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September’s Energy of Change and Bounty!!


Well, here I am, day number five and still in the zone of silence, but I am hearing some break thru’s, so maybe today is the grand finale, I pray!  I think it is highly unfair that the universe closes down the field for a week before I go to Scotland, then closes me down for a week once I get back.  Not nice!  Especially since I have been chomping at the bit to see how all this newly inlaid energy is going to reveal itself thru You.  But, human agenda aside, I do understand it, pretty much anywayz.

Before I dive into all that, I want to let everyone know that starting tomorrow, I will be publishing my blog from my website.  If you are recieving my sharings in your email, please go to my site and sign up for the RSS feed at the bottom of this (and every) post:


The day of the solar eclipse, Julie and I went to the Island of Iona’s west side to sit ocean side.  (Above photo 😀 ) Yes the whole island sits ocean side, but the west side is wide open ocean that connects to the US and other places far away.  I sat there breathing in the energy off the ocean, connecting with the energy of the eclipse and could see the winds blowing in, parallel to the waters, new energies.  Some were in wave form, some just straight lines, all filling the airspace and moving inland, in and thru us.  Of course, I did my best to understand what this energy is, what it means to us and all I know is that its new.  When new energy arrives, no one knows what it will do, not even spirit.  It depends on, well, everything its moving into.

I knew in that moment, the pure understandings will come thru the field of readings.  We will have had time to adjust, assimilate and utilize these energies.

On the 1st of September, puffing on my neutralizer instead of the field of light You shine thru, I could feel my higher resources come on-line with a reveal.  (‘Bout freakin time!!)  I was shown all three of my children, my two oldest are starting new jobs on Sept 4th, both in a field they very much desired to work in, one with a pay increase that doubled what she is currently making and both with insurance benefits.  All their desires completely fulfilled and neither settled for the first job opportunity they were offered.  They both held out, but kept that bridge open until it was no longer needed.  Desire completely conquered fear!!

Even my baby girl in jail got a raise in her work.  Granted, she was making a whopping 55 cents and hour and is now getting 59 cents an hour, but that is something.  It makes her feel worthy, human even and proud of herself.  That means a lot when you are stuck in prison!!

What came thru with this overview was that September brings in the energy of desires fulfilling themselves for as long as you put the action into play thru this year.  Thru the massive energy fields that was laid bare and ready for planting.

For some, like myself, another major change is occurring.  A unsowing of the old seeds to make room for the new.  The “Into the Void” workshop with be the first and last event held at the retreat center, with October, it will become my daughter and grandson’s home.  Next year, once I recover from August and September’s release of all my finances, I will build anew, in the two extra bedrooms in my home.

This all came about out of anger, when i found out that while I was gone, she moved yet another animal into the house.  It is way to crowded for me.  One of us is changing houses and I don’t care which one.  She wanted the bigger, spacier house up the street.  She now has a job that allows her to afford the rent and I will pay her house bills.  What was done in anger by morning, felt like the greatest thing we could have done.  I was drenched in this feeling of goodness or rightness.  It is amazing what bunnies do with us (her new animal.)  We are both now filled with excitement at this new, unexpected turn of events that now really feels like it was always heading this way.  We just had to hold this house in place until she could afford it.  The time is here!!  Plus, 5 amazing women (me included in the count) will restore that landscape to zero point, to the void point as we pull in and seed the energies beyond the eclipse, for ourselves and the landscapes of all earth.  Just for the record, there is still room of you want to join our Into the Void workshop!! 😉

So for me, and many others, September is all about a state of change.  Not pulling on anything from the past, in any way, shape or form.  Releasing any and all ideas we have about ourselves, where we are going and how we will get there.

When I was having my 6 hour, new reality weaving episode I wrote about yesterday, I did ask spirit a question (many actually, everything was so present time oriented and effortless too.)  There are others who set out on what I will just call sacred journey’s that seem to be re-configuring past elements to fit into present timelines.  It confuses me. So I asked the voice that was talking with me about that.  It was explained that many such people reside in other timelines and are working from that point of view.  There is no wrong or right of any of it, just where one is at in recorded history.  The only thing that matters in my personal world, is that I am officially out of the time of recorded history and it is my job to stay there.  Okey dokey pokey!!

The last thing I am going to share today is a connection I received the stone circle on Orkney.  I so cannot recall the name of it, but it is connected to the Ring of Brodgar.

stone circle


The ground was way to wet to sit on, so I aligned my entire back with the stone I am looking up at to have a quick feel of what this is doing here.  Granted I did something similar at each of the standing stones and will eventually share that too, but today, for whatever reason, this segment is important to include.  BTW, the first information I received when we were in the standing stones area of kilmartin is they have all been shut off (the energy’s that is.)  At least shut off from usability, there is still an energy stream beneath the ground that runs, then I was shown a small underground stream in relationship to the energies.  It is there, but not powerful enough to use.  Not until humanity gets its act together anywayz.

But back to Mr Gigantic (what we lovingly named this stone.)  I instantly was drawn way up into deep space and surrounding planet earth are I guess what I can call space platforms.  I cannot recall now if I had seen 4 or 5, but I know I had seen them in readings before, very particularly the ET connections.  So seeing them was not a surprise at all.  The blue lights were.  Each space platform was connected to particular sections of earth and the areas these standing stones, pyramids and stuff are located.  This beautiful electric blue light connected to the areas.  It almost reminded me of an hour-glass shape, broadly released from deep spaced, contracted as it entered earths atmosphere then spread out like energy webs to all the places humans consider sacred lands, the energies went thru the stones or buildings and congregated down into the earth.  Hence the trickling streams I had seen a week prior.

I received no other information and it was not for the lack of asking.  It was hard for me to hold my focus, people were moving around the area distracting me!

Ohhhhhh!!  Speaking of people!  The one thing I noticed more than anything in this great land called Scotland, holy shit is the energies high and clear!!  Clearer than anywhere I have been in the USA or Canada.  In certain places, like Orkney, it is freakin off the charts!!  It was explained to me (cuz you know I had to ask) that is the lack of people/population that allows the energies to remain high.  Untainted by massive convergences of collectives.  The energies can remain more pure where there is less… hmmmm dense mental activity!!

I would watch as we entered various places, that initially was just us three, then other people would come and walk around and the energy lines changed, warped, some disappeared all together.  This disappearing allows for the egos interpretation of what is… rather than the truth of it.  The field knows us and allows for it all.

That was stunning to me.  It is also what powers up and configures our personal holograms to or apart from each other.

May we all, forever remain unknowing and untitled, this is where everything is revealed in truth and the truest of power lays and is shared!!

Have an amazing day my beloveds!!  I miss you so much!!  Ohh and today’s Kundalini Power class is being rescheduled.

Big big ((((HUGZ)))) of open hearts and clear minds to All!!

Lisa Gawlas

P. S.  September Nation of Lights Special:

Every new and renewing member in September will be shipped 5 Scotland drenched crystals.  I brought the newly mined crystals to Scotland and they hung out in the sun, the rains, the moon and the joy and are now highly charged and ready for their humans.  I will need your physical mailing address once you sign up as a full member, or your membership renews.

BTW, the price glitch on the site is now fixed.  Sorry for the oops yesterday!!

These crystals will be used in October’s Earth Magic Classes as well.






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