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The New Operating System Being Installed: The AO System!


This one and only super moon of 2017 is kicking the fields schedule in the ass!!  Day 4, not a field in sight, again.  Except for my last appointment of the day.  But I will get to that in a moment.  I will say right now tho, the event stayed with me all day and even to this moment.

Thru the conversations yesterday, it became clear what was happening.  Well, as clear as spirit gets sometimes.  I heard that thru this full moon, our Operating Systems are changing out.  As I settled into that understanding, I started to see the vast and many various “sub directories” forming for each person.  I did not see this during a connection, but in between.  That said, I also understood it was because of the enhanced energy in the attempt to read, that brought up all this new information.

This is a true example of what spirit means when they say, sometimes, just standing in a room with someone is enough to create change within them.

So I found an image that sort of looks like the one I had seen yesterday:




This image would be of one that still has a lot of old running programs they have not tended to or deleted from their emotional field.  For example, some of these sub-directories may contain relationships, triggers brought on by those relationships (in the computer world, we would call them virus’.)   Some may be old beliefs about themselves, or the world around them.  Religious connections and so on.

Our job was to wipe out (resolve) all the old sub directories of our life so that we allowed for a new Operating System to be installed.

Since October, we all have been going thru an energy system that allowed for the release of the old programs that will not serve us from here on out.  These releases are affecting us in so many different ways.  Some emotionally, some physically, some both and every variation in between.  When we decided we do not like the energy that comes with removing old programs and set out to reverse it (stop the discomfort) we actually allow it to reinstall.  The opportunity will come again, before the end of this three month system, to complete the removal.

Some of the programs held in our sub directories, are not always easy to remove from our OS.  Relationships being the most challenging, especially if those relationships are our children, parent or spouses.

By the time we finish December, we should have running system that looks more like this:

basic directory.jpg


Anything less, will create chaos.

After four attempts at reading yesterday and getting nothing at all in the field, let me tell you how surprised I was, as I was sitting on my couch, eating lunch, waiting for the fifth and final person on my dance card to reschedule.  About 15 minutes before our call I started to see a darkening sky and rotating clouds above her house.  I understood that a storm was brewing and it was brewing to affect the whole house, not just her.

I only let one minute pass before I called her.  I was chomping at the bit to do any sort of reading and I didn’t want to wait for her to call me.  She asked if she could call me back to have the reading recorded and get her head set.  But of course.  In the couple of minutes it took for her to call me back, something amazing happened. Suddenly about 15 turkey vultures appeared in sky, just above the back end of her field.  I have seen 2 or 3 turkey vultures show up in a reading, but never a whole flock and what seemed suddenly and out of nowhere.  The moment she called me, they left as fast as they came.

Life’s clean up crew are already circling the incoming storm!!  If that wasn’t enough, in the 30 minutes we talked about her growing storm above her house, the clouds overhead literally went from puffy white to dark gray.  The more we talked, the winds started to blow from the left side of the field (physical life) to the right (emotional side.)

Spirit and it’s illusive information.  They give us just enough to have a heads up, but not enough to fully prepare (in their words, it would be, change it.)  They did emphasis, this is a whole house cleansing storm, not just personal to her.  It will affect ALL involved.  However, it is not her responsibility to clean up afterwards either.  Life’s vultures are already prepared to do exactly that.

We did talk about some of the things happening in her life, with her adult children and especially one of their spousal units.  She said she has been doing meditations recently to try and cut the chords between her and this particular daughter in law.

Let me add in something here about visualization.  Yes it is a powerful way to create change.  But ONLY if the visual meets the emotional frequency within yourself.  The only way to release chords (sub directories) is by getting the emotional energy that created that, to zero.  There is no one on the face of this planet, or even behind the veil of life, that can do this for you, for any of us.  This is our responsibility to remove/delete.

When desires are stronger than our ability to do what is needed, a storm moves in to assist.

Within minutes of us hanging up, I forgot my smokes outside on the table, when I went out to get them, the dark skies that formed thru our connection were all completely gone, replaced by the white puffy ones prevalent before hand.

This hung in my mind all day long, coupled with the consistent, incoming information (pretty much, more of a statement) of the floods and gases.  I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but the floods and gases come together and is not figurative, but literal.  I asked.  I asked in every way that could produce an alternate answer, it remained constant.  I also did ask if this is a Texas only event… nope.  But just like my lady yesterday, the when, how and what, remain hidden. Dammit.  But just as it was told to my lady yesterday, spirit wants to give us enough to be prepared, but not enough to change its arrival and experience.

Now let me back track to this new OS and my current understanding of it.

A week or so ago, we gave out a very simple exercise to go back to the first incarnation you had on earth, this should have been before the timespace energy field that is and has been present in our collective past.  Then merging it with the Now era we are in.  Many people I have talked to, incorporated many of the other pages, which creates many of the sub-directories listed in the first image.  Not a good idea.  Not all era’s are as romantic as we may be remembering them.  Even those we remember as wonderful, had different life lessons embedded in them for the Soul growth in that version.  None of it needed or, desired (from spirits view) in this grand finale of earths retirement era.

From what I am understanding, especially given the experience yesterday in the field, our new, intense OS is in full partnership with all the elements of Life.  Maybe we can call it the AO system.


Since the massive harmonic convergence in 1987 all paths were leading to this very moment in time.  30 years to get our collective shit together, purge what is becoming a creator god and assist those along the way.

In 2017 we did hit critical mass, where enough incarnated souls removed dysfunctional sub-directories to start the transformation, transition to a fully partnered energy of life.  God and Goddesses incarnate.  No buffer, no lag, just creation ongoing.

Let’s lean on that word… partnered for a moment.  There are events that MUST take place, in the physical body and on the physical earth, a true partnership allows for it.  The partnered ego understands and does not try to stop what can be perceived as detrimental or inconvenient. That means the survival energies of the ego integrated with the thrivel energies of the soul.  Often times, in this thing we call life, in order for the ALL to thrive, much must be destroyed.

The partnership of life comes from the emotional field of living.  I love my lady on the field yesterday, I have been thru many a storm in my day and understand with love and awe, how important these storms are.  And when allowed, brings us to a brighter day in our lives.  We can witness the energies of life gathering to produce that outcome.  Like the skies growing dark thru her reading, in my back yard, your field.

This is just the tip of the iceburg of what our new AO system is preparing to become.

On that note, my day is beginning.  Be sure your sub directories reflect only this new AO system and not one file more.  Cuz life will conspire to purge it from you.  From us!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of magic and mysteries!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Lisa,

    Thank you for all of your wonderful sharing. Just last week there were about 8 or 9 turkey vultures outside of my place of employment. There has never been that many at once and I felt it was significant. And just today there were 5 more flying around. I feel something is brewing I just don’t know what at this time.

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