Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 18, 2017

The Changing Crossroads of Spirit and Life.


There is so much change taking place thru everyone one of us, I am finding it difficult to tie it all together as quickly as I had done over the years.  But then again, as I am currently being reminded, in the years past, we were finishing up lifetimes of work and achievements, so even in the emergence of what seemed new (visually on the field) was not really new, but conclusions, the final outcome of lifetimes of an ongoing story leading up to the end.  Every story must have an ending, eventually.

As we moved deeper into the year 2017, we entered an overlapping cinema. One theater is being broken down and put away, while, simultaneously, a new theater is being built and readied.   Which for me, makes it very confusing to understand as a story and I never share anything until I have some sort of coherent, and accurate as possible, understanding to share outwards.

This morning, two images from the readings these last few days, are haunting my vision, while the above conversation was being set up.  So let’s set them free!!

  My first reading yesterday was a no show.  Yet, I started seeing (and hearing) his field about 30 minutes before our scheduled connection.  The words “he is at a major crossroads” echoed thru my hearing while visually seeing a gold energy line crossing a silver energy line.  Every time in the past, when someone was at any sort of a crossroads (not a fork in the road) it would present itself as a + sign.  So in my pre-visual, that is how I seen it, as a gold and silver + sign.  As his phone was ringing, and I was in his field of connection, I realized it is not a plus sign at all, its a X.  I never seen a crossroad show up as an X before.  I would need his full connection to understand why it is in the form of an X, but that understanding did not come.  I made sure to leave the information on his voice recorder, it was too constant to let go until he was able to reschedule… and my day journeyed on.

The very second my eyeballs opened this morning, wham, back comes the visual of my man’s crossroad X and spirit calling him out by first and last name!!  What the hell, that has never ever happened before.  T’is the season tho, right?

I realized something about myself and it is important for us all to realize this and become more clear within.  When I was pre-seeing him, I assumed, the energy of the crossroads formed a plus sign.  No ones team (mine nor his) corrected me.  There is a moral to this story here…

No matter how gloriously our physical minds are partnered with our spiritual minds, the physical mind still operates out of habit and repetition, until otherwise over ridden/reprogrammed.  Old running programs mixing in with new information.  Our teams are not here to tell us we are wrong, unless we are asking the constant, diligent questions.  I obviously do not ponder as diligently as I do when we are in a reading together.  I never realized this until yesterday thru this morning.  It does give way to understanding how so many people are saying they have worked with this energy before, some years before, when everyone else’s team is saying, this is so brand new and never has been in any version of earth’s timelines before.  When something is at it’s base, familiar with prior understandings and use, and the new part of it, so slight to the processing mind, it will gladly present what it is familiar with and continue on from there.  And we miss the new formula.  We miss the truth of the expression presenting.  That, by our teams virtue, is perfectly OK.  We are here to challenge ourselves, overwrite old programs and allow for the new.  If we do not allow for the new, we simply cycle back to where that information was pertinent, and go forward again with the choice of seeing the new, in a new way.

My saving grace is YOU.  I am absolutely anal about being as accurate as possible with what I see and understand for you, that long ago, a I placed a guard at the field gate, so nothing that is not true and correct for you, could come in.  Hence my many melt downs of not understanding while we are together.  I love you so much and thank you for pushing me every day!!

Now, let’s put that on pause right now, as I bring out the other visual that is haunting my field of vision.

I have a young lady I have been working with for some time, who made the conscious choice to not only stay in the old earth energy, but remain in a toxic environment thru it all.  I fully understand why and that is not the topic for her today at all.  Instead, when I read for her the other day, the only vision I was able to see for her, was a floating table.  A small, square kitchen table made out of blond wood.  It floated from my porch to her field, back to my porch, back to her field.  The only thing in light was her.  Sitting at her table were three Beings, spirit guides, all in shadow, unseen by her.  As I connected to them, they insisted it was “imperative” that she connects with them.

When something shows up on my porch, it is always in relationship to our biological/mundane life.  When it shows up on the “field” it is about our growth as a spirit in body.  When it straddles both areas, one is going to affect the other in a big way.  When we have the ability to connect, whether our minds are telling us we can or can’t, your team knows what you are capable of doing, and will tease you towards their light in a reading and allow me, only so much information to get you where you need to go.  If you choose.  We have free will so nothing is ever “required” of us.  We can always choose to do and see what we have always done and seen.  Our souls are in an eternal state of evolution on many planes of existence.  what it cannot or will not experience here, will be experienced elsewhere, eventually (speaking of time as we, the human, know it.)

Now, let’s come back to the crossroads.  In moments past, our major choice points usually had a clarity to them, hence the plus sign.  Right and left, or back and forth.  But an X makes the choice point, vibrationally different.  Blending the past with the new.  Very much like my pre-seeing assumption that his crossroads was in the form of an + instead of the never seen before X.  Gold being the highest vibration of spirit that I see in any reading, which was the top crossing line of the X and silver the highest vibration of earth.

Since he was not available to connect to, the broader understanding of why it changed, went unknown… until right now as I am seeing my own path before me.  For the last few weeks, my thighs and ass hurt like hell while sitting down.  I couldn’t even bare the pressure yesterday, hence, no blog.  Today, I am perfectly fine… at least as of this typing lol.

The thighs… strength of walking our path, especially during times of intense change.  The gluts, they are all about our connection to life itself and the sudden moments (think of the hips, tho my hips have no discomfort at all) that life brings.  This intense, muscle discomfort is simply the new energy expanding in my legs, preparing for my next great adventure on this place we call earth.

Thank god, my lungs have been ok.  Since the moment I booked my appointment with the lung specialist, I have had no big issues in that department.  Let me throw up a gratitude flag as we come out of the energy field of the 11:11 today.  That energy hit my legs instead of my lungs.  Yay!!

I have decided a couple weeks ago, to change my lung specialist appointment from Nov 28th to sometime in February.  It is the holidays, my daughter is getting out of jail January 8th, I will be taking a week and a half off to hang out with her, my day to day living expenses double since my New Mexico life… this is not a good time to be spending (up to) $400 on tests.  I tried to get insurance, but that is not happening.  Texas offers nothing for people in my age group.  Trumpcare is so insanely expensive (average $910 a month with a $$6000 – $8000 deductible, depending on the plan choice,) so it will be all out of pocket for me.

I have not followed thru on that choice yet, my team is haunting me with my mother, father and maternal aunt’s memories of delayed information about their true state of Being (biologically speaking.)  No matter which choice I make (still deciding here lol) it will change my game direction.

Right now, my direction is already changing… it’s almost time for my first reading.

I love you all so much!!  Big big ((((HUGZ)))) filled with guidance thru the New Light of Life to and thru the ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas

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