Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | December 1, 2017

Fusing Your Alpha and Omega Earth Experiences Together. (Exercise included.)

alpha and omega

Here we are, the new energy system that closes out all systems… December!  A system that is gathering every choice we put into play over these next couple weeks and assigning us our new class rooms, our new student body and the teachers that will sharpen our tool sets.  The teachers, not being other people so much as they are life experiences, life challenges and stuff.

This is a collective time when earths original purity and the vast experiences since that time are melding together thru those who walked both era’s and the many era’s in between.  For those who enhanced their internal and external energies systems to allow for such a major upgrade and fusion.

This really became a vivid understanding enhanced by a wonderful visual of a lady on the field the other day.  She started showing up in my field of vision an easy 20 minutes before our scheduled time.  I think her team wanted me to be clear about what I was seeing when we showed up.

The visual was of her with a shovel in her hand digging like crazy into the earth, with every shovel these seeds of light were scattering everywhere in her immediate, external field.  It was actually quite beautiful to witness.

When we connected, these seeds of light, both from this era and one so long ago it is not held in our collective memories, a time long before even Lemuria.  Her team gave her some homework that I feel, we all might be able to benefit from doing as well.


open book.jpg


What so surprised me thru her reading, was her team placed an image in her field, very much like the one I included above.  It was explained that each page consisted of “an era” of earths history.  To fully understand our teams definition of the use of the word “era,” Lemuria was an era, Atlantis was another era, the dinosaur age was another era.  The one we are in now, would be at the end of the book, the last few pages that is concluding the earths history.  

In her visual (and as part of your exercise, if you decide to do this) I could see a large hand from spirit, flipping the pages to the left side of the book, looking for the exact era that these seeds of light are being brought up from.  For her, it was like the first 3rd or 4th page from the beginning.  

The instruction was to move into that page, which will open up like a hologram, to fully experience the important parts of that era, as it relates to what you are and will be doing in the closing era of earths history.

If we you are like me, completely unsure of what I am doing now… once you have the beginning era opened and running as a hologram, have your spiritual pointer flip to which page you are on at the end of the book.  Moving thru the hologram without bias and of course, your questions (if you do not understand something and even if you think you do.)

When you are infused with both the beginning and the end (the alpha and omega of your story here on earth) look for the commonalities and start to fuse the two together.  If they cannot fuse, ask your team what you can be doing to allow for the fusion.  And do it.  Keep doing it until it is second nature in your living system of Life.

This full moon energy that we are in right now, is already having a major effect on the field, on us.  I see and feel it like a massive magnetic energy system, pulling from deep within your personal history on earth, melding where allowed (be each person, again, free will and all that) to a fuller spectrum of light and life experience/potentials.

I am going to close here for today.  Have fun with the exercise!!  And please, it is not a rush system, take time to go back, understand, integrate, USE in your life.  Knowledge means nothing until it is lived as wisdom!!!

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of melding seeds of light thru the ALL of Life!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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