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Sometimes, I crack myself up.  I complain a lot that spirit should give us a heads up when the field is going to be unviewable, then when they do, I completely discount it!!  I can be so human, and head strong in my mundane desires.

The night of the snow, I kept hearing “there won’t be any work tomorrow” and infused in that is what I remember having many times as a snow day.  My ongoing thought is, well, that’s ridiculous, I work on my back porch, the snow cannot keep me from there.

Ummmmm, the field was unviewable once again yesterday.

I did, what so many of us do so often.  I choose to hear (believe) what I want to hear (believe.)  Especially when it is adverse to what we desire!!!  Dammit!!

So let me give out this warning about the week of the Solstice.  Spirit is forewarning us, it is a 7 day, massive event.  3 days coming, 3 days going and of course, the day of. Dec 21st.  So the 18th thru the 24th, we can look at it as moving house. Moving collectives, ideas, purpose, and so on.  The last week of December we can compare to an interior decorator coming in and setting up our new house (collectives) in divine alignment.  I guess we can look at it as a complete rearrangement to enhance the universal feng shui lol.

Now, all that said, yesterday was far from a total loss (of information and understanding.)  There was a very distinct pattern that unfolded.  I had 5 precious souls on my dance card, I got what I call “previews” of every other one, starting with the first one.  A very purposeful weaving of detail and stillness.

My first lady had this large pendulum swinging above her center point in the field.  I could not see her at all, just this tire sized pendulum of non-material.  It was energetic, not solid.  I could also see the snow on the ground and her team constantly repeating the “virgin snow.”  Let’s be a bit more clear on what they meant by this: “That one patch of beautiful pure white snow untouched by the man and nature.”  (Taken from the urban dictionary.)

I could hear the pendulum tone something (make a single sound) as it so slowly and rhythmically swung from left to right.  The one thing I am sure of, if you are not listening for it, you would never hear it.  (that is a quote from my team this morning.)

So I equally googled the phrase “The swing of the pendulum” to feel into a broader understanding of its presence (since it never came thru the field yesterday.  “The idiom refers to the inevitable return of the pendulum to center or rest, in doing so it moves past center in the other direction, only briefly reaching center or the point of rest. A “Pendulum Swing” refers to the typically equal but opposite reaction to some event, organization, political party etc.”

Or a collection of all the above!!  It did prompt me to sit down yet again, with my own pendulum, which I will get to in a minute.

My second lady, nuttin at all.  My third appointment, a man, unlike my lady above, who’s visuals I did see in our connection, I only heard before our call together.  I could see two symbols (think, drum symbols) clashing together to emit sound.  I was able to equally see the chaotic sound waves as they leaped off the symbols clashing together.   This symbol clashing seemed sporadic around his body, but purposeful.  What purpose, I have no idea.

My 4th lady, not a peep.  My fifth lady came with such a rush of excitement, like the greatest thing in all the universe was about to happen.  Of course all this energy was in her preivew and ceased the moment we connected.  I laughingly told her we need to hang up so I can go revel in that energy again.  It was purely delightful and with great anticipatory outcome!!

Even tho the days non readings were very personal to each one I was able to preview, it was also showing us a much broader stroke to be aware of.

After my first lady and the pendulum view, I decided to take that as my own message to have a sit down with my angel of truth and quantum physics, AA Michael.  Of course since he first swung out the word “Floods” (and the second time, included gases) with my sit downs (which are almost daily now) with him, I focus there first.  And yesterday, I was leaning hard into that energy given the snow on a ground that is not accustomed to snow and the exploding mt shasta days prior.

The very first thing he swung out was “Place emphasis on freedom.”  In a broad stroke, know the earth has a way, always has had a way, of restoring freedom to her way of Life.  Whether, we incarnated people like that way or not and want to believe it.  DeNial is a very crowded river,

I cannot even tell you what prompted me to open up the photo gallery in my phone after my conversation with him.  But I did and altho this one image as been at the top of my gallery for maybe the past month, I never ever noticed there was a date associated with it until yesterday.


photo gallery.jpg


January 18th 2038??  How the hell did that happen???  I took this picture shortly after I returned home from Scotland in August.  The picture consists of the ocean rocks I picked from the Orkney Island ocean beach and the ones I harvested from Arkansas.


scotland and usa.jpg


Well, I just hit a button that erased everything below the above picture (over an hour of typing, thank you very much and square space did not save a single word) so I am going to condense this understanding that is so vivid in my view.

I want to share a conversation from facebook after posting the above pictures and dateline:

Linda Mitchell Did you know that Edgar Cayce’s interpretations of the Egyptian pyramid timelines, predicted that 2038 was the actual prophesied End Times?

Lisa Gawlas Ok, now I gotta,ask… what are pyramid timelines? And what did “end times” mean to cayce?

Linda Mitchell The geometry of the great pyramid, with all its angles and lengths of inner passages and such, combined with the text of the Egyptian book of the dead, indicate a time when humanity will have evolved enough spiritually to take their next big step in their evolution.
There’s more to it, but that’s the gist of it.
So, Egyptian timelines are dates indicating humanity’s progress toward spiritual evolution. These dates are represented in the geometry of the great pyramid.
The End Times indicate that time when humanity has progressed significantly enough in their spiritual evolution to allow them to step into their next evolutionary phase.

Thru the readings this year, spirit has been saying, consistently that earth is entering her retirement years, her golden years.  With that, a massive cleanup is underway.  It will take the first generation to fully clean things up.  A generation being 25 years.

If we look at this cleanup as a hurricane coming in, we started to feel and experience the outer bands of this hurricane January 2013.  2013 plus 25 years is the year 2038.

The 5 years the hurricane has been brewing, we were also deciding the strength it needed to be (by our actions and inactions, collectively) when it reached shore.

2018 hurricane Gaia starts to come ashore.  It will come ashore as a cat 5!  Change is on the horizon.

So last evening, as I am still processing the enormity of what I am feeling and understanding, this same precious soul that helped me understand the 2038 dateline, put a link to the latest message from the Hathors on my timeline.


He opens with:

“Your world is in the midst of an immense metamorphosis.

It is like a giant serpent shedding its old skin. New realities are emerging as old realities are being sloughed off. As an embodied being in the midst of this radical transformation the challenges facing you may seem, at times, overwhelming.”

That got my full attention!!  I turned off my TV and devoured his information.  it is so consistent to what I am getting from AA Michael on every level.  And there is so much I have not shared yet.

And he goes on to say:

“From one perspective what you are experiencing in your world is catastrophic in nature. From another perspective it is a highly potent evolutionary catalyst. In other words, the metamorphosis of your world could destroy you or propel you into higher states of consciousness. The choice, at an individual level, between personal destruction or an ascent into a higher dimensional reality is yours.

The purpose of this message is not to address the planetary challenges facing humanity and other life forms that reside upon your Earth. Rather our focus is on what you can do, as an individual, in the midst of such intense challenges.”

(I would highly suggest an unbiased full read of his channeling.)  I want to cherry pick on more (ok, 2) paragraphs from his channeling, and make bold my most favorite part (smile.)

“But there is a danger in that some of you might use Spatial Cognizance as a means to escape the 3-D realities of your life. This is the other side of the sword metaphorically speaking.

Indeed, from our perspective, more and more human beings are entering quasi-psychotic states of mind. Witness the increase of irrational destructive behavior all over the world. These harmful types of behavior are paradoxically a type of escape through the act of mindless ruination.  Another kind of escapism is to reside in a bubble of quasi-contentment, happiness and bliss, paying no attention to anything or anyone else around you. This is not spiritual mastery; it is an escape into delusion.”

Now if I can weave the energies of the non readings from yesterday into this above (highlighted) expression.  There are times of intensity, what we call, challenges in our lives, in our bodies, then a time of that happiness and bliss, then into action we go again.  Challenging and changing, then into that rest period to catch our breath again and so on.

We change this world with our Presence and our interaction thru the challenges.  Or, we witness it from the sidelines.  Either way… things are happening and tho challenging and intense at times, so very exciting!!  Just like my last lady yesterday… let’s keep our eye on the prize… FREEDOM for ALL!!!!

I am going to close there for today.  I love you all soul very much!!  Thank you for Being the Light that Guides me!!!

((((HUGZ)))) of deep gratitude and joy thru the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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