Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 29, 2017


I am going to start this sharing off with my party shoes on… my daughter, Valorie, was taken in to a special meeting yesterday and they told her to start packing out, she got her released date moved from the 8th to the 2nd!!!  A true, exciting miracle!  No one can tell her why, just that it changed.  I am still leaving out on the 7th, this extra time gives her a little time to reorient herself back into life and her new relationship too.  When she went into jail, she had a roommate, during the 20 months she has been locked up, her roommate morphed into her boyfriend and he has plans on morphing that into a fiance, when she is ready for that change.

On another note, my rat man came for his final visit yesterday, not a single rat in any of the traps.  Finally!!  He sealed up the attic a week or so ago, he had already hauled out over 20 dead rats during the month and now, I am really starting to feel, rat free!!  Little did I realize, thank god, they were trying t eat their way to my ass!!  I vacuumed under my couch cushions on xmas eve and about had a heart attack when I realized they were busy eating their way to my butt!!

I am so grateful I didn’t even think of looking under the cushions when they were running around inside the house, I would have left the building!  So I conclude this year, pest free!!  YAY!!

This body however, jezuz its rough kicking about in biology sometimes.  About 5 or 6 days ago I started to get this overly bloated feeling, to the degree I could not even eat, I was too full.  The night before last, I woke up at 3am with what felt like a gigantic balloon over inflated in my stomach and pushed up into my diaphragm.  It was unusual feeling, nothing I have ever experienced before.  (It happened again last night, at exactly 3am again.) I woke up yesterday with a low grade fever, head cold, coughing and my voice cracking.  As each hour passed, I could feel my body falling apart more, I think I know what humpty dumpty felt like when he fell of that pesky wall!!

When Valorie called, there was such an energy coming from her… pure joy, it was as if that energy was putting my body back together again, especially with the second phone call.  No more sneezing or coughing for the rest of the evening.  Even one of my dysfunctional psychic antennas came back online so I could understand.

The one thing I am absolutely sure of, given all the readings the last few days and now my daughter sudden and unexpected turn of events, we are getting a precursor to the sudden changes that will be happening to all of us next year.

When the energy nodules line up, things will move so fast there is little time to react.

What has been taking place, at the biological level of life, is an energetic flush out.  I have seen so many people get (what we perceive a)s sick, this month.  First and foremost, we are energetic creatures clothed in biology.  Our biology produces itself at various frequencies thru our lives.  When we make a major frequency change, our bodies will always reflect that by what appears to be illness or dysfunction.  When it is an entire collective changing, many many bodies change, appear to get sick, flush out for the higher frequencies.

Of course, this energy shift happens at the core level of every cell in the body.  Some cells have a hard time shifting and mutating, so it takes the body a bit longer to find its new frequency expression.  Then there are many that just do not want to deal with the discomfort of change and stop the process all together.  Which either returns the body back to the old frequency or develops long term illness instead of true change.  Partnering with the body, its needs, desires and understanding of what is taking place, is the only place you should seek council.

My new energy is coming in at the solar plexus level of distribution, hence the massive gas.  My old energy field is releasing, which it now seems to do every year around new years, for at least three years running.  And every entry into a new year changes the field of expression, so my body must keep up so I can continue to do what I do.  2018 is like no other, ever before us.

Let’g circle back to sudden changes and how we are going to have to move swiftly with them.  With my daughter getting out 6 days early, her boyfriend had to change his entire work schedule.  He is a security guard at a nuclear facility and had his vacation in place starting the 6th thru the 18th.  He was scheduled to work overnight on new years and now, must pick up val instead.  He spent all day rearranging his life to meet Val’s.  He found people to pick up his shifts and was able to move his vacation without stress,  That is being in alignment with the greater ALL of life.  My daughter wanted me to come in early, but changing my schedule affects over 30 people and nothing felt right about coming in early.  As the day wore on, we all agreed, this is working out the best way for all involved, especially for her to move from having a roommate to having a boyfriend she lives with.

I do want to touch on one of the readings from the other day, before I close.  I feel her visual can really give us all a heads up in our new alignment.  She was laying on the ground, head north, feet south.  Suddenly these odd colored (almost like a pinkish red) roots from beneath the ground started to cover her whole body, arm by arm, leg by leg, then her torso and head.  As more roots covered her, she was moving like the hands on a clock.  Her team used the phrase being re-rooted/re-routed in her life.  Right now she is pinned to the ground and not able to move or make a plan.  As she enters 2018 the first thing that will be released is her left hand.  She will be magnetically (or inspirationally) pulled to something that looked like a baby rattle with two cubes connected to a barbell.  Earth energy, new building blocks in life.  Once she has oriented herself with that rattle, the next thing to be released will be one of her legs for action.  God forbid we could see any of the details of what that meant.  It was enough to know, something is coming, suddenly and will change the course of her life and move her to a very unique partnership building directly with the spirit of the earth, with Gaia.

On that note, my day is about to begin!!  I pray my energy is together enough to see today.  I still feel like crap, but that doesn’t always mean I cannot see!!  Gotta love change in progress!!

I love you all, soul very much.  May the bounty of Life great you in your days!!!

(((((((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))))))))) of rapid movement thru a wide spreading field of Light to and thru ALL!!

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Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I wish you all the best , with your baby girl – daughter s .
    reunion ! What a beautiful day that will be for you both! Thank you for your support recently sending me your blogs. Happy New Years! Sharon

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