pleadian friend Franklyn, entitled TRUST.  When I was learning to channel he brought forth many messages about love and trust.  I published a blog in 2010 with all his amazing words that are as current now as they were for me in 2001.  Just click here if you want to read them all.  Otherwise:


Greetings my beloved friends,

 I come today to talk to you about trust. Listen to the word. Close your eyes and feel what that word means to you. Say it to yourself and ask your inner guidance to allow you to feel what trust is in every cell of your body. Can you feel it? Write down what that feeling feels like to you.

Now I ask you, what do you trust? Do you trust yourself? Do your trust your neighbor? Do you trust your higher guidance, guides, and angels?

How much do you trust in that trust? Do you find yourself questioning your own actions? Are you trusting the universal love to flow thru you in every minute? Do you trust that your brothers and sisters that you cannot see are at your side loving you, guiding you, protecting you at all times?

Do you feel any sense of doubt in your heart? It does not matter what the doubt stems from, if it is there, then you are not fully trusting All There Is.

TRUST means knowing that in your every second, all you ever need is already provided for you. That no matter what you do, the love of the One Source is flowing through your veins with unconditional love for all that you are… all that you are becoming.

When your body becomes sick, do you question its sickness? Saying oh, why me? There is a process in our communication. If you do not hear us one way, we will find another way to get your attention. Your body is a great attention getter. A sickness is actually a healing in progress, but until you trust in that, your sickness will linger. Trust that you can communicate with your body. Trust that it will tell you what you need to know. Trust that when you understand what it is trying to tell you, the sickness will go away as if you never had a sickness before.

Do you trust in unconditional love? Do you know what unconditional love is? Can you feel it? Can you feel it for all that it is? Close your eyes and feel the unconditional love of the One Source flowing through your veins. As you feel that love, allow yourself to trust in that love. Not just in that moment, but in every moment after that. In allowing that trust to form, you are also allowing your fears to be released, for there is no fear of any sort when there is unconditional trust in the unconditional love that is you.

Trust is a big issue on the earth plane. In order to raise your vibration in unconditional love, you must also raise your trust. You cannot do one without the other. Spend your meditations in trust. Ask your guidance to help you with the trust issues you may be carrying around like old baggage.

When you trust All There Is, you realize there is no-thing to fear. When there is no fear, all there is is love. Unconditional love without fear and totally guided with trust… it is vital to your future.

Help is all around you, all you have to do is ask.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,




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