Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | November 11, 2017

WE ARE the 11:11 made manifest!!!

we are the 1111

Today, I enter my 18th year of purposeful change.  A day I once called the day of my awakening and now call, my empowering re-birth-day.  A time of year I do a lot of reflecting on the changes that continue since that bizarre, 8 hour experience with the Ouija Board.  Not only my own changes, but also, my children’s, my ongoing, every changing, environment I call my Life.

At the core of my Life Now, is You.  You are what surrounds me, nurtures and nourishes me, expands me to places I could not have imagine existing.  Think of this, in order for you to become the Light of my world, you too, had to embark on purposeful change.  So I cannot help, as I reflect on me, reflect on you, too.

So often, we look to the unseen world for assistance, for guidance, for help with our needs.  In truth, YOU… WE are that unseen world, made manifest.  I pray for a miracle, You show up, in the silence, and act.

So thank you, each and every one of you, seen and unseen, for Being an integral part of this Light Show I call my Life.  Without you, there would be no me!!  I love and honor you so much!!

Speaking of Light Shows (smile.)  We are piled high in the energy of light.  Each and every person on the field yesterday reflected that.  We were up to our necks in coagulated light energy.  Each person looked a lot like this:


Just a head or chest and head, depending on how high the light accumulated.  It was explained that by today, the light will be over everyone’s head, and as we go to sleep this evening on the 11:/11 the light will start to make way to become the new skin, new energy, new light codes activated and waiting for interaction (with its host/you.)

This is a time for deep integration of the energy being absorbed into you.  Conscious integration and application.  By conscious, I do not mean you know or even understand, detail for detail, what is happening.  God forbid this path would be that clearly laid out for us!!  That would make the game way too easy lol.

Let me use this crazy thing I call my body to help understand some of the things you could be experiencing and why.  For many days now, I feel like someone squeezed every last bit of energy out of me.  It is, at times, all I can do to muster the energy to get up and go to the bathroom.  Often times this last week, just sitting in front of the computer, drains me even more.  So my email replies have been close to non existent.  Even my daily blogs have been every few days.  My body has this overall ache too it, not painful, just achy especially in my legs.  Like right now, my thighs, feeling the pressure of the chair I am sitting in, would like to explode lol.  They won’t and I know that, so I persevere!!  lol  (And trust me, every where you see me type out an lol, I am truly laughing out loud as I type.)

WE are changing at the core level of light deep within ourSelfs.  We are all being asked to absorb the light that has coagulated around us, purposely breath it in to every pore.  Do not give it instruction, just an invitation.

Often times, we are under the delusion that because there is a light dump coming in, even if we are aligned to the highest frequency of that light, it will just activate us in various ways.  All of Life, All of Light, is a partnership.  Open to receive and the Light enters, sit around waiting for it to come in, it is like someone placing a glass of water in front of you and you never pick up the glass to drink.  The relationship is in the personal interACTion.

My own personal emotional field, holy shit batman!!  For a few hours I may feel like I just feel madly in love, euphoric even, then suddenly I feel like I was just thrown down 10 flights of stairs, feeling every bounce along the way.  Hitting bottom and wondering, what the hell???  Then wham… back up we go.  Gotta love a good shake up lol.

At the end of the day, one very long long day (lets call it at least a week) we are changing.  Into what??  That is for us to decide.  There is no road-map, there is no… foresight from spirit.  You decide, we decide and then it becomes laid our as our next great adventure with Life.

There is one thing I am feeling for sure, way deep down inside myself.  An ending like never before.  We can call it a death that has arrived like Christmas morn.  At the end of this road, I received my final implanted teeth.  Teeth, brought about by Your Love for me and especially JenniFires desire I have these new teeth when she started a gofundme for something I would have considered, frivolous.  With the 6 month journey of not having my bottom denture implanted, held in place, let me assure you, there was nothing frivolous about this investment.  I no longer have to take my bottom teeth out to eat.  YAY.  Thank you so much for being the Miracles of my Life, of my mouth!!!  So let me give you a peek at what my $6000 smile looks like and let me assure you, they work like a miracle in my mouth!!

new teeth.jpg

I had the final work done yesterday, on 11/10.  The day prior to that, my baby girl living in prison for the last (close to) 2 years, was facing more time added to her sentence for her 4th offence of driving without a license.  YOU raised the money so we could hire her a pad atty instead of the court appointed one.  Again, YOU were the miracle we needed to get this done. Done it was… she will not have to serve one more day of “time,” it was all reduced and instead of the minimum of 30 days, he gave her 5 (interesting number there) as time served.

What is even more exciting than that, is that Valorie kept saying she did not feel like she was going to get more time added for days before this hearing on the 9th.  She was so excited to tell me that her feelings came true.  Her intuition is strong and validated now.  But let me tell you, it came about because YOU helped her thru the many challenges over these last two years.  You wrote letters to her, helped with iCare packages, commissary deposits, attorney fees and most especially, with your prayers of Light sent to her.  And without a shadow of a doubt, Now, she KNOWS she is not alone and found a place of intense love and honor for herself.  She now sees hope and Light where before all she could see and feel was darkness.  I will be in Virginia the day of her release on 1/08/18.

I can go on and on and on about how much you changed my mothers life, her heart before she died.

Let me assure you, it does not matter whether you are doing energy work, meditating, writing crazy blogs (smile) for as long as you are the outward experience of Love on earth,


WE ARE the 11:11 made manifest!!!

Thank you, each and every one of you, expressed and unexpressed, for Being my Field of Light!!  I love you madly!!

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of Light in ACTion thru the ALL of US!!

Lisa Gawlas

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  1. I waited for your post. You’ve shown up in person in my life twice over the last two days.
    Then you put a selfie in today’s sharing and reconfirm your presence.
    We’ve never met in person so we must be connected.
    I am certain.

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    • It is the physical that is the illusion and the soul that is REAL… I am so glad we spent time together and I am sure we had good fun too!! ((((HUGZ)))) of soul-ship forever!! ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Thank you for a Light & Love filled sharing. 🙂
    Your new teeth are beautiful, as are you & your Soul’s journey. We are Light & shifting rapidly. Yesterday( at work, at my new job) I had the image of an old time movie film , the kind that were plastic & on a reel. They could look at each frame, Individually, which collectively produced a whole movie. As we move through this new Now, we can become aware of each frame/moment in Time as a whole movie. Like a. Holagraph. (sp?) We must stay loose & learn to flow and dance into the Bliss this brings. Much Love & Blessings

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. Congrats on the new teeth, people never realize all we take for granted, something as simple as teeth. You look great and beaming! So happy to hear about your daughter and no more time.’s time!


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