Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 25, 2017

oceans of change

Finally!!  The new light of day shined upon the field yesterday.  It is the first time I was able to “see” on the field since the close of day on the 18th, when the intense draw in of life’s ocean started to draw back into itself.  Which include our personal and collective emotional fields of course.

If we look back, especially over the last several years, we have been riding what feels like a non stop wave to Here.  An ocean current that kept us above the chaos (for the most part) and beyond the density and dramas playing out at the ground level of life.

For so many people now, something huge has been happening.  The surf we have become (semi) experts at riding, started to feel different, become much closer to the ground level, our life level.  Our bodies started to feel heavier, like the weight of incarnation we had worked so hard to rise above, returned.  For some, returned with a vengeance (pointing a finger at myself.)

 I knew something huge was going to be revealed once we were able to see the field again and I was not disappointed.  The fact that it was a male virgin that opened this moment in time, excited me and intimated me at the same time.  I get nervous enough reading for a new person, but when we just come out of a major field shift… I ramble, a lot, trying to understand.  And I rambled all the way thru his reading.  Thank you dear god he understood and related to every part of his reading, phew make this crazy lady’s job so much easier!!

The first thing I had seen were these small (about a foot tall) jagged rocks poking up thru a ground I could not see.  They looked like the created a pattern similar to a labyrinth.  Each one forming a point at its top, dark black in color, covered with moss.  As I searched for my man on his field, my breath was taken away.  It looked something like this (minus any other scenery except him being the large rock in the center surrounded by (my hand drawn) smaller rocks.




I could feel the antiquity in what I was seeing, exposed and visible only due to the retreat of the ocean floor from the shores of my man.  I wondered if this was a true place on earth, instantly his team started to overlay two words together, as if they were one: Eurasia and India.

It felt like these rocks were in the depths of the waters for an unimaginable long time, viewable now, only by his presence on earth thru the field.  That said, they remain hidden for a time, beneath the waters.

It was further explained (this is so hard to put into correct words) that long before earth had the spacetime field in play, he was incarnate here.  Very different form that we all have now.  Much light and shape shiftable in all its glory.  During that time (a time before Lumeria, Atlantis and any thing before or between in our collective memories) he placed in this rock, the energy (what I want to call memories, but our teams are adamant on the incorrect word use) of his soul, should earth reach the level it is in now, for access and integrative use.  (Again, these words so limit and even confuse the truth of it, but, it’s as close as our language can get.)

Hearing and understanding this, really popped my eyes more open.  Long before any version of density started to play out on earth, WE KNEW there could come a time, many, many era’s later, when earth would be fully restored to her glory again, enhanced by many era’s of learning here, of experiencing the gift and winds of duality.  Allowing for a more rich experience on the other side of the bubble I clearly seen in his reading yesterday as spacetime.

The smaller rocks in his reaching was his tribe.  Spiritual Beings, Extraterrestrial Beings and some incarnated here on earth.  His job, thru meditation of course, is to connect with each rock, setting the vibration in play, calling his people (of this world and others) to his playing field.

Thru the entire day yesterday and even this morning, I thought of something I closed my blog with yesterday…. “The rock of change.”  It sounded like an oxymoron, yet equally felt so deep in truth.  He is revealing the energy of that phrase.

Silly me, I anticipate more of the same thru the rest of the readings, all female of course.  Nope.  For many females, the waters are still pulling back, exposing their amazing emotional bodies of change.  The attributes still forming as their guides and teachers go thru a changing of the guard.

This is leaving many with a disorientation to life itself.  Weighty even.  Again, without the fluid familiars all around us, the body can feel heavy, dense even.  The days are exposing more and more of what is no longer needed and as we release, new energies come online.

As the ocean pulls inward further, I could see the glint of what will be, individually first, then collectively, the start of the rising tsunami wave.  Which really gives us a more clear idea (sort of) of what to anticipate (surely, not expect lol) thru December.

Take my man, standing there, rock solid, long before the game of density and duality came into play, pure and solid, still hidden beneath the ancient ocean floor, anchoring the next and final phase of this earth.  A return to purity, no time.  Duality only as an attribute and not a determent.

So many are not only feeling the release of timespace in their personal lives, but experiencing it as well.  Missing hours, missing people for moments at a time.  I had one lady who was driving in her car, suddenly scraped another car as she was driving and having no clue how that could happen.  The melting/merging timelines and even parallel earths.

Our ongoing choices thru these next few weeks (and not really the obvious choices either, we are choosing every moment of every day) will give way to the energies we magnetically align with as we draw into the solstice.  Our collectives who have chosen similarly (speaking of vibration and frequency as opposed to a way of life.) will bind together (how any of this looks r feels, I have no clue… yet.)

If you are unsure where to place your focus and energy, let it be in one place only, the tides will carry you from there:


No-thing else matters.

On that note I am closing.  The Bug Masters are going to be here between 8 am and 10 am to remove the 10 dead rats in the attic and reset more traps.  If I do not shower, he may try and set a trap for me too!! lol

I love you all soul very much!!  Big big (((HUGZ))) of boundless movement thru change!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. What about this? It just came up and resonate with your person.
    Lake Van

    I just enjoy the commonality from your blog and this story that just came up.

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