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many holographic universes

They say experience is the greatest teacher and let me tell you, from the depths of my Being, no truer words…  these last 24 hours have been mind altering in my experiences.

At the end of meditation class on Oct 15th, spirit snuck thru my lips to let everyone know that on Sat in Earth Magic class 3, we are going to be doing a group meditation to create a new hologram.  Of course, all week long I thinking of a hologram where we group our light and form something outside of ourselves.  Kinda like this, but in my visual much more in depth, detail and color:

3D image

Of course, when class time arrived yesterday, I had so much congestion in my head I thought my eyes may pop out of my skull.  How am I going to hear instruction, I have spirit lube in every crevice.  I made sure I warned everyone as we gathered.

By the time we were done going over last weeks assignments to get ready for this week, a miracle took place.  I barely had any congestion.  I think didn’t sneeze once, I could breathe out of one nostril and my eyes were resting comfortably in their sockets.  We were together for 2 hours and 10 minutes and the very moment we ended class, wham, congestion overload returned.  Magical really!!  Spirit even said, when we finally come together in our (eventual, intentional) communities in times to come, the body will be so rarefied by shared energy, that it will always function it is highest, most pristine form.  For now tho, it is going thru its changes the way it was designed to do.

So now, back to the hologram and lets get the simple definition of hologram: a three-dimensional image formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.

Yet, this morning I giggle to myself when my bible in my first three years of awakening was “The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot.

Even before we started, spirit is changing language on us.  Eliminating the word “meditation” and/or “guided meditation” and using experience.  Because, as our teams emphasized, we are creating the experience and nothing less.

We did this in three stages.  The first one was to turn on the consciousness of our Self with water infused with the crystal energy I sent out to everyone (or, at least tried to send out, the mail can loose somethings along the way, dammit.)

So, with my first drink, the energy combination turned into what looked like cooked spaghetti strings made of amazing light.  It bundled up first at my base heart and suddenly I could see this large (easy teh size of a softball) blue/violet metallic looking cog about a half an inch away from my physical body.  The cog was still, these spaghetti lights started to twist and weave around every notch on this cog, then stretched out to wrap itself around Pluto.  I had to stop there for a moment… PLUTO???  What the hell???  Really, what the hell does Pluto have to do with me???  Since this group experience was done in a 5 minute span, my team said to look up Pluto energy in astrology.  I giggle this morning:  


God of the Underworld, is the ruler of Scorpio. (In Greek mythology, the corresponding god was Hades). In Astrology, the energies of Pluto are transforming. Pluto represents subconscious forces, ruling all that is “below the surface”. On the up side, Pluto is associated with renewal and rebirth.

That is where I work, every person that shows up on the field or even in the nation, we put a shovel into their known universe to uncover what is below the consciousness.  Which keeps me with many uncovered parts too.  You are all so good for my soul!!  (But rough on my body lol.)

And then these spaghetti lights plugged into a star way out in the distant sky.  The energy source that I do not have to know yet.

When I returned back to my computer, I was suddenly and astoundingly gifted with a dragon sitting on my right shoulder emitting in his entire belly area, rainbow energy.  He is no bigger than a parrot and I am so excited to work with him and learn from him.  Sananda and Fraknlyn taught me long ago how to work (energy work) with the full spectrum of light, so that is not new.  But, the excitement comes in KNOWING that the full spectrum of light changed and now I have a dragon teacher (everyone got one at the void workshop except me, of coruse, this is really the second time I worked with my personal crystal too… which is where it emerges from.)

Then came part two.  OMG… This was to interweave our crystalline energies into each other.  With me included, there were 11 of us that were present for this event.  ELEVEN!!  Spiritual Illumination!!  Of course it would be 11!!  Now, my personal crystal said I could call him/her (it is both and switches energies as needed) Harmonic.  I smiled as I thought about the harmonic convergence way back in the day.

My spaghetti strings now looking like 4 guitar strings, came out both sides of my waist to run themselves thru every person present.  The energetic vibration was very different on the left side than the right side.  It is only this morning do I understand the unusualness of this formation and spectrum.  The strings on the right, tho melodically tuned to the ethers, create the harmonic in the physical plane.  The strings on the left, those melodically tuned to the evolving field of Life, create from the spiritual plane or ethers.    Each person that is an active part of the Nation (not just those gathered yesterday, but all that will do this from here on out as part of the Nation) will be the 12th harmonic… doesn’t matter if 10 other people do this experience on their own, they blend in to become the 12th harmonic.  I have no idea what any of that means… yet.

As these strings threaded thru each persons waist, suddenly what was a circle of us, because eyeball shaped and wham… the eye of god nebula appeared in the center:


Of course, minus all the stuff around the eye.  (Speaking of this picture.)  It was stated thru my eye popping (I popped my eyes open when I seen this) that the eye of god is now formed… the living godhead.

Altho god himself talked about the next level beyond shambhala as, the living godhead that will form the Nation of Light(s.)  I have no freakin clue what a godhead is!!  But on consistant occasion, that word, that energy does come thru.  So I went to handy dandy google to see what is stated about the godhead.  Ha!!  I freakin love this.  I am not a bible person, not since the blessed mother gutted it from my energy back in 2001, but I have to smile here anywayz, as I googled and found a website that helps put this into perspective:

Acts 17, Paul is speaking on Mars Hill to the philosophers of Athens. As he argues against idolatry, Paul says, “Forasmuch then as we are the offspring of God, we ought not to think that the Godhead is like unto gold, or silver, or stone, graven by art and man’s device”

In Romans 1, Paul begins to make the case that all humanity stands guilty before God. In verse 20 he says, “The invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse”

And if I can trail off on this (my own) note… “Use the Eye to See…”

And then the third part, this one was a little slow to start for me.  With the above two experiences, I started to see and experience as I was given the instruction.  Not the third one.  Which consisted of the funneling the energies into our stick/twig… for me, that is Woody and then our flower/plant (mine is a spider plant.)

The first thing that took me by surprise was the image of woody I see is his small pencil sized image in the twig that houses him.  When we started to run this energy back to the tree the twig came from, I was really surprised to see a large version of Woody taking up the circumstance of the pecan tree itself.

This really unleashed (this morning lol, I always need a good nights sleep to put everything together) the hologram understanding.  Let me just explain it in a visual:


This is truly how the soul works, many different places at the same time, never ever less than itself, ever.  So the soul of the Pecan kingdom known as Woody really showed us the holographic universe each and everyone of us are.  Unlike man made holograms, we add or remove light according to what all parts of the whole (our Self) is doing and experiencing.

I watched this energy flow down thru the earth, touch every root that lays beneath the surface of earth, travel to the oceans, touched the plant life there and then to, my once again surprised eyes, ignited every single crystal that has been buried around the world (from the stash that I sent out/gave away/buried myself) with an explosion of Light ya swear a star was born!!!  Actually, many many many stars were born.  There are a lot of earth embedded crystals from my stash.  To be clear, not all crystals have these programs in them, just like not every person is going to do the same thing in the same way, we all have our gig, including all life forms individually and collectively.

If I can switch gears here a bit.  I have been invited to do a live webinar broadcast called:  EastCoastMom WestCoastSon (You can click to subscribe to their youtube channel)

I will be joining these amazing Beings of Lights on November 8th at 6pm CDT, 7pm EDT.

Here is a promo video.  We will be joining via Zoom, the link is below the video:

When: Nov 8, 2017 6:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Topic: EastCoastMom WestCoastSon with Lisa Gawlas Nation of Lights

Register in advance for this webinar:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Big big (((HUGZ)))) of Holograms (each one of us) streaming together to express how Heaven on earth is done!!!! ❤

Lisa Gawlas


Use the same codes below no matter what you are booking.  I am also going to kick in a FREE month membership in the Nation with any package purchase thru the 22nd as well.  Life is on a mission!!

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Of course, I am using the double sided master builder energy with this special.  YOU are a master builder, from the molecule up!!  Memebers of the Nation, remember, you ALWAYS recieve 33% off anything I do or offer!

I love and honor you all so freakin much!!  My gratitude for your Presence in my world, in my heart, is unyielding!!  Big big (((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of in-Lightened power to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas







  1. Whew! These times they are-a-changing!!!!!!!!
    Jupiter just moved into Scorpio. Go in deep, discover then uncover the Shadow. Let us be courageous in bringing it to light, so you may be cleasned /born anew.
    Thank-you for Being.
    Yvonne xoxo

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