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The Winds of the Solstice Blow into ChristMass Day!! Use Them!!


What a day yesterday was!!  It was the first day, in I cannot remember when, that my whole body felt freakin fantastic!!  Nothing hurt, I could walk, dance, sit and jump and dance without one creak!!  I cannot tell you for sure if it was the two Ibuprofen I that I took or the day it self, or simply, both.  But here I am the next morning, and even tho I slept in again, I was able leap out of bed to get my day started, nothing hurt!!

Of course, in the midst of my movement jubilee yesterday, I got a call from the big pink bus people who did my mammogram last month, and they want me to get an ultra sound.  I couldn’t be more grateful when they said they would pay for the ultrasound.  Thank you so much.  But hey, I think my body is just rolling with the changes.  I got a call a month ago that they needed to redo my pap smear too.  Lucky me,lets do it all in two’s!!  But honestly, my focus is on the upcoming appointment I have with my lung doc Tuesday to go over all the tests ran in December.

So now that I got all my news out lol, lets back it up to a wider perspective of yesterday.  When spirit started talking about the energy release coming thru the 21st, I immediately went to my calendar and blocked off the day.  I had already had two people sitting on it for readings and one homework session, but I did not allow any more… just in case we had to reschedule.  of course, we did (except the homework lady) but not without incident.

My first appointment was an ET connection, I got nothing buy my floor when i attempted contact… or so I thought.  After I hung up with her, I started having this dull ache coming in thru my third eye area.  It started to spread around my brain as a dull ache, bloated out my abdomen and started burping and a sudden, momentary bout of diarrhea.  All ending as quickly as it came.  It did make me a bit trepidacious to try with my next lady tho.

Ten minutes before her appointment, I started to feel this intense wave of energy coming in at the back between the base heart and high heart area.  It came up and moved upwards then curled back out at the top of the head (not the crown so much, but at the entire top of the head.) This wave was as much energy as it felt, fluid, like a wave in the ocean.  By the time it was our connection time, I got nothing.  No information on what that was, except her affirming she has been feeling a lot of energy in that place.  Pesky spirit!!

Now homework lady, who is working on her ability to “see” gave us some amazing information I never understood before.  She is a skilled energy worker and meditator, but has not been able to turn on her ability to see spiritually.  She was given a meditation exercise and tho she connected and felt all the energy, no real visual at all.

After much back and forth conversation, an understanding was finally released to us, that i had no freakin clue about.  I true, Holy Freakin WOW, moment!!

I was able to see that the light of spirit was indeed making its way into her third eye, thru her pineal glad and all the way to the visual cortex in the back of the skull.  I could not see nor pick up any blockages that was preventing her spiritual sight from turning on.  Creating that outward flow of light that produces medtation, the field, all things spiritually visual.

Let me give you two visuals to follow along with:



Yesterday, her team was explaining that at the base of the visual cortex are “filters” in place that allows us to turn radiant light into understandable images.  My jaw drops as I see that very place on the 2nd diagram denoting “visual association area.”  In the 3d body, when we look at lets say, the complex light system of a tree, we forever more associate that complex as a tree, varied only be the type and condition of the tree(s.)  Repeat for every single thing we see on earth.  Of course, we are picking all of this up with our physical eyes.

The third eye brings in true light, not complex light that is frozen in space time.  To be able to experience this higher light we must have associations with it as well, but no where near as dense as what we see when we look out or actual eyes.

Her team gave us the analogy of the old time movies that had negatives on a real and the light from the projector creating the stories that we experienced as the movie.  On this film were interconnected negatives, images, a filter…  when ran thru the projectors motor system produced the movies we seen on the big screen.  Similar thing in our visual cortex.

It was also explained (which I did know) that when spirit sees us on earth, they do not see body, bones or flesh, bark of tree, fur of animal, they see the light systems we are.  Every blade of grass, unique unto itself with its own light signature.  Every human, its own soul signature.  We, in this crazy human suit, could not comprehend the frequency of light as spirit does, as we do once fully integrated back into our soul energy without the traces of body/ego.

When spirit projects to us, they use the emotional field frequency in their visual display, so that all can be fully understood at the mundane level of experience.

If a person is not seeing spiritually, it is because the filter needed for display, either was released (think of the mantra “release all filters”) or the visual cortex was not cleared from what I am just going to call the old debris field.  With this statement, I think of the lady who did a reading for me at the fair this summer.  What she seen was accurate, it just all, already happened.  Her visual cortex did surpass that frequency and she could not see beyond its light field.  We must always be a work in progress, releasing old films for higher ones, or we get stuck in loop of our own making.

Before my day begins, I want to include two things here.  The first one is something that was posted on my facebook last night.  It was the explanation that caught me, as the link she left was not readable from the phone, so I did not read the article it came from.  Here is this message:

This blog post by Carl Calleman is a bit technical, but it’s well worth your time.
I discovered Carl prior to 2012, when everyone was focused on the Mayan prophesies. He is an expert on the subject, and he believes the calendar represents cycles of waves of creation.
In this post, he postulates a theory, which aligns with what Lisa Gawlas has been sharing, that we are entering a period where multiple creation waves are in their “night” phases. We will see destruction, both political and natural, intensify between 9/26/17 & 9/22/18, and humanity won’t find much relief until 2031. 

But, he adds that how each of us experiences this depends on which wave of creation we resonate with. Those who resonate with the higher 9th wave will have the wind at their backs while those still stuck in resonance with the 6th wave will struggle. This is necessary in order for humanity to let go of separation and embrace unity.

Here are two quotes from the post… (Click here to read the entire article)
The only non-dualist wave that will be oscillating into a day mode is the Ninth Wave, which brings enlightenment and a unity frame of mind. So even if at the visible level there may seem to be many disasters (both political and natural and possibly military) because of the compounded nights the interference pattern causing these disasters will paradoxically at the same time be the very interference pattern that creates a path towards unity for those that develop resonance with the Ninth Wave.

The conclusion is that while I expect the following thirteen years to become very destructive (especially to the Western Hemisphere and institutions based on the dominance of the left brain half) this era will at the same time prepare for a world of global solidarity based on equality that after 2031 truly will become a possibility.

There is so much I wanted to touch on with this excerpted article, but sadly, do not have the time today.

I do want to add in something that surprised me yesterday.  With my body energy and movement coming back to full swing, I decided to take out my handy dandy pendulum to have a little sit down with my friend AA Mikey.  (This was hours after my day was done.)  His message puzzled me.  He swung out:


What the hell does that mean.  I think my angel fell off his rocker.  Since the pendulum stopped swinging after the word close, I got up and got a drink.  All I could think of is the book I had read that started this whole crazy journey back in 2000 “Doors to other worlds” by Raymond Buckland.  What the hell??

I sat down and asked for clarity, he swung out doors to other worlds.  WTF Mikey??  Let’s leave that alone for a moment, who the hell is Emmanuel??  Tho, I must say, when he swung it out (and I can hear every freakin word he swings out) all I could feel was a connection to the bible, which alone, is weird.  But I know my crazy angel is sure to relay things in a way that I would not do myself (just to keep my thoughts clear and separate from his.)  So I googled Emmanuel which is also spelled Immanuel:  Emmanuel is: God with us. Also an Old Testament name for the Messiah.

Ahhhhh Christmas is close… the end of this solstice energy brings us to the 25th.

I did ask a clarifying question, since the whole open door took me by surprise… do I have any doors closed???  Nope.  So then I go down my own rabbit hole and just like that, my beloved Linda posted the above article stuff on my facebook.  Ah HAH… a connection.  I instantly remembered the black/violet film in the hour glass thingie I shared yesterday.

A doorway opens on a tick after midnight Christmas day, but we must be dressed to walk thru it.  Or is that, naked lol.  Either way….  I know there is much more to it all, but that is to be revealed at another time.  Hopefully today thru the readings!!  (fingers crossed,)

On that note, my begins!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of upsweeping waves of Love, of energy and stuff!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Emmanuel has come up this past week for me as well, as well as the back on my head, last night in particular was going gang-buster banana’s to the point i actually started feeling around my physical head to see if anything was “there”!!!!!!!

    Emannuel is the risen christ/kristos – using angel language breakdowns – its the E-man-u-El…it is the energy manual aka energy (E) of man (man) turned around (u) with god within (el)…

    its the inner manual on the body/temple complex basically…i could really use that of late with all the changes going on!!!!!!

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