Posted by: Lisa Gawlas | October 18, 2017

You Are, We Are Living Consciousnesses of Creation! We WILL Override the Darkness, Together!

consciousness override

There are many days, excuse me, almost every single day, the information coming thru feels so far above my own pay-grade, my understanding of coherence.  Yet, I continue to keep the door open and release the information in the visual infused understandings the best I can.  But I must tell you in all honesty, especially in this new elements of changing time, I just want to throw a party when validation of what is being done arrives in an unmistakable quantity.

Late afternoon yesterday, my phone rang with the caller ID showing the prison my daughter is now at showing up.  I had assumed it was the unit manager calling me back.  I had just left a message for her in the morning asking for proof of life.  Imagine my surprise when I answered and it was that familiar recording warning me there is an inmate calling me!!

I could feel my emotions rise up from my heart and pour out of my eyes the moment I heard my daughter say “hi mama!!”  Now I have to pull myself together so I am not blubbering thru the precious 20 minutes we get to talk with each other.

She explained what happened and when, all on her actual birthday.  Some of the girls at the prison made some “toilet wine” to celebrate her birthday.  Valorie always makes sure everyone’s birthday is celebrated and make some interesting concoctions from her care packages she receives as a gift.  So I could see this as a loving “give back” gesture and at first she said no, then decided, yes, she will celebrate.

She got violently ill.  Throwing up and her eyes swelling shut.  The prison took her to the local ER to be treated.  Val refused the blood test (and I understand why) and refused to say who made the hooch (again, I so understand why.)  While being shackled at her feet and hands, she fell straight on her face getting into the van, busting her face open.  Since she refused medical treatment at the ER, the prison had no choice to transfer her to the closest facility that had an onsite medical facility, which was Fluvanna.

She spent 2 days in the infirmary and then was transferred to solitary confinement/segregation while an investigation was underway.  They told her she was staying in segregation until her hearing on the 24th of October. She was not allowed any phone calls until the hearing.

What really hit my heart with her voice, with her sharing the details, was the clarity of herSelf.  She was so emotionally together, took responsibility for how she got to where she is at and there was not even an ounce of sadness/depression in her voice.  Of course I had to acknowledge this to her, several times!!  Over the course of two phone calls yesterday she explained what she did to occupy her time in solitaire.

First and foremost, she focused on her new life when she gets out.  Reflecting on what she did that got her in this situation, not with self blame, but determination to never get herself there again.  She did have access to books and read 7 of them while she was in time out.  It was thru her second phone call that my heart just swelled, when I mentioned again how amazing she sounded, upbeat and clear.  She said she could feel the love all around her, she knew that she was loved and that was where she placed her focus.  She had a few people write her (Me, Mary and Irene) and when she was caving, she read the letters over and over again.

A few days ago, as I was leaning into my daughters energy field and talking with her housemate turned boyfriend, Alex about her, I could not feel Valorie getting out of jail, instead it felt like death that was happening.  For a split second, my heart panicked.  OK, maybe longer than a split second.  Having not heard from her yet and not knowing the details of what got her in the infirmary or segregation…. After we talked yesterday, I fully realized the Valorie that went to prison, died.  To the degree her team fully rewired her DNA so that she becomes violently ill should she stray into anything mind altering.  Whether it be drugs of bathroom hooch.  They have put massive safeguards into her, to keep her on the straight and narrow.

Let me tell you, as a source of validation, YOUR prayers and love are not only received, but felt and become the very Source of life enhancement.  My daughter is living proof of that.

Valorie explained to me yesterday that she was very confused when they came into her cell and told her to pack up, she is being moved.  And then became stunned when she was moved into the general population in the pre-release section.  Not only that, her hearing was dismissed and she is getting no charges, no marks against her record and remains at the minimum level (of security risk) which is a 1.1.  Granted, she is now in a max security prison with murders and such, but she is happy to have her own cell.  In the other prison they lived dorm style and now she has one cell mate and privacy.  Because she is so short on time, she cannot get into the work program, but she has her jPlayer (iPad thingie) and her TV (which wont work until she gets a cable… a month down the road) back.

(Just an added not here.  She cannot get cards of any kind, books, nothing in color, photos are copied then given to her.  White paper with black or blue ink letters only.)

I had to ponder what brought about this sudden and wonderful change in Val’s position at prison.  It is easy to assume (as we both did) that it might have been the constant phone calls and now with me asking for proof of life… lol.  But my team kept showing me something I did, in a moments time yesterday.

I have not yet gone into meditation to work with the energy of gravity yet.  I think some part of me is a bit intimidated and my mind thinks… gravity… really????  After I published my blog and especially after my first reading, where ET’s came in to explain to my beautiful lady how to change higher, new elements into workable elements in this realm… something must have hit me.

While waiting the 20 minutes for my second reading, I thought about the elliptical band of the new moon/asteroid as well as this whirlpool of energy that makes up the last quarter of this year.  I then thought (seeded by my team, of course) about the gravity waves and how they were released by this explosion of stars.  The thought was also put in my head, that if gravity can weigh something down, it can also make it buoyant too.

So in my minds eye, I seen a wave of gravity in the form of the elliptical, I placed it around my daughters cell and pulled the elliptical inward on itself to create simply a dot and then it sprung back to an elliptical but at 50% gravitational pull.

Of course, I cannot connect to my daughter without my heart pouring love thru its very fibers.  which equally embeds in any energy we use, for this, it would be in the gravity itself.

I smiled to myself and then my day snowballed away… and it wasn’t until my daughters second phone call did I fully realize why she was suddenly released from seg a week early and everything that was weighing her down in that position, gone.

Our minds… MY MIND, wants to go to the most obvious conclusion and stick the story there.  We are unconsciously doing it with the storm stories and the fire stories and I think we need to believe it is the cause of the dark forces (people) instead of the intense energy we call chaos that all-ways preceded and will continue to precede change.

I do want to bring back the last thing my new friend Woody said before I had to close and publish my blog two days ago:  We are in need are partners in these changing times, not controllers.  Life has had enough controllers, wouldn’t you say?”   ~Woody 

Partnership is very different than trying to give new instruction that is against what is happening, that must happen, even beyond our human comprehension.  Humans become much more interested in what is happening when there is a loss of life taking place.  They want to help, assist and that is wonderful.  In these sudden and unexpected moments, no one is looking at blame, instead, they put themselves into action in whatever way they are capable of.  As the events cool down and time elapses, then the rational mind (stay away from there for now, please) kicks in and we want to make sense of what appears to be not only senseless, but contradictory to anything previous.  Be it the super intense storms that are hitting places never hit like that before…. its gotta be HAARP.  The fires that allow green trees to live while communities (and some people too) are gone.  It must be new chemical agents from the government.

It is Earth… CHANGING!!   Partner with the storms, with the fires, volcano, earthquakes, feel the energy, feel the new arising, replacing the old.  But more than that, FEEL the love.

Hell this week, I heard something new… artificial intelligence trying to take over.  I heard this thru a reading and I never heard of such a thing, so I do what I always do when something unfamiliar is presented, I ask my team.  In this case, I asked both our teams.  I am certainly not all knowing in anyway, IN ANY WAY.  Our teams just shrugged their (proverbial) shoulders.

We, as living consciousnesses in-body, create energy consciousnesses that becomes alive.  We are, remember, creator gods in body.   When we hear something, then share something and it gets shared, and more people resonate at that level of vibration, even if it wasn’t true prior, it is becoming true now because we have given it life and legs.  It becomes a breathing experience in our realm.  Why not just focus on the astounding new coming in, becoming visible in validating stories (not just my own stories either.)

I hear stories of dark ones trying to keep ascension away.  The only true force in life that can keep any one person from raising their vibration (which in truth, is all ascension is) is that person!!  When we purposely gather in groups to experience and explore our higher vibrations, we are equally creating collectives of power-ful energy and experience.  That is why the Nation was born.  A place that does not host a single element of old energy, of stories that create fear or separation and anger.  There is so much good coming thru.  There is so much GOD coming thru, if allowed.

Keep this in mind, please.  God/Source/Creator (whatever) is pure energy.  Pure, untainted LOVE.  Pure.

YOU are powerful!!  YOU are changing lives, including your very own.  YOU are changing the world with each pure breath of love you inhale and exhale.

I seen a facebook post yesterday where someone was questioning a statement they heard where fear and love are the same thing, that it is all Creator.  No it isn’t.  Remember, we are in a purposeful land of extreme duality.  Fear is the absence of pure love (not assigned love,) just as the dark is the absence of light.  But the very second fear is released, Love pours in to fill the void.  Same as the moment a light is turned on, darkness is illuminated and in the light.

Stay in the light, your power is more life enhancing there.

Thank you all for pouring and continuing to pour your love unto our lives.  You have changed so much in me and my family unceasingly.  Together, we Are the Divine Change Makers in motion!!


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I love and honor you all so freakin much!!  My gratitude for your Presence in my world, in my heart, is unyielding!!  Big big (((((((((((((HUGZ)))))))) of in-Lightened power to ALL!!!

Lisa Gawlas




  1. So happy to hear Val’s ok Lisa, wonderful news! Since you’ve been talking about the whirlpool of the last quarter, I’ve been picturing it in my mind, and then I realized I needed a new refrigerator, so bought a Whirlpool (it was the only one that would fit) and the logo pic of a whirlpool is right on the freezer door of the fridge – like a constant reminder of where we’re at! Also yesterday I happened to go through a box of my late mother’s sewing supplies, and there is a packet of Rocket Needles with the most fantastic artwork on the cardboard folder that holds the needles, of 2 people riding on a rocket (that’s a big needle) with huge smiles, as they fly past Earth and Saturn. How cool is that – seems fitting somehow that I just went through that stuff finally now at this time. If anyone is interested, google “vintage rocket” images and you’ll find really cool illustrations from the 50s – when people were starting to look to the stars. Not really sure why they resonate so much with me right now, but I just go with the flow these days. Thanks for your blog and helping guide the way forward!

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  3. Thank you so much, Lisa….I have just been coasting in the past few weeks, also just going with the flow. Glad to hear the Love is dropping its energy into Val’s (& Your) life……..I Love it when this happens, a few things have dropped into place for us as well……I am just so grateful for it all, & I Love the little ‘frisson’ of energy when I realise another little thing has dropped into place, to make our life a little easier, mostly financially. Which is just wonderful. I had the cataract removed & a new lens put in place in my right eye, back on 19th Sept, (our 25th anniversary!), great gift! Looks like they won’t be doing my other eye just now, but I can live with that! It’s so wonderful to be able to see the computer again properly, & I actually did a crossword the other day! I just Love reading the info in your blogs, they keep me going when I am a little down, this is mainly due to my advancing age….it’s weird being so old….lol…anyone else out there feel like that? I keep trying to ‘mentally prepare myself for transition’, so to speak, but it’s def weird, as I sorta feel like I’ve never been here before, I mean in this moment, ya know? It;s a good feeling though, so thanks for the ‘Life Guide’ it really helps keep me on track, brings things into the fore, as it were. Reminds me! Sending lots of Love , as always to you all…….Sylvia…. xxxx just goin’ with the flow!


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