Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | January 2, 2018

Gearing Up for a New, Life Altering Era Starting…. NOW!! Happy 2018!!!


Happy New Year, New Day, New Era of Earth ,to and thru ALL!!!  I have spent the last two days (New years eve and new years day) reformulating my biology.  Thru the week my head started to fill with spirit lube (aka as congestion) and new years eve I woke up with my voice in that familiar cocoon and inaudible.  This time however, was very different than the last two years of reformulating at new years (this is my third year in a row.)  I could feel and see each section as it started to degrade.  As if I had something covered with debris and slowly a shower was turned on to wash it off, slowly and deliberately.  That is exactly what it felt like.  I give deep gratitude to my lung doc for giving me a new inhaled beta agonist / corticosteroid called AirDuo, it allowed my lungs to move thru this cellular change out without being so adversely affected as it has in the past.

Yesterday (New Years Day) I was sitting on my cough, feeling into what was happening in my body and praying this voice absence is shorter than usual, instantly I seen something that looked like a soft white hook about 6 inches tall, curved slightly at the top, rise up from my lungs and out my mouth, with that, my cellular restoration started.  My voice came back, my congestion cleared and my cells started to throw a party inside of me (this happened over hours, not minutes.)

For the first time ever, I really felt what it means to be within the energy known as the rise of the Phoenix!!  Truly witnessing the disintegration into ash and the rise up into new Light.  So many of us, whether conscious or not, are going thru this same exact thing.

For so many years now, you and I and so many others, have been talking about how we are evolving our physical bodies while IN our physical bodies.  We may not fully understand what is changing, but it is.  Well, I happened across an amazing article on facebook last night that can really show us what all this discomfort we have been enduring for years (decades even) is producing.  The article is here:

20+ Science Facts We Didn’t Know at The Start of 2017

I am just going to pull a few of the discoveries out and highlight there here as I give thanks to all those taking up the biological task of changing to this:

A brand new human organ has been classified, and it’s been hiding in plain sight this whole time. Everyone, meet your mesentery.

Thank you to everyone with digestive issues for this gift to humanity!!

Lungs don’t just facilitate respiration – they also make blood. Mammalian lungs produce more than 10 million platelets (tiny blood cells) per hour, which equates to the majority of platelets circulating the body.

My (and many others) breathing issues are producing first fruits!!

There’s an entirely new type of diabetes, and most people wouldn’t know they have it. The newly classified type 3c diabetes is being misdiagnosed as type 2. 

This may not seem like a reason to celebrate ourselves, but we must acknowledge that the pancreas is equally going thru change.  It is becoming something more than it ever was and it appears to break down before science understands the changes.

The brain literally starts eating itself when it doesn’t get enough sleep. When we sleep normally, our brains clear away the neural debris from the day’s activity. But when we’re sleep deprived this process goes into overdrive, causing the brain to clear away significant amount of neurons and synaptic connections.

Get your sleep people!!  lol  We need our highly electrical brain for what is coming in 2018, a huge opening to many psychic abilities, some, we never even heard of before!!  (I guess we can call that statement my 2018 prediction lol.)

The last of the highlighted statements from the above linked article I am going to share is this one:

Human activity has literally changed the space surrounding our planet – decades of Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio communications have accidentally formed a protective, human-made bubble around Earth.

Human consciousness!!!  The love and light we send out is doing something profound!!  We ARE the Light of the world, WE ARE the protection and expansion this world is now experiencing.  My team has said for a decade now, it cannot happen unless thru the participating human!!  So our perceived illnesses are not illnesses at all (tho, they feel like it!!)  We are changing humanity, our biology while participating in life.  No need to clear the planet as it happened many other times before.  We are the change and 2018 is going to let us experience this beyond our wildest dreams!!

Happy New Year…. NEW YOU everyone!!  May this be the most empower time of our lives yet!!

While my body was down changing into its new version, I got a little bit of work down on my website and have added some in person sessions to my calendar.  I may still need to tweak the appointments getting set on my calendar, but we can work around that together.


I also have hands on energy work/energy readings available too.  I am working on that webpage, but you can book it/view it on my calendar if you scroll way down to section 4 In Person Events.  This link should take you directly to that section:

On that note, my baby girl should be getting released any moment, I am going to close to I can skype with her as she enters her new life 6 days early!!!  Hurray 2018!!!!!

I love you all soul much and am so excited to see what we have gotten ourselves into Now, together!!!

((((((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))))))))) of wonderFULL and sudden changes to and thru ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

To book a reading, just click here:

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