Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 19, 2018

WE ARE the New Virus, Spreading!


Hello everyone!!  Hope everyone had a good time and behaved while I was away (giggle.)  I truly enjoyed witnessing the blossoming of Valorie 2.0 and even, the amazing people surrounding her world.  it is one thing to talk about weeding the gardens of our lives and knowing the potential as stated by others, it is a whole other ballgame to truly witness what that even means in real life.

During the 20 months behind bars, Valorie worked diligently to weed the garden of her mind, first and foremost.  Of course, she did not do that alone, it was with your help, your love and support and even the people who existed in her life that not even I could see thru the weeds that were constantly there, that helped her see and embrace the amazing flower she truly is.

In the 11 days I stayed with her and most especially the welcome home party her boyfriend threw for her, where people traveled for hours to come celebrate her freedom, not one person ever made her feel bad about her journey, talked down to her, or stated blame.  Not even for a single moment.  Instead, all eyes and hearts were to the present moment and the future.  Hands and hearts extended her way.  Her former manager from Sports Clips Hair Salon was at her party and gave her the good news, the new owners of the shop said “everyone deserves a second chance” and is welcoming Valorie back as a stylist as soon as her licence is reinstated.

 So many people are waiting for heaven to return to earth once again, I promise you, it…. WE, are already here.  We are the virus of the heavens, the divine change makers of life.  Who we are and how we are, will be the new infections spreading thru earth.  Loving without judgement, without condemnation or expectation.

There are so many people with their eyes on the government, on the institutions, the monetary systems, just waiting for them to fall, and trust me, they are already starting to crumble, but not before a good, solid foundation of the new… of the US, the Me and You, are in place, are in action.

Keep spreading the virus of love.  Wait for no one, just do it, however “it” calls to you.  Thank you all for infecting my daughter (as well as myself) with your hope, love and support,  She really is Valorie 2.0, thanx, in part, to YOU!!

Well, my day of readings begins.  I am still resetting my sleep cycle, so I have been waking up late every day (and going to sleep late every night.)  But man oh man, it is great to be back Home!!!  I love you all soul much and missed you very much too!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with tools to weed the garden and let the flowers run rampant!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Between Valorie and your lungs good news you must be about ready to burst! Yea for you and yours Lisa, have a great weekend!

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  2. Missed reading your posts. Love.

    Always choose love and compassion and you cannot fail….Peg

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  3. Hi Lisa, I still need to reschedule now that we’re both somewhat settled in again. I couldn’t find the reschedule link, though, just the original bookings place. I am mostly free because I work at home, so anytime you have a cancellation you can call me or we can just set up a time. It’s only a 15 minute reading, so maybe you can sneak me in somewhere. No rush, ’cause I am doing great. I am 2 hours earlier here. Love,  Gemma  (Deneen)                                                                                               “People are rivers, always ready to move from one state of being into another. It is not fair, to treat people as if they are finished beings. Everyone is always becoming and unbecoming.”       Kathleen Winter

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  4. Yes… spreading the love x love barbara x

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