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~ programs & operating systems of evolution ~

DURING MY TIME in the Earth Healing Group, one of the few questions I asked was:


A: “As a divine being, you would be behaving in accordance with that which is your own will, which is also The Will of The Highest. And you would be exploring that which is self to the fullest; doing that which is beneficial to self and beneficial to all, one hundred percent; if that be what you have chosen; being positive, that is. You would also be thinking in such a way that you are knowledgeable as to the source of The Highest. Therefore, you would be thinking as God thinks (in your words) thinking through your highest senses; taking responsibility in that way as one with knowledge does take responsibility; each according to their own purpose and many purposes. A divine being does know that all that is Highest Love is within. And the task is to act upon that knowledge; to be and to do, with Highest Love; to express it and to radiate it, again, for the benefit of the self and the benefit of all in accordance with the purpose. It is to act within Divine Law and in cooperation with all other life-forms. There is much more information, and yet in general terms, it is enough that has been spoken.”
[EARTH HEALING TRANSMISSION May 22nd 1996, Adelaide, South Australia]

Intentional, conscious choices, thoughts (core beliefs) aligned with Mastery of Self as a Divine Being of Highest Love who has chosen to evolve using the positive, and only the negative when it is totally essential and beneficial to do so, being true to self, and creating passion for life and passion for joy


“I have passion for life and I say ‘yes’ to more passion for life. I have passion for joy, joyous passion; passionate joy. I have understanding, knowledge, highest wisdom, apex knowledge. I have mastery of self, I have highest love on all aspects and dimensions and levels.

I am being and doing in perfect balance and in harmony with All That Is. I seek all that is positive, beneficial, to promote it within and without for myself and to promote and catalyse it for all that is life within and without Earth Mother herself. I now promote and catalyse positive and beneficial change directly and indirectly on all levels, aspects and dimensions, for the benefit of myself and for the benefit of all.

I have the strength and courage to be true to myself and to abide by divine law in the best, most beneficial way. I now understand and utilise ‘own power’ in the best and most beneficial way, positively, for the benefit of self and for the benefit of all. I promote peace and harmony.

I communicate with all senses, with whole being, effectively, efficiently, well, lovingly, in such a way that I can catalyse positive, beneficial change and I communicate with others, and with all, using highest love, and the highest of qualities and virtues, promoting, radiating, passion for life, empathy, understanding and sharing of apex knowledge, wisdom and all such beneficial qualities and virtues.

I can now be and do in balance, and be in knowing of my Highest, to be one and knowing of my divine and higher than divine, and to manifest such divine and higher than divine qualities and virtues on all, and every level, aspect and dimension of being for the benefit of self and for the benefit of all.

I am now aware on this physical level, and indeed all levels, aspects and dimensions, to celebrate life and to have fun, to experience joy and to move towards joy, to move towards that which I have that is beneficial for myself and all. And to fill in some details, I am more aware of the miracle of life and the beauty of each of the senses . . .

[Each individual will have their own idea of what is most pleasurable in using their senses and we recommend that you spend some time on these joys of senses to expand and appreciate them]

I think now of all the wondrous sounds that I enjoy so much; music, the sound of laughter, of birdsong, of children playing, and the wondrous colours that I can see, rainbows, beautiful, magnificent views. The wondrous things I can see, the blue sky, beautiful flowers of every colour that I can imaging, brilliant vibrant colour. People that I love, their faces, yes, and the fragrances that I like so much. How blessed it is to have the glory of the senses, wondrous senses, tools for me to use here upon Earth. Perfumes perhaps that I enjoy, or cooking aromas, vanilla, yes, wondrous smells, fragrances, aromas. Which leads me to taste. What wonderful flavours I can imagine, flavours that I like, that I favour. Chocolate perhaps, or spicy foods. And I can imagine the foods that I favour the most, the tastes, the textures. I have the sense of touch, of movement, the feeling of my body moving through space, things that I enjoy to do. Perhaps I enjoy swimming. Perhaps I enjoy dancing and moving my body in such a way. And I can remember the wonderful, sensual feelings of touch, where there has been pleasure given and received. Perhaps the feel of silk or the lovely, soft purring of a pussycat as I stroke such a nice furry creature.

So in all of these things it feels good for me to be aware of how blessed it is to be alive. Passion for life, passion for the miracle of life. It is time for me to be inspired by life, to be grateful, yes, gratitude. So many things to be thankful for, so many things to count. These thoughts, as I fill my mind with positive thoughts, create positive being; positive emotion, and, I know, what I think, I create. Positive thought, positive life. Joyous thoughts, joyous life, yes indeed.

This is my will and as it be the will of the Highest then so let it be done.”

[EARTH HEALING TRANSMISSION 1996, Adelaide, South Australia]

~ as Lisa said “The partnership of life comes from the emotional field of living” ~

NOTES ON THIS BLOG: OS & AO Operating Systems

1: Operating Systems & Sub-directories = thought patterns, core beliefs

2: OLD OPERATING SYSTEM = fear-based consciousness core beliefs, thought patterns, non-conscious programs of obsolete beliefs underlying behaviour.

  1. New AO Operating System = For those still at Pre-Divine evolution level. Divine Evolution Program has been up and running & in operation with Celestial Transformation 1994.

3: See Lisa’s Blog Replies Nov 11 & 9, 2017 for ‘Celestial Transformation, Grand Transformation Program & Highest Love’