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The Love Frequency, Trust, Death and Creation.


Before I say anything, I want to thank Charlotte Phillips and her son Tevin Marsh of EastcoatMom and Westcoast Son for the amazing time I had when they hosted me on their live event last night.  The entire interview is on their facebook page, linked above.  I cannot seem to be able to embed the video, or I would.

Before I get into sharing one of the most surprising, blush inducing, ET connection I can ever remember having (smile,) I want to address something that happens a lot and was touched on by Charlotte last night in the interview.

When you and I are in a reading, in class, doing an interview show and you ask a question, I will often go on a detailed explanation to get to the answer, by the time I am done, I cannot remember what the question was and I always ask, did that answer your question.  Charlotte asked me last night, since she knows I do do that a lot, why I ask that so much.  Let me give you a very clear explanation so that each and everyone of you do the same (smile.)

  The very best way (clearest in understanding) to explain this, is to use the analogy of a laptop computer.  No matter where I go or what I am doing, I Am all-ways the laptop computer.  When I sleeping, the computer is in sleep mode resting too.  When I wake up in the morning, it is as if the mouse got jiggled and computer starts running energy (electricity) thru itself to work and have access to all the programs installed on the computer.  So, in this analogy, the incarnate human known as Lisa would be the visible parts of the laptop.  The software would be what we refer to as our soul mind, our soul energy.

When we are in a reading, or a classroom setting or things like radio or video interviews, and a question is asked, it is like the software program opens up and replies.  That software program (soul mind) has access to so many other satellite stations of information and understanding, as well.)  So the very animated reply (we never sit still in answering lol) is given by the much wiser, much more accessible soul energy that is me.  By the time the energy that is my soul speaking, releases itSelf from my self in answering whatever was asked, the Lisa part forgot what the question was to begin with.  The information often times comes out so fast that I barely have time to keep up with what is being said.  Even when it is reflecting on my own past experiences, my soul radiates this tremendous joy of reflection and honor of the really difficult parts.

We present, very much on purpose, as one Being.  My soul is not separate from myself, nor am I separate from my soul.  We are one and we will never say my Higher Self said, that is keeping separation alive and well on earth.  Granted, many people will connect to information if it is credited by some other highly evolved Being… WE ARE that other highly evolved Being and ownership of that Knowing, is crucial for all of us to Become.

Keeping in the computer analogy, I have stated many times that I Am a group soul, in any given reply, often times, my soul is pinging off various other satellite systems/other souls all connected as one soul offering whatever the reply is.  ALL (what we call) ascended masters, do this.  Here on earth, it really is what we are being asked to evolve to.

In our interview last evening, my beautiful father/teacher/friend from the Pleiades, Franklyn was remembered in some of the first “channelings” I have ever done.  They are all as relevant today as they were in 2001 when they first came thru my fingertips.  I will share them all, here:


Greetings dear friends,

I come here to talk about patterns. Do you see the pattern of the love frequency?

That is the first gentle knowing and need to reach out and say hi to someone. To get together or know the “other” a little more… and then so much you feel the need to talk or be with them almost always. This is tuning into the love frequency.

The love frequency can be greatly misunderstood because you think of love as being between male and female. Love has no gender, no restrictions. It seeks out that love that others share with you. It helps you to “remember” when you communicate on this frequency. Love is a powerful emotion and can be greatly misunderstood by those first experiencing it. This is not a romantic love, but love unconditional, love of the One Source uniting you in your glory of being-of love.

Many are sharing the excitement and joy of establishing new friendships. Friendships that seem to go deeper in your heart than normal. Some are feeling uncomfortable with this emotion. I say… do not be! Let your love flow from your heart out to the universe into the other hearts. As you do this, you will start to remember, to have more “knowings” than you did prior to establishing and allowing this new relationship using this frequency. The bond of these new relationships will become so strong… do not allow it to scare you or confuse you… just go with it and grow with it. Share all that is in your heart to share.

A new world is emerging, and this communication frequency is vital for you to nurture and understand and utilize.

I end this with the love of the universal light that surrounds you and the key to opening the frequency of knowing the love.



There is a peace that is coming… you all can feel it. It warms over you like the morning sun. So many are feeling the love that was sitting in their hearts… waiting to be awakened. You will use this love… the vibration of this frequency.

You can communicate with each other on the vibration… and many of you are doing so now… . you will find the communication stronger and clearer as the love pours out of your heart and into the universe.

You will touch people in so many ways. As your thoughts of love breeze through another’s mind in passing… it will stir something inside… and help in their remembering… their need to learn more.

Touch and be touched… Love and be loved.



Greetings my dear ones,

So much is happening on the earth planes. Many of you are feeling the shift that is now taking place. Your world seems chaotic, but it is restoring balance to who you truly are. There are many confusing feelings flowing through many of you. As you climb higher on the frequency of love, you will find more and more that the inner parts of you need clearing to fully understand exactly what the frequency of love is all about.

Make no mistake, you are all climbing higher. You are learning to integrate into each others thoughts and plans. Not on the human plane but of that in Spirit, in the 5th plane. As you climb higher, more and more doubt is thrown into your beings. What will you do with this doubt? Run? Or face it for what it is? No one ever said this would be easy, but it is not as hard as some make it out to be either. Your heart remembers what unconditional love is, it knows how to use and communicate on the vibration of unconditional love. Talk to your heart, listen to your heart, feel what is in your heart. Do not allow the cloud of misperception to stop your progress. Be clear on what is in your heart-the love, the unconditional love.

There are groups forming all over the world. These groups communicate through the love frequency with each other even when they are not aware of the communication. There are some that are still sleeping within your groups, but as you raise your vibration of love, even those sleeping will hear the message. The time is now to clear your emotions of the past and raise your vibrations of love and use the highest level of love to send out the messages, to help in the awakening of your brothers and sisters. If you are unsure how to clear your emotions so that they are pure, ask your guides, your ascended masters, the angels. They are all waiting and willing to help you in every way they can. The time is now to change and transcend your thoughts and vibrations…do not wait another day.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,



Greetings my beloved friends,

 I come today to talk to you about trust. Listen to the word. Close your eyes and feel what that word means to you. Say it to yourself and ask your inner guidance to allow you to feel what trust is in every cell of your body. Can you feel it? Write down what that feeling feels like to you.

Now I ask you, what do you trust? Do you trust yourself? Do your trust your neighbor? Do you trust your higher guidance, guides, and angels?

How much do you trust in that trust? Do you find yourself questioning your own actions? Are you trusting the universal love to flow thru you in every minute? Do you trust that your brothers and sisters that you cannot see are at your side loving you, guiding you, protecting you at all times?

Do you feel any sense of doubt in your heart? It does not matter what the doubt stems from, if it is there, then you are not fully trusting All There Is.

TRUST means knowing that in your every second, all you ever need is already provided for you. That no matter what you do, the love of the One Source is flowing through your veins with unconditional love for all that you are… all that you are becoming.

When your body becomes sick, do you question its sickness? Saying oh, why me? There is a process in our communication. If you do not hear us one way, we will find another way to get your attention. Your body is a great attention getter. A sickness is actually a healing in progress, but until you trust in that, your sickness will linger. Trust that you can communicate with your body. Trust that it will tell you what you need to know. Trust that when you understand what it is trying to tell you, the sickness will go away as if you never had a sickness before.

Do you trust in unconditional love? Do you know what unconditional love is? Can you feel it? Can you feel it for all that it is? Close your eyes and feel the unconditional love of the One Source flowing through your veins. As you feel that love, allow yourself to trust in that love. Not just in that moment, but in every moment after that. In allowing that trust to form, you are also allowing your fears to be released, for there is no fear of any sort when there is unconditional trust in the unconditional love that is you.

Trust is a big issue on the earth plane. In order to raise your vibration in unconditional love, you must also raise your trust. You cannot do one without the other. Spend your meditations in trust. Ask your guidance to help you with the trust issues you may be carrying around like old baggage.

When you trust All There Is, you realize there is no-thing to fear. When there is no fear, all there is is love. Unconditional love without fear and totally guided with trust… it is vital to your future.

Help is all around you, all you have to do is ask.

Many blessings of love from the One Source,


It is kind of funny, my Pleiadian team was here to help me understand the true nature of Being in body and how to Be in life much more productively.  I almost feel like I got off easy, altho I promise you, employing any of their teachings as my way of life, was so far from easy.  That said, I look at the instructions that come thru the ET connections since I started doing them intentionally several years ago, OMG quantum physics meets metaphysics!!

I am being clarified at this moment.  For any ET to arrive and connect with you, you MUST already be a part of the universal field that IS Life, called the Love Frequency.  If we can look at unconditional love as the only material in all the multiverses that allows for life, LOVE MUST be the core of creation.  Otherwise, death happens.  That is true for planetary bodies, planets, countries, cities, families, a person.

When we hear of a star going nova, it is because the energy that held it together, Love, was removed so it can decay and become something else in its rebirth.  The absence of love all-ways gives way to the expansion of love.  Death and Birth.  Decay and Creation.

We can look out the proverbial window of life on earth and see, really see, how much decay is underway.  We can also see, moreso, EXPERIENCE, the expanding love that is taking it’s stead.  YOU and I are the Love rebirthing with every thought, action, and deed.  It is all happening simultaneously, as it always does.

Do not get caught up in what is decaying, unless you have an intimidate solution to transform it into higher states of love, then, by all means, take positive action!!

Well, I wanted (two days in a row now) to share my ET connection from the other day, but I am once again, being asked to hold onto it.  So, maybe tomorrow???

As the interview closed last evening, and Charlotte gave me time to talk about any specials I am running, I didn’t have any for my readings… and my mouth opened up and offered one.

We will call this the 11:11 special and the price reduction is more purposeful than I realized.  I was going to use the master builder frequency of 22% off, when I was over ridden and asked to offer 25% off.  We are a quarter of a way into the greatest change the earth will ever experience and we want to celebrate that!!

Sooooo…  today (the 9th) thru midnight on the 11:11 take 25% off everything I offer!!

For single sessions use coupon code:  11  For packages use coupon code 1111

I love you all so much, thank you for loving me so much as well!!

Big big group ((((HUGZ))) filled with new creations everywhere!!!

Lisa Gawlas

To book a reading, just click here:


From here on out, we are offering the first month at half price ($24.) I had a technical difficulty in the software running the reduced price.  If you are signing up as a new member and it does not automatically reflect the $24 reduced fee, please email me at  I think I fixed the problem, but in my unsavy-ness, am not sure.

If you like what we are doing and want to stay, when your second month renews at regular price, I will mail you 5 crystals (you are responsible for sending me via email your mailing address.)  This second part will remain in play until I have no more crystals left to send.

Come be an interactive part of the Nation of Light’s



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