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The December Energy Bands (4) and the 2018 MultiPlex!!

energy bands

The first day on the field since the 11:11 proved once again, just because spirit says something consistently, one way, doesn’t mean it will “look” like that!  Everyone teams has been talking about the first layer of skin coming online after the 11:11, I kinda wish one of them said “Metaphor Lisa, we are using a metaphor!!”  I wouldn’t have been so, bitchy cuz we were not looking at skin in the way I was expecting.  And I know…  Life 101, get out of expectation!!!  Silly me and this human suit!!

Before any of the readings started, I started poking my antennas out in the field, mostly to be sure we are going to see something.  The field itself was beautiful, a cross between a foggy mirror with the feel of like ice (minus being cold, just how a this sheet of ice feels) The colors were so blended, so beautiful of soft blue, white and clear.  I could not see thru it, and yet it didn’t hold the feeling of being reflective, like the energy of a mirror would be, instead it was cloudy.

I did not see this in any active reading, only first thing in the morning when I was “previewing” the field.  I would have never, in a million years, thought what I was seeing was me.  It is only this morning as I am trying to understand the first vision and explain it outwards (since it was the first thing placed in my vision this morning) did I ever think for a moment, that is me.

The feeling of ice now makes perfect sense.  The solid surface crusted over the depths of water (emotion) that each one of you arrive upon.  Think about ice itself, melting and refreezing constantly.  So too, are we.  This is what gives me the ability to see you in your constant state of change, solid and changing all the time.

Then there is the cloudy mirror that blended with the ice, but yet, distinct in the feeling of it.  I found an image that might help put the visual together, except take away the gray scale and replace it with soft blue, white and clear.

cloudy mirror.jpg

I can see what most “mirrors” in life do not reflect.  The emerging “you” come up thru the depths of your ocean, finding form!

I like that a lot really!!  I almost never see myself in relationship to the “field,” unless I do a bathtub meditation and even then, that is not guaranteed.  So for me, this is an unexpected priceless gift!!  Thanx spirit!!

My first lady on the field gave us all a wealth of information about what is coming down the proverbial pike.  Her “skin” had me fully realizing spirit has been using a metaphor.  She looked like an astronaut!!

space suit.jpg

A few exceptions from this picture, her whole body suit was white.  Spirit called it her “Light suit.”  The head piece was glass or clear all the way around, what her team (sort of) referred to as her theatrical view space.  And the jet pack on the back did not come up to the head, but just below the shoulders.

The suit as I was seeing it was a protective energy as all the various energies and light codes meld together thru this month (November.)  Her jet pack in the back of her, connected directly into her base heart and worked via the emotions she put out or did not put out.  Acceleration and deceleration, creation and destruction.

It was her head piece that really caught my attention.  I could not see how it worked from looking at her, so I placed my vision into her and looked thru her eyes.  I needed a lot of help from her team to understand what I was seeing.  The new platonic solids and how they are fitting together and forming the multiplex called 2018.

This is where the information started to come thru.  I will start with the bands of energies coming thru in December.  Four to be exact, altho time is relative, we can look at a new band of energy each week, intensifying, solidifying our field of choices and non choices.

These bands of energy came thru just like that, not waves, but bands fitting around the center post of each universe (that would be each one of us, individually at first.  Ohhhhhh, now I get something else too!!!)

It was the third and fourth band that was focused on in her communication.  The third band came thru during the week of the solstice.  It was unlike the other three bands vibrationally, a blueish color and more felt vibrationally (to me) than the rest.

What was stated thru her team yesterday, with that last band as we conclude not only 2017, but earths history as we have known it, it was stated as a band of collective choice.  I didn’t understand that, because it was the collective choice that decided where you (we) would land in 2018, not our individual choice.  It is only this morning do I fully realize that the first two bands are setting into motion our individual choices, the solstice puts us into our “anchor groups” and I must mention this, for some, actually many on planet earth, do overs as they see the bigger version of themselves thru the obstacles missed and/or avoided getting to here.

From what I am understanding (subject to change with more information) the collectives will he those who’s action and resonance is with particular platonic solids.  We have five that we know of, and five more that are here Now.  By June, 2 more new solids, geometric energies, will be released into our realm of growth and experience.

Our jobs are to stop looking at the known universe and look… participate beyond it.  An artist who can only see 5 colors is very limited in what they can create.  Now an artist that not only see’s colors that have not been seen before and creates them here on earth for all to see and use… that is Mastery!!  THAT IS YOU!!!

I want to touch base on something else that had been coming thru the last few weeks that I didn’t really understand until now.  As we were heading into the 11:11 light pile up (smile) various teams have started to use a phrase “theatrical matrix” in relationship to what is happening.  Our theatrical matrix is changing.  It’s kind of funny (but not really either,) that when I google theatrical matrix I get trailers from the movie, the matrix.

I now understand this terminology a little more this morning.  Each one of us set a stage, we hired hand crews and players to allow our story to be told and experienced.  When we ended one story we already had another set being readied.  Until now, it didn’t matter if the world changed for us to experience the next theatrics of our Self, it was personal and individual and vitally important getting to here.

And now, if we have done the inner light work to realize we are a group soul, our theatrical matrix is ramping up, conjoined with others simultaneously unlike ever before.  You are my right hand, and I am your left.  One body… One Nation many moving parts!!!

I am going to have to let the rest go until tomorrow, my day is zooming on!!

I love you all so much, thank you for being the Foundation of my heart, of my eyes and encouraging my own growth thru yours!!  We Are One!!!

((((((((((HUGZ))))))))))))) filled with gratitude and swift movements towards the ALL!!

Lisa Gawlas

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