Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 28, 2017

Turbulence Ahead!

changing light fields

I think I needed two separate viewing days on the field to get a larger picture of the energies we are in now.  Or maybe, I just wanted to give something other than, watch out for the turbulence!!  The turbulence and being purposely placed it in, was the theme on the field Saturday.  I think the greatest image that stays with me from the readings that day, is a precious young lady, on ice skates.  The field she stands upon was made of ice, smooth, reflective except that the ice was not clear but clouded, so we could not see the details of what she was gliding into.  Her position was right foot extended out behind her, left foot on the ice, body bent forward, leaning into the direction of the left field, physical life.  She had a hat and scarf on, purposely placed, of course.

I am going to use her imagery as a greater message to all of us as we head into these next few weeks.  Keep one foot on the ice of life and your right foot, extended into the energies of spirit.  This will allow for the balance of moving thru the turbulence that is building on the fields of life.  The hat and scarf are to keep our higher energies contained within us (hat) as well as our soul expression protected (scarf.)  It is not always our place to say something or do something, but to witness.  To be there as a light bulb in the room, not an audio device.  But more than that it is allowing fuller and deeper choices within ourselves too.

These next few weeks as we head to the Solstice energy on December 21st, feels like we are in a collective final exam event.  A grand reminder of where we came from and the choice to leave it behind or engage deeper.

That said, not all things are as it seems and we are not always placed where we “think” we should be.  Where our mind thinks we should be heading and where our soul needs us to be, may be two very different fields of energy!!  Which became evident by a man on the field yesterday.

Some people, by the souls instance, will be staying at the final choice point of what I will call the old world falling away, to assist in the denser realities.  It does make sense that there needs to be those of great light stationed on a ship that is sinking to give higher perspective and greater choices to those in darkness and fear.

I can even bring this in and parallel it with my rat invasion, these brave souls are the pest control companies, skilled in freeing the light thru the dark.

And then there are others, who are in such an intense state of change, their world appeared to stand still.  We are so lead by our inspiration and yet at this moment, where to put our foot next, is impossible to feel or know.

Too much is taking place in these next few weeks, major inner and outer choice points, much at the subconscious level of choice, that will assign us our next collectives of alignment.  How we feel or act or react to the intensifying turbulence in our life, in the life around us or the greater stages of life, are whats creating the alignment of collectives.  Even the collectives (of consciousness) are changing too, of course, how could they not, as we change.

If we can view our individual selfs as vast quantum energy, with every choice we make, parts of our molecules that form our changing minds, settle into new collectives of energy.  Now thru the  solstice, collectives are still undergoing rapid and constant change.

I found a crazy image to help tell this story.  How anyone threaded spaghetti thru hot dogs is beyond me, but the image works for this analogy!!  lol


Each noodle would represent one person, each hot dog part would represent a core belief. The entire bowl would represent a collective of consciousness.  Trust me, there are uncountable collectives out there.  Some vary to a small degree, some vary to such large degrees that there is no understanding or resonance at all anymore.

Thru our entire Life (lives) we have been moving and changing consciousness, our own and the greater collectives as well.  It is easy to identify our changing consciousness and group alignments.  I will just use myself in this real example.  My first plate of consciousness came from the catholic dishes.  It formed my idea about myself.  As I aged and much of its values made no sense to me, I sought out another plate of spaghetti, different, but similar.  I became a Lutheran.  When that didn’t set well on my palate, I drifted in and out of many streams of consciousness, not finding a home to rest in, which created tremendous unrest in me, for many years.

Then my team threw me into the boiling waters of my bathtub, I found new, crazy but fun plates of consciousnesses to entangle myself with.  I plugged in and pulled out countless times over the last 18 years.  Constantly in search for higher plates of consciousness to expand in.

The removal has not been easy or even all that exciting.  I have removed family, my kids, my friends and ohhh so many parts of myself.  First and foremost, we must be the pest control company of our lives.  Which is not as easy as it may sound, I have found it rather lonely at times.  Especially while in the arena of removal and not quite finding the next plate of spaghetti to connect with.

Many of us are in that place now.  And the plates are changing too.  They had not changed at all getting to here, we just moved to higher (some, lower) vibrations of consciousnesses.  Now the whole kit and kaboodle is changing and we are all in unfamiliar territory.  Nothing yet, to anchor into and still undergoing massive choices of change.

Thru it all, we are being asked not to loose our balance.  Don’t blow our top and speak only when necessary, to ears/hearts that are open to hear!  Otherwise it’s really the mind/ego trying to bash the light over someones unready head.

I have pulled into myself the last several days.  I can feel the energy of change in me, around me and for the life of me, cannot put my finger on what.  Then again, thank god I do readings, because many are in this boat with me.  Tornadoes of change abound thru individual and collective lives with no view, even from spirit, of where any of it will take us.

Yesterday, for several hours, I was overwhelmed with the feeling of dread.  Like something big, life changing and (from the human perspective) detrimental is looming.  I couldn’t feel what, where, when… and then it just started to release into a sadness and eventually dissipated.  I am still clueless this morning what that was all about.

Speaking of mornings, my rat man is coming here at 7:30 am to remove more rats.  He removed 7 dead roof rats on Saturday, reset the traps and bang bang bang all day long the traps went off again.  I also have my first appointment with the lung specialist today.  May he be gentle on my wallet and thorough in his explorations!!

On that note, its shower time!!  I love you all.  Buckle up, the turbulence may be rough in parts, but we were built for it and some of us are heading directly into it!!

(((((HUGZ))))) of new exciting alignments and refinements thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. Dearest Lisa ,
    Regarding your amazing image of the hot dog laced noodles . . .
    Perhaps the uncooked pasta was used to skewer the hot dogs first,
    than all put into boil at the same time ! Either way, it is a fun puzzle
    picture to put together. 💞😊.
    Your sharing are greatly appreciated. dianna V.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Several people enlightened me on facebook of how to string spaghetti thru hot dogs. I cannot believe not once did I think of raw spaghetti!! The hazard of writing a blog before sunrise and lots of coffee??? lol Thank you!! ❤ 🙂


  2. I can relate to all you said in your blog today. The next few weeks will be extremely turbulent time. Everyone, tie a knot in your rope and hang on the best you can.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I can relate to the feeling of dread, doom, something happening, and changing, as well as not knowing what. Also feeling depressed, and then not. So things are changing, being released, the new coming in. I focus on the new, allow the old to leave.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree with you wholeheartedly. Stand strong!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. My thought was, they punch holes in the hot dogs while they are raw. Then put the raw spaghetti through the hot dog then boil it all together and when the spaghetti softens up, its done.

    Liked by 1 person

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