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The Massive Release of Light and The Dark Night of the Soul.

dark and light

If we look at life as a school, then with the full moon energy on the 4th, the classroom bell rang and there is massive movement in the field.  Changing from one classroom to the next.  Staying with this analogy, some are being pulled by gravitational force to their next classroom, others scattered about trying to figure out what classroom they need to go in next and many old energy thinkers are hanging onto their door frames resisting the change that is officially, inevitable.

Yesterday after I published my blog, I received a “Marshmallow Message from Kryon.”  It so synced with what I was saying and what I am about to share today:


From Kryon Live Channelling: “The Addictive Old Energy”

August 2017 in Stamford, CT

If you are a Lightworker, it’s time to step into the light. The things that you thought you knew well may have shifted slightly. This includes what you believe is “truth”. When you start to turn on the light in a dark room, you see new things. Perhaps your “truth” was based on seeing things dimly in the dark and assuming what they were? But when these same things are illuminated, and you clearly see them, truth becomes fully revealed! Truth can change based on the revelations of time. It changes when the light is turned on.

 KRYON  through Lee Carroll,  the Original Kryon Channel

I have always said, when new information comes in, “subject to change with more information.”  With the quickly approaching 11:11 dateline, new information, new light is coming in!!  Everyone’s classroom is changing.  Some are skipping ahead a few classes, others that are clinging to their old doorways must change too, but not into the information since they are stubbornly hanging on to the old, but new ways of realizing the old no longer serves them.

Thru one of the readings yesterday, as she was crawling thru her golden pipeline of change and acceleration, something new was revealed.  A fast moving conveyor belt right in front of my porch, moving so quickly to and thru the 11:11 all I could see was intense light and a massive, quickening pull to it, speeding to the right of the field, denoting future, a future that is Here, Now and filled with intense new Light.

We must always remember, we exist in a land of duality.  As this new energy is coming into our biology, we will feel bliss and then like someone flipped a switch and the energy feels like depression and many things in-between.  Obviously no one worries when they are filled with bliss, but often times, point the blame finger inward as if they did something wrong when the heavier energies of light come in.  No, it is exactly that, light containing heavier, material to manifest, particles.  When it comes in thru your field it can feel like something pushing on you, hence the depression.  If you do an emotion check and know there is nothing you are dealing with emotionally, then just let it do what is needed, it will pass and go back to lighter.

That said, lets take a moment to love and comfort those hanging onto the doorway, not wanting to deal with anything new, or old.  This light is not biased, not programmed to enter only those ready for it… nope.  It is hitting everyone.  We are going to see acting out because of it.  We ARE already seeing acting out, because of it.

I look back on my path and absolutely affirm the phrase “you’ve got to go thru hell before you get to heaven.:  The moment just one particle of light exposes anything dark, hidden, filled with blame of others, holy shit, the inner melt downs are worse than the depression of being ignorant to it.


Holy heavens batman!!  If you are not truly familiar with what the dark night of the soul is, let me give you a website that details in better than anywhere I have ever heard before or since.  Just click here.

And trust me, it is not just a one time occurrence.  But each occurrence does get easier, lighter, quicker, until it no longer can exist because you have become in-Light-end.  That does not mean you do not feel the energy of depression on your field, but you are wise enough to know it is the light revealing what was not seen before.

Up until this amazing point in humanity’s evolution, the dark night of the soul happened because of soul work one was doing.  Not any longer.  The light dump is creating it thru every human hanging on to old doorways.  Our job is to understand what is happening, planetary wide, a release compassion, not bullets.  The eye for an eye analogy only leaves everyone blind and no one progressing further than that moment would have allowed if approached differently.

There is a certain truth to the events in the Matrix movies, we have the power to stop a bullet in mid flight, especially as we bind together and work energy fields, together as one.  For as long as we ignore that… well… the eye for an eye analogy continues to present.

WE must remember… re-member, we Are a new super human at heart.  With skills and use of elements like never before.  We can change this world!!  We ARE changing this world.  We ARE the Change in this world.  WE ARE Being demanded to Step up, Step Out, Step IN!

If we are using old world terminology, how is anyone ever going to embrace the new that is not only here, but released the old in its Presence?  If we do not work at using the new elements in relationship with the old elements, change is simply a concept, not a reality.

It ALL MUST come thru the human incarnate.  (Whisper, that’s us.)

I am being given a change of venue for the next couple weeks in the Nation’s classroom.  I am leaving it here as a note to myself when I get to website work.  This Saturday is working fully with the 11:11 energies, but not in a way we may think, maybe better stated, in a way I thought we would.  The week after, on the 18th we will address in detail the dark night of the soul, especially for those we may witness, know, run into, that is totally unaware of what the is and how to address the changes to assist them.  Whether they are conscious or not of the assistance.  Then the next several weeks, we are changing the syllabus on what I had already scheduled (which spirit has pretty much done since class two of the Nation lol.  Learning to Read, we are going planetary, in bits and pieces at a time, as well as individually.  I will write up new syllabuses tomorrow on my day off.  I will post a notice on the Nation’s facebook pagewhen it is complete.

Well this sharing went into place I was not anticipating.  On that note, my day begins!!

Super ((((((HUGZ)))))))) filled with Super Light!!

Lisa Gawlas

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