Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 27, 2017

2018 Intensifies the Game of Light Thru Your Placement and Action!!


I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday.  I am so excited the field opened up to visible again!!  I have decided that spirit is truly limitless in their creative expression!!  Every time we have a shift, the details in a reading shift, change expression and with a bigger shift, completely change meanings of the expression,  Keeps me on my toes let me tell ya!!  lol

After all four readings were done, my team explained to me that each were an interlocking puzzle piece of what is to come.  Personal to them, but strung together, gives us a larger idea of what we are getting ourselves into as we start 2018.

My first lady on the field was from across the pond, so I did her reading at 7am in my world, which made it a twilight reading.  Which seemed to perfectly represent her “field.”  It was in a state of twilight with what looked like stars slowly raining down on the full breadth of her field.  She was in her center, from the waist down, under the earth, above the waist, obviously above the earth.  She had her hands on the ground in the position of pulling herself up and out of the earth.  Her team explained that her position (where her hands were on the ground) were in alignment with the directional space on a compass:


North represents the far back part of the field (of my yard) I sit across from due south.  Her position would be at the 30 degree mark of the southern quadrant.  Her team explained it has little to do with actual directions on the earth, but quadrants in which we will align to and gather within.

Thru the other readings, I have seen the quadrants in the 2018 timeline, very particular groups, gathering.  For what….. not yet revealed.  (Just let me toss this out now, the best thing you (we) can do, is not assume we know anything about that, because we don’t.)

As I watched the stars falling down all around, every time she shifted her hands to pull herself up a little more, there was a sudden flash that took place, changing some of the lights from silvery white to a yellowish color with what looked like a network of veins, or a spider web, but not as organized (visually) as spider webbing is strung.

Let me tie her reading in with my third reading of the day.  Her field was so different and now, I can really see how it all ties in.  She was standing on what looked like a really large, golden bow:

bow of life.jpg

Forgive my drastically humble artwork! lol  But you get the idea!!  She was standing in the center (hence, stick figure) and the right side was a network of golden lines.  It was explained that this was the energy of her soul, if we can look at it as if it was the motherboard of a computer.

One the right side was a series of lights, to me they looked scattered without any organization that I could define.

She was standing on a solid trapezoid part of the bow.  Her team stressed over and over that the shape of what she is standing on, the trapezoid, is important.  How???  No one told me!!  Some things are for you to figure out.

Suddenly her platform started moving to the left (physical life field) and covered a series of the lights scattered about.  It was explained (but not visible) that every choice she made, moved the trapezoid to a series of lights to configure their energies.  I think the best we can understand this is like software being installed onto the mother board.  Her movement in her reading was fluid since she has already put in motion a big move… from Florida to Utah.  Altho she could not understand why she is being prompted to move to Utah, her team explained to here these is an energy field now, in that location, that will assist her body and life.

As we were trying to understand how all this was happening and why, the best analogy came into view and a verbal explanation.  I love when spirit gives us words to go along with understandings!!  It really takes so much of the guess work out!!

They explained that her (our) bodies are now like chess pieces on a brand new game board we are still working out.  The movement should only come thru the force (energy) of the soul and not the player (piece) on the board.

Our duty, in this new intense game of chess called 2018, is allow the soul to make the moves.  By now, you (we) should have established enough trust in the inner promptings of soul direction without an explanation of why.  This keeps the game moving in wonderous (but still with challanges) ways.

I put this little chess piece tidbit on facebook yesterday and my friend came singing in with something else that fills the understanding, I will give the complete post from her, here:

Linda Mitchell “I’m still loving these synchronicities. Kristin Kirk (, my primary teacher prior to discovering Lisa Gawlas, uses game boards a lot in her teachings. We are player pieces on a game board. There is a hierarchy of game boards, and when we choose to step onto a higher game board, we have the ability to understand all the “rules” for how creation works on that game board. We can also see down through all the lower game boards, and we can affect change on any of the game boards below the board where we currently reside.”

2017 was designed to be a complete surrender to the will of spirit, of soul.  Those that allowed total surrender could be seen as the lights on the left side of my ladies bow, emerging game board of life.

Now let me tie in my last reading of the field, my man!!  (I get so tingly when I can say a man showed up on the field!! lol)  He was so bizarre in expression.  At least, until this mornings light ties him together with all that I just shared above.

He was standing in the center of his field, all I could see was what was beside and behind him.  “A bend in the space time continuum.”  (that is what his team said.) with this series of white/gray/black ripples running down thru it.  I have seen these ripples many times over the years out of the corner of my eyes without really understanding what they were.  Now I know, they are the ripples in dimension space.

Of course, I had to go to handy dandy google to even understand what they hell that meant to him….

According to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, matter bends the fabric of space and time. The distortion of the spacetime continuum even affects the behavior of light.


Lets take this figure here and change it into the field I see you on.  The ball in the center would be YOU.  The little circle around the ball would be what I call you most intimidate energy field (around your body.)  The light itself, would be your SOUL.

“That’s why we need to look at Einstein’s later theory, the General Theory of Relativity, which describes how gravity affects the shape of space and flow of time. Imagine a stretched-out sheet. If you place a bowling ball in the middle of the sheet, the sheet will warp as the weight of the ball pushes down on it. If you place a baseball on the same sheet, it will roll towards the bowling ball. This is a simple design, and space doesn’t act like a two-dimension bed sheet, but it can be applied to something like our solar system — more massive objects like our sun can warp space and affect the orbits of the surrounding planets. The planets don’t fall into the sun, of course, because of the high speeds at which they travel.”  (All taken from this website.)

Taking this down into the human level, YOU + SOUL together as ONE energy, becomes just like the bowling ball in the above example.  Without the complete oneness you are the baseball, moving according to the gravity you placed in your field.  You become your own limitation!!

I now fully understand what I did not since 2008, when I first started seeing those ripples out of the corner of my physical eyes,  I started seeing these almost daily when we opened up The Wonder of You in Virginia.  A physical soul spa.  I was doing my massage/energy movement/readings there.  Causing a constant ripple in the dimensional fields.  About a week or so ago, I started seeing these ripples as frequently as I did then, coupled with the soul desire (not Lisa’s desire let me tell ya lol) to bring back the massage energy work as well as the Life Between Life hypnosis experiences as packages.  Once I got them started, the ripples ceased.  I made my choice to follow my souls desires and open up the dimensions for others to choose from, once again.  But on a whole new playing field.  I have not set up the webpages yet to describe it all, but I did get it on my calendar as an option under a new heading called “In Person Events.”     Members of the Nation, there are discounts.  $111 on packages and 22% on single visits.  I will email you the coupon codes soon.

Now let me circle back to my second reading on the field.  She was dressed in a onsie pajama with her hands positioned in front of her groin area, sort of like blocking the view.  Her team explained she was in “the long night” and much was still taking place at the soul level of choice.  Think about when we go to sleep at night, our body is just there holding space in time space as our soul sets up energy fields of experience.  It is only when we come out of the long night that we are placed into action… active chess pieces on the field.

If we miss or ignore any soul promptings, the board must be reconfigured.  (Not that she missed anything, this is just added information that I am getting right now.)

2018 is being set up as the year Soul, Source, Light becomes the major players and no-thing less will do.

On that note, my day is about to begin.  I want to remind everyone I will be leaving for Virginia on January 7th to celebrate my daughters release and new life and will return to the field on the 18th of January.  I have had people not on my facebook where they can send her a card or package in celebration of her release, here it is:

Valorie Gawlas   2460 Meadow Brook Trail   Suffolk, VA 23434


On a funny note, she has been doing hair cuts in prison with toenail clippers.  So we are going to do a youtube video of her showing us how the hell that is even done, with my hair.  I have some other things up my sleeve… details to come.

Ohhh before I forget…  I had my lung doc appointment yesterday to go over all my test results.  I was astounded to see that the 1.7 X 1.3 cm spot on my lung that had been there since my cancer journey started… all gone.  My lungs are perfect.  I do have asthma, my body’s way of processing and filtering the light I take in every single day since 2013.

In order to do what is asked of us by spirit, sometimes it requires inconvenience in the body… not as a bad thing, but an incredible thing!!

I love you all soul very very much.  Thank you for your patience as the field came into view again.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of new light and expanded skills unleashed!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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