Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 5, 2018

Love Thy Ego!


Before I start talking about our beloved ego’s, something my team is staring me in the face to talk about, I want to give a shout out to mother nature.  Man, she does not waste time validating her divine authority, does she!!??  Snowflakes in Florida, record colds here in Texas, a bomb cyclone blanketing the east coast with wild winter weather.  The ocean crept in and flooded a MA town and lets not forget the earthquake in Berkeley CA, and this is just the USA and only the events I am aware of, not to mention, its only Jan 5th!!

That said, I am asking the weather God’s to be gentle on the 7th as well as the 16th, the days of my flights to and from Virginia!!  😀  Speaking of Virginia, I have been skyping with Valorie every day.  The first evening she was out of jail, settling back into her life of not only freedom, but love, there was such a glow radiating from her whole body.  That glow that often is felt and seen from newly pregnant women.  The contentment in her face… I have not see that since she was a small child.  Sometimes, we have to lose it all before we really see what we have, WHO we have in our lives.

We can take note of this in our politics, it feels (to me) like we are now living a real live episode of South Park and yet many still keep their eyes clinched to the drastic humane difference between Obama and Trump.  But that just shows, we have not lost enough… yet.

Which is a perfect tie-in to the ego.  The blessed ego has gotten such a bad rap thru what we call the awakening.  Kinda like the ugly step sister that needs to go.  We have even developed an (not completely untrue) acronym for it: Edging God Out.  It is true, it was designed at the fear level of life.  It had to be.  In spirit, we know no hot, cold, no danger, no hunger, no thirst, nothing at all that is part of this duality based experience we are all in.

We tried, for a time, a human specimen without ego (at least, the version of the ego we now have), to the detriment of the host biology.  Nourishing the host body took a back seat (to the point of starvation) to the wonders this amazing place called earth, provided.  We could stare at a tree for days and marvel in its beauty and movement, the shadows cast by the moving sun and moon, and never think to eat or sleep for that matter.  Both important things the body needs to sustain itself.

Walking to the edge of a cliff, knowing we could fly and plummet to the bottom of the drop off.  Gravity does not exist in spirit.

So we tweaked the DNA to be sure to embed fear into the ego.  The running software in our brain that allows us to experience life as a 3 dimensional, solid experience.  In order to create safety in the body, we also had to hide some of the memories of Being a Spirit.  We had to forget we could fly at speed of thought, that the beautiful animals love us unconditionally, since in this realm, they seek food and we look mighty tasty them!!

And so, here came ego 2.0, complete with the energy of fear, healthy, needed fear.

The host bodies were definitely lasting longer in this world of matter and duality.  But even that gets old after a while.  So we developed the ego 3.0 a complete shield of memory of who we are and where we came, what many now refer to as, the veil.

Ages of darkness and destruction prevailed.

When we forget who we are, we completely forget who you are.  Fear was (still is in many sectors of the earth) the energy that ran/runs between hearts, creating vast separation and harm.

And so ego 4.0 was developed that brought back consciousness, the ability to become self aware over time.  Respecting the energy of duality while remembering who we are and who and what others are.  A slow rise towards the light of Self Awareness and a true partnership/alliance between the ego mind and the soul mind.  The Divine Marriage.  The true harmonic convergence.  Even the traditional wedding vows, taken straight out of Matthew 19:6 “Let not man therefore put asunder, that which God hath coupled together.”  Asunder comes from the Old English phrase on sundran, which means “into separate places.”

And yet, as the light rises, many think they must kill or destroy or remove the ego.  The Light of Knowing gets shined on external conceptions.  We now (many, not all) feel more obligated to another human than the very Being we are… human soul, together, as one Being.

The master of matter (ego) married in love and cooperation with the master of light (soul) can move mountings together.  Alone, one can see the mountain, the other can feel it, TOGETHER, they move it!!  Fear in its rightful, (still needed and valued) place, love expanding thru the ALL


((((((((HUGZ))))))))))) of wedded bliss to and thru the ALL!!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Thanks Lisa! I have been guided to something that I wanted to share because it can go along with the ego in a lot of ways. I read this really good article (link should be below) about light and dark twin flames. This article talks about a false, fake and even sinister twin flame that a lot of people have been guided to. It was the most vulnerable way for the dark to take hold of the light workers and manipulate our energies. I think a handful of people are going to start realizing that the pain they once thought was love, has actually be disguised as darkness…..but it hasn’t been talked about a whole lot so many aren’t even aware of its existence.

    People that are in this situation may have been ‘helping’ the dark. But in many ways I think they experienced a lot of soul lessons pertaining to their ego and how to overcome obstacles and mature so they could manifest that divine love they were originally seeking.

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  2. Wow Lisa! Brilliant insight😆Thank you! I I read a book titled” Saturn, Ego & the Ring pass not. ” which address this subject, also. But, your insight is so helpful & spot on! Brilliant! ! ❤ Blessings of Goodwill. Congratulations to your daughters New Life in this New year of 2018.

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  3. That image you put at the top of this article….that is ME!! I even posted that image on Instagram (@onewaverider) as representing Who I REAL-ly AM Energetically, my ‘normal’ or ‘average’ State of BEing…. THANK YOU LISA ❤


  4. Hi awesome post I totally resonate. If you get chance come and read my post on twin flames and struggles.

    I’ve just been reading the comment on dark twins…if you react with ego they cause destruction. Try and come from a place of compassion and you might just find you’ve learnt a lesson. Lots of mirror stuff [was] going on! All very interesting stuff!

    Thank you for your post it was a great read

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