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Multidimensional Self, Altering Timelines and Stationary Outcomes.

multidimensional timelines

When I closed out my blog yesterday, it seems I was transported back the time of June 2016, driving and getting lost on a very familiar route in New Mexico, planning on going to my favorite Mesa to meditate on the re-entrance of my mother and her refusal to reunite with me, and ended up in a desolate place I never traveled before.  The purpose of that (missed exit) error was to change timelines.  Even after 20 years of silence between us and her ill health and isolation, she still refused to have a new relationship with me.  To me, then, it didn’t matter, I was already plotting out the kidnapping of my mother (to bring her to New Mexico with me.)  If you have no idea what I am talking about, I keep detailed notes of everything in a blog (thank god lol.)  Just click the this blog link:


The ability to change timelines was first thing on my awareness after publishing my blog, as I was thinking about the events of 2018, even if I do not know them with full detail.  I was told, that we can move and alter timelines to assist the events playing out, but we cannot change the events purpose, for they are meant for soul evolution, personal and/or en masse.

We can backtrack to my man on the ladder with his minions that I wrote about yesterday.  His team expressly stated that some of the choices by the “powers that be” are heading for a trajectory that would cause more devastation than needed.  The emphasis indeed was on the two words “than needed.”

Let me just leave that hanging there, for a moment.  I pulled myself out of the holographic memory I was completely re-experiencing, I went the little bathroom in my bedroom to brush my teeth.  Standing there in the dark bathroom with just the nightlight creating light, my whole memory was once again, transported to a long ago timeline when my mentor at the time, gave me exercises to do to experience and see my multidimensional self.  I have given the exercise many times over the years, but will include it here, again:

Go to a mirror where the lighting is very dim… not dark… but not bright either. Preferably have a solid background behind you such as a white wall with no other distractions such as furniture or anything that may be in the mirror with you. Stand or sit in front of the mirror and allow your vision to relax. Try not to blink. (This may take some practice because the moment you think that you will not blink, you want to blink.). Do not look at your eyes, instead focus on another area of your face like your forehead. Do this as long as you can without blinking.

 This is also a good way to start to see your aura. Only focus above your head and it is okay to blink, just not too often. The key is to allow your eyes to relax so that you are not fixated on an image… but allow whatever else is in the mirror to appear for you.

I smiled at the memory repeating itself in my mirror and made a note to share it with you in my next blog.

I then headed to my main bathroom, torn between wanting to take a bath or a shower.  Something was attempting to reveal itself since I published my blog but I did not have the adequate time to take a meditation.  I could only giggle when my water thingie that shifts the flow of water to bath or shower, got stuck in between the two flows.  I could not get it to budge up or down (talk about life reflecting my indecision!!)  lol  I took a shower.

When I got out of the shower and looked in the mirror, I had to step back.  My eyes were not my eyes, they were my mothers.  It only lasted for a few seconds, I guess I blinked with stunned eyeball reflection!!

On my drive to the lung docs, so much information came pouring in.  My mother was already dying before our encounter.  THAT could not be changed.  The only thing that could be altered, that NEEDED to be altered was how she would exit this life.

My team as well as hers, prepared me for this event, long before it started happening.  In the beginning of 2016, I was awakened in the middle of the night to see my mothers form standing at my bedside talking to me.  I had no recollection of the conversation she was having with me, but I do remember telling her in that moment, if you are here, like this, you must have died.

Even tho we had not talked in 20 years, I did know where she lived.  The internet allows no secrets.  I called the mobile home park office the next morning asking of they could check on my mother.  She was still alive.  I was baffled.  Eventually the experience faded into the background of my life as the months passed on, at least, until June when my oldest daughter just showed up on my mothers doorstep.

The next thing, in my ongoing very real, holographic memories of these events, was that moment when my landlady in New Mexico told me my mother could not move in with me.

I have had many many metaphysical experiences, in the tub and out, but nothing will ever compare to that moment.  As she was telling me my mother could not live with me, an energy filled my body, and suddenly I was experiencing from…. a full spiritual state of Being.  The biggest emotion running thru me was bewilderment.  I could even feel my head cocking to one side in disbelief and an instant change of venue slid out of my mouth, giving my 30 day notice to vacate.

My landlady was very concerned about another person going to the bathroom in the house.  She did not want to over use the septic system.

How often are we confronted with sudden, unexpected life experiences that put us in a choice of serving the greater Self, or do we self serve/survive.

In that moment, we alter what we call, timelines, experience points and of course, the events around outcomes.

The moral of this story (smile) the outcomes are not changeable, but the events surrounding how they play out…. are.

We, the humans incarnate, decide.  Right now, the unchangeable outcome is earth restoring peace, love and harmony (the Sanskrit meaning of Shambhala) to All life.  For those of us who have found and live that energy of servitude within our hearts, we will be key players in the events that surround the inevitable outcome.

I am being shown a merry go round.  The pole at the center, is the outcome itself.  Unchangeable.  The platform that it turns is where the experience of change is.  In this analogy, each horse would be a different holographic experience, a major choice point.  Once taken (choice made) the greater options cease and we leap out into the field of experience.  In this scenario, focusing on the greater choice points (like that moment between me and my landlady) there is no turning back.  It all sets another series of events in play, towards the outcome that was always on the horizon.

One could say, if the pole in the center of the merry go round is the outcome, then the horses moving off the merry go round are moving further away…. not at all.  This is where true Spatial Light shines from.

change of direction

On that note, Let the ride be an exciting adventure!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of bountiful storms and darkness leading towards the new light of day for ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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