Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 21, 2017

The Solstice Splits the Realms of Earth in 2.


Happy Solstice everyone!!  Today, the final curtain begins to close, not only on 2017, but the history of the earth as we know it.  That said, where something begins to close, something else begins to open.  The story of earth is far from over, but it is in the midst of twisting, dare I say, even binding itself to higher versions of itself.

The way I am understanding what this means and how it is playing out, comes thru all the information thru this year.

For a while, spirit was focused on new elements in the readings, then focused on the new platonic solids taking shape (pun intended,) the removal of all that no longer serves us, aligning only with what does.  2017 has been an intense year on both sides of the coin.

And remember, I am not trying to be scientifically correct in any way thru any of my sharings, only spiritually correct.

This morning I can see the radicalization of the energies.  What we call elements, especially that which we know thru the periodic table.  The old energies, still needed to feed those bound to the old earth and the old earth history, have become heavy, dense, trapped in the lower fields of an earth that is passing away (not being destroyed, but disappearing energy bite by energy bite.

This allows all the new elements to become much more buoyant and rises up out of the ashes (exactly like the fable of the Phoenix. )

For the last week or so, on the rare days I could actually connect to the (massively changing) field, spirit does not refer to it as two earths, but two realms taking place.  The higher realms and the lower realms.  I found a great image to help you see how I see it:

two realms.jpg

Our jobs have always been to release anything and everything that would allow us to fall down to the bottom of this image.  We have been asked to stay buoyant, untethered to anything but our own hearts of knowing and become anew, without having the first clue what that even means.  Just like the image at the top of the hour glass, golden light birthing a new….

This solstice week, starting on the 18th, has been packing some serious energy punched directly in the middle area of the hour glass.

Yesterday two major events started happening.  One thru our sun (this is taken from yesterdays spaceweather,com:)

A GASH IN THE SUN’S ATMOSPHERE: Magnetic maps of the sun’s atmosphere reveal a long gash, more than 700,000 km long, where solar wind may be spraying into the solar system.

Astronomers call this a “coronal hole”–a region when the sun’s magnetic field opens up and allows solar wind to escape. Coronal holes are common, appearing every few weeks. This one, however, is uncommonly long and narrow. A fan-shaped spray of gaseous material flowing from the gash could reach our planet as early as Dec. 23rd. (taken from spaceweather today)



Thanx to a precious soul on my facebook, I became aware of this earth event:  A very large eruption has occurred at Bezymianny Volcano located in Kamchatka Russia in the Northwest Pacific Ocean.

Volcanic ash advisories were issued reaching FL500 (Flight level 500) which equals approximately 50,000 feet, and is rare at any volcano for such a large blast to occur.

This is the largest (highest) blast on the planet in years that I know of.  (click here to read full article.)


I woke up really late (after 8am) in my world and felt like a balloon someone tried blowing up as I slept.  I had so much gas in my chest area that was pressing at my chest wall for release, it hurt.  I kept feeling a parallel to the gas one inhales while in surgery, as if a memory was trying to break thru but never did.  I had also woke up with a searing pain in my right eye.  It only lasted a few moments, until my eyes adjusted to the daylight I am not accustomed to waking up within, then it left without a trace.

The night prior, I was awakened all night long.  Not wide awake awakened, just enough to disrupt sleep, then fell back to sleep.  This happened over and over thru the night.  I even remembered one of the times telling my team, I need to sleep straight thru or I wont be able to do my readings, the reply I heard was, you will not be able to see the field tomorrow.  Sure enough!!!

For the last or so, there is not a joint on my arms or legs that doesn’t hurt like hell.  I am feeling like the tin man who has gone to rust.  Sitting hurts my ass, standing hurts my feet.  But at least I can breathe!! lol  That is where I genuinely lay my gratitude in every moment right now, otherwise I feel like my body aged 50 years this last week.

But back to yesterdays mix of gases!  Obviously targeting the base heart centers.  Changing radically at the cellular level of All Life.  Today, the planetary choices have been sealed (the center part of the hour glass) as we start to experience realm 1 and realm 2.  I suppose (subject to change with more information) the heavier realities in lets say, realm 1 and the lighter realities in realm 2.  Now i see this hourglass laid sideways and in the center something that looks like a purple blackish film separating the two realms.

There are some lighter people that by the souls choice, stayed back in realm 1 to assist those in need.  Then others in realm 2 to build a new.  Then there are those who are assigned guardianship within the purple black film thingie.  From what I am understanding at this moment, it is only the purest of incarnated souls assigned here in the center place.

What any of it means to us, I have no idea.  There is no doubt in my heart, when the field opens back up, we will find out.

I do want to mention, if not incorporate, what I am doing right now.  I am working on putting two weekend packages together. A Friday thru Sunday time spam here in my home in Fentress, Texas.  One package focuses on hypnotherapy… very specifically Life Between Life Regression (as taught to me back in 2001 by Michael Newton PhD, see above link.)  And a hands on energy work weekend.  As exampled by the brave and beautiful Linda in the video linked.

The purpose of a full weekend is to integrate, expand and then most especially, apply all that is released into consciousness from the sessions.

 These two packages have been hanging at the forefront of my mind for weeks now and I am finally done with spirits haunting (giggle) and getting them implemented.  I am working with my webmaster and with my online calendar people to make this ready to go., which should be ready by the end of this year.

So on that note, I am going to wish everyone a Happy Solstice.  Things… WE are a changing!!

Big big (((HUGZ))))) of earthy ash and solar power to and thru the ALL!!  We ARE the Phoenix!

Lisa Gawlas

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